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Footsteps indochina product v2.0

  1. 1. We care for your steps!VIETNAM CAMBODIA LAOS
  2. 2. Content Vietnam 4 43 Vietnam Southern Charm Sapa 6 44 South Vietnam Delight Hanoi 7 45 Saigon Unseen Ha Long Bay 10 Hue 11 46 Cambodia Hoi An, Nha Trang,Da Lat, Quy Nhon 12 48 Temples of Angkor Saigon 13 49 Siem Reap - Kep Phan Thiet 15 51 Phnom PenhCon Dao Island, Phu Quoc, Mekong Delta 16 52 Highlights of Angkor Absolute Vietnam 17 53 Cambodia in Style Essential Vietnam 21 Vietnam Honeymoon 23 55 Laos Vietnam Insight 26 56 Highlights of Laos Vietnam Highlights 29 57 Laos Nowadays Vietnam in Style 31 Vietnam Culinary 33 Vietnam Beach Break 36 Taste of Vietnam 38 Northern Treasure 39 Northern Jewels 40 Central Treasure 41 Imperial Treasure 42 3
  3. 3. Vietnam Vietnam’s natural beauty, contagious energy and unforgettable cuisine make her one of our favorite destinations, but it is the unfailingly friendly local people that make Vietnam a place to return to, time and time again. Come and experience our country!4
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  5. 5. SAPA From Hanoi, the train travels overnight to the French hill station of Sapa, where you will discover the mountainside villages of over 50 colourful ethnic minority groups. Let us introduce you to the locals at the weekly market, an opportunity to buy some traditional fabric and jewellery.6
  6. 6. HanoiHanoi is the capital of Vietnam and is the second most populous city in the country withapproximately 4 million people. Compared to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi is more traditionaland refined. Today it is best known for its thriving contemporary arts scene and Frencharchitecture, visible by the many colonial villas scattered throughout the city. While it israpidly developing, the city has retained many of its cultural traditions. Observe elderlypeople practicing Tai Chi by the lake or witness traditional festivals during the Lunar NewYear. Hanoi has a vibrant “street culture” where daily activities, such as hair cutting andeating at food stalls, take place on cramped sidewalks. As Hanoi is becoming morepopulated with people and automobiles, the city is experiencing more traffic congestion,particularly in the Old Quarter. 7
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  9. 9. Ha Long Bay A visit to the north is not complete without experiencing the spectacular views of more than 3,000 limestone karsts in Ha Long Bay. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994, Ha Long Bay is a naturalist’s dream. Sculpted into strange shapes by the wind and weather, the karsts hide deserted beaches, many magnificent caves, and hidden lagoons that may only be reached by chinks in the cliffs that are revealed at low tide. Getting there: A 4 hour drive from Hanoi through urbanized areas. You’ll transfer to the docking station, since this is a popular destination, expect bustling scenes of boats and large crowds. All this will be left behind once you sail away to a more serene environment.10
  10. 10. HUEThe former imperial capital of Hue presentsan insight into historic Vietnam. Filled withrelics of a fascinating past, the ancientarchitecture is a sight to behold. Visit theCitadel and the emperors’ atmospherictombs, monuments both ornate andmajestic. This peaceful town is also thecradle of Buddhism in Vietnam and tranquilpagodas abound. 11
  11. 11. HOI AN NHA TRANG DALAT QUY NHON Set near the coast in central Vietnam, Located in central Vietnam, the sun- Set in Vietnams picturesque Central Quy Nhon once served as the capital of from the 16th to 19th centuries the washed town of Nha Trang hugs a Highlands, this quiet town boasts cool the Kingdom of Champa in the 11th riverside town of Hoi An once drew seven-km-long stretch of golden mountain air, some of the best- century and was an important US naval merchants from as far as Japan, India, sand, making this the perfect place preserved French colonial architecture and military base during the Vietnam Indonesia and Europe who bought the to get a dose of sun, surf and fresh in Indochina, and stunning natural War. Today Quy Nhon is a port city with a area’s silk, spices and porcelain. Hoi seafood. Clear blue seas dotted with beauty. Year-round, the temperature population of a quarter of a million and An still retains remnants of its trading offshore islands offer excellent hovers around 20˚C (68˚F), making this is becoming better known for its days as evident in the bustling market opportunities for diving, fishing and a favorite destination for outdoor secluded beaches. A recently-built and abundance of souvenir and tailor snorkeling, while the town itself is enthusiasts. Dalat hosts a flower international hotel offers the possibility shops. What makes Hoi An home to some interesting sites, festival every other year which of a relaxing break well away from other remarkable today is that its Old including a massive white Buddha normally takes place in mid-December more traveled paths. Quarter has been beautifully statue and a cluster of Cham towers for one week and features a flower preserved, the streets still lined with built between the 7th and 12th exhibition and a flower parade around Getting there: Quy Nhon has a small old tile-roofed shop houses, shady centuries. Xuan Huong lake. basic domestic airport. It is a 1hr 45 pagodas and colorful communal halls minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City. earning it the status as a World Getting there: A 45 minute drive Getting there: Dalat has a small Heritage Site by UNESCO. from the small domestic airport domestic airport. It is a 45-minute flight located in Cam Ranh City. It is a 1 or a six hour drive from Ho Chi Minh Getting there: Hoi An is a 30 minute hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City City. From Hanoi it takes 1hr, 40 drive from Danang International and 1hr 40min from Hanoi. minutes. Airport.12
  12. 12. SaigonHo Chi Minh City is a sprawling metropolis of approximately 10 million people.Formerly known as “Saigon” prior to 1975, today the city is Vietnam’s commercialcenter. The city’s dynamic energy is apparent in the bustling street scenes withthousands of people on motorbikes constantly on the move. Although Saigon hasrapidly developed into a modern city with skyscrapers and shopping centers,there are still remnants of its past visible in the historic landmarks and beautifulFrench colonial buildings dotted throughout the city. In Saigon, you will still seewomen dressed in Vietnam’s traditional ao dai tunic stroll past modern trendyboutiques and crowded cafes. You’ll find great nightlife and some of the bestshopping in Southeast Asia in this vibrant, fast-changing city. The city is home topeople from all aspect of Vietnamese society. You’ll see newly wealthyentrepreneurs in their luxury cars driving past beggars on the street side. As inany large city, petty theft exists and you must exercise caution. From Saigon youcan make a day trip to the Cu Chi tunnels and Cao Dai Holy See temple. 13
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  14. 14. PHAN THIETPhan Thiet is a large fishing village best known locally forits fish sauce production. Located 200 km from Ho ChiMinh City, Phan Thiet is a gateway to nearby beacheswhich are popular for both local and tourists alike. MuiNe, a nearby resort town, has 21 km stretch of sandybeaches lined with hotels, resorts, restaurants, andnightclubs. Mui Ne is subject to onshore winds from theSouth China Sea and is especially breezy from Novemberto May, which may not be ideal for swimming but ispopular for wind and kite surfing. Other attractions in thearea include the white and red sand dunes, Po KlongGarai Cham tower, and Ocean Dune’s Golf Club, a 6746-yard par 72 course designed by Nick Faldo.Getting there: Phan Thiet is a 4½ hr drive or a 5 hourtrain ride from Ho Chi Minh City 15
  15. 15. CON DAO ISLANDS PHU QUOC ISLAND MEKONG DELTA Con Dao, or Con Son if referring to the Located off the tip of Vietnam’s Life continues in Vietnams agrarian heartland much as it has done for centuries. main island in this 16-island south coast, Phu Quoc is a haven for Farmers cultivate paddy fields, tend their orchards of tropical fruit and fish in the archipelago, is possibly the best kept nature and sea lovers looking for a rivers and canals that criss-cross this fertile plain. Offering an ideal opportunity to secret in Vietnam. Currently virtually place to unwind. The island is adopt the pace of local life, choose to slow down and cycle along the flat roads of undiscovered - except by the ex- considered “off the beaten track” as the Delta. You may also choose to visit a farmer’s home, try your hand at fruit prisoners of the South Vietnamese it remains remarkably undeveloped. picking or explore the myriad waterways on a loud one engine boat as used by regime who return to visit their places Phu Quoc’s virgin forests and locals for their daily transportation. of incarceration prior to 1975 – Con pristine white sand beaches make Dao offers stunning virgin forest, this an ideal place for trekking, Located 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh City, My Tho is the gateway to the Delta and is deserted tropical beaches, unique sea diving, and snorkeling. The ideal for those who are seeking a glimpse of agrarian river life. Traveling further life, forgotten prisons being infrastructure remains basic with south, you reach Cai Be, best known for its trading activities at the floating consumed by the jungle, and the dirt roads and a small number of market and traditional craft villages. A 4-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, you possibility to experience a castaway four-star properties. If you’re looking reach Can Tho, the heartland of the Delta. Can Tho is famous for its floating lifestyle without any of the pains for a relaxing beach getaway without market, the largest in the Delta, and its numerous fruit orchards. normally associated with life 180 any distractions or a noisy nightlife kilometers from land. then Phu Quoc is the ideal place to visit. Getting there: Con Dao has a small modern domestic airport. It is a 50- Getting there: A 20 minute flight minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City. from Rach Gia (Mekong Delta) or 50 minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City.16
  16. 16. Classic toursAbsolute VietnamDuration: 20 days / 19 nightsOverview: Saigon - Mekong Delta - Da Lat - Nha Trang - Hoi An -Hue - Hanoi - Sapa - Ha Long Bay 17
  17. 17. Day 1. Saigon arrival southern Vietnamese countryside to After crossing the Co Chien, the boat will and salt ponds to Nha Trang, where an Arrive in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), where Tay Ninh Province in the west of dock and from where you will head back afternoon tour of the city includes the your tour guide will accompany you Vietnam to visit the Cao Dai Great to Saigon by road. Overnight in Saigon Ponagar Cham Towers and Long Son from the airport to your hotel. The Temple. After lunch in a local Pagoda with its enormous white rest of the day you are free to enjoy at restaurant, visit the famous Cu Chi Day 5. Saigon - Da Lat Buddha statue. Overnight in Nha Trang your leisure. Overnight in Saigon Tunnels, an incredible underground Transfer to Saigons domestic airport tunnel network constructed by for your flight to Da Lat. Established as Day 7. Nha Trang Day 2. Saigon Vietnamese resistance fighters a hill station at the beginning of the A morning boat trip on Nha Trang Bay A full day tour of the city begins with during the struggle for century, Da Lats French chalets and visits some of the nearby islands where a visit to the Thien Hau Temple before independence. You will return to pine forests are more reminiscent of an you will have the opportunity to swim continuing to the lively Binh Tay Saigon later in the afternoon. alpine village than a town in Southeast and snorkel In the clear warm waters. Market. See the incredible display of Overnight in Saigon Asia. An afternoon of sightseeing in Da After a fresh seafood lunch, return to fresh produce on offer and enjoy the Lat takes in the art decoration former shore. In the afternoon, explore Nha eclectic array of goods that are on Day 4. Mekong Delta summer residence of Emperor Bao Dai, Trang at your own pace. Overnight in sale. After lunch, visit the War Leave Saigon for the Mekong Delta the old Dalat Railway Station, Xuan Nha Trang Remnants and the former Presidential town of Cai Be, where you will board Huong Lake, the Central Market and Palace. From there, the Notre Dame boat for a tour of the Delta. Proceed Lam Ty Ni Pagoda where a Buddhist Day 8. Nha Trang - Hoi An Cathedral, Old Saigon Post Office, to visit some local cottage industries monk, Vien Thuc, produces abstract Transfer to Nha Trangs domestic Dong Khoi Street (formerly Rue paintings and writes poetry. Overnight airport for your flight to Da Nang, Lunch will await you at a superb Catinat), Continental Hotel, Opera in Dalat transfer to Hoi An . In the afternoon, colonial style villa located in a quaint House and City Hall are all a short village before boarding the boat take a tour of the ancient town central walk away. Overnight in Saigon once again for a tour of the Day 6. Da Lat - Nha Trang to visit the homes of former landscapes along the river. Leaving for Nha Trang after breakfast, merchants, the 400 year-old Japanese Day 3. Tay Ninh - Cu Chi travel through vivid green rice fields Covered Bridge and the exotic local Enjoy a morning drive through typical market. Overnight in Hoi An18
  18. 18. Day 10. Hoi An - Hue Tree-lined boulevards, French colonial After visiting the two remaining Leave Hoi An for Hue by road, architecture, peaceful lakes and sanctuaries of the ancient citadel, take passing through Danang where you oriental temples make for a unique a sampan (traditional boat) on the will visit the Cham museum, which blend of east and west in this beautiful river through rice paddies to the holds the finest collection of Cham city. The tour includes such sites as Ho grottoes of the sacred Tam Coc Caves. artwork in the country. After your Chi Minhs Mausoleum, the One Pillar Enormous limestone karsts jut out visit, drive over the Pass of Ocean Pagoda, the Fine Arts Museum and the from the green rice fields giving rise to Clouds before dropping down to the Temple of Literature. At the end of the this places other name, Halong on wonderfully photogenic fishing afternoon visit Hanois Old Quarter also Land. Overnight in Hanoi village of Lang Co. Then, you will known as the 36 streets. This evening, reach Hue, the former imperial enjoy a traditional Vietnamese water Day 14. Hanoi capital of Vietnam, to visit the puppet show with traditional music. Today immerse yourself in ancient ancient Forbidden City from where Finish the day with a Water Puppet Vietnamese culture with an excursion the Nguyen Dynasty ruled between show. This is a uniquely northern to Duong Lam, one of the countrys 1802 and 1945. Overnight in Hue Vietnamese art form depicting scenes few remaining ancient villages. Explore from rural life and episodes of national houses over 400 years old, wander the Day 11. Hue history. Overnight in Hanoi villages narrow alleyways, visit local After breakfast, visit the Imperial temples, and most interesting of all, Citadel where the Nguyen Dynasty Day 13. Hanoi - Hoa Lu chat with friendly locals. Overnight in ruled between 1802 and 1945. After Leave Hanoi for rural northern Hanoi exploring the ruins of this wonderful Vietnamand the site of the countys monument take a cyclo through the first capital, Hoa Lu. Old City to Tinh Tam Lake. DriveDay 9. Hoi An - My Son onto Thien Mu Pagoda, constructedToday there is a half day trip to the in 1601, and observe the 21-metercapital and religious centre of the tall tower, the centrepiece of theformer Champa Kingdom, My Son. Set pagoda. In the afternoon see thein a lush green valley, dozens of red tomb of the former emperor Minhbrick towers and sanctuaries dating Mang which is located in a tranquilfrom between the 7th and 13th setting of gardens and ponds. If timecenturies provide a breathtaking site. permits pass by the citys vibrantOn returning to Hoi An, the afternoon Dong Ba Market. Overnight in Hueis free to relax, browse for souvenirsin art galleries and silk shops, or Day 12. Hue - Hanoimaybe cycle to the nearby Cua Dai Transfer to Hues airport for theBeach. Overnight in Hoi An short flight to Hanoi. Explore Vietnams capital by an escorted, full-day city tour. 19
  19. 19. Day 15. Cooking Class - Sapa A special cooking class is prepared for you in the morning. Start with a visit to a local market accompanied by a chef to learn about Vietnamese ingredients and cuisine, followed by a cooking demonstration. After the class lunch is served so you can sample all the different dishes prepared during the demonstration. Rest of the afternoon at leisure. This evening transfer to Hanoi Train Station for the overnight train to Lao Cai, the gateway to Sapa. Overnight on the train Day 16. Sapa arrival Will arrive at Lao Cai train station in the early morning. From Lao Cai the Crossing rivers by suspended bridges shallow waters a century ago. If you Day 20. Hanoi departure road winds up the terraced hillsides to you will witness people toiling the Enjoy some free time for last purchases prefer kayaking, bathing or simply Sapa, a former French hill resort and fields in Vietnams traditional way or simply relax before the transfer to soaking in the sun then feel free to home to some of Vietnams most before a free afternoon discover airport diverse ethnic groups. On arrival in do so with a massage service and Sapa by yourself. Return to Lao Cai Sapa, you will be transferred to your bar available on board. At night, the for the onward journey back to hotel for breakfast and the chance to Hanoi by overnight train. Overnight boat anchors away from the crowds freshen up. A morning walking tour of on the train at the Bay, enabling you to enjoy the Sapa visits the busy market, whilst the quietness and romance of the region afternoon visit features some nearby Day 18. Hanoi - Ha Long Bay under the stars! Overnight onboard a hill tribe villages. Overnight in Sapa On arrival at Hanoi train station, you junk boat will be served breakfast before Day 17. Sapa - Hanoi heading to Halong Bay. Enjoy the Day 19. Ha Long Bay - Hanoi In the morning enjoy a light trek to great scenery of the surrounding After a night on board the junk, discover Sapas lesser-known areas. farmlands of the Red River Delta Wake up early and see daylight Have the chance to enjoy the including rice fields, water buffalo filtering through the mist and breathtaking scenery of mountain rice and everyday Vietnamese village life. towering rock formations, leaving terraces, waterfalls and buffalo at On arrival in Halong, you will board you with a dream-like memory of work. the junk, a fantastic replica of a your visit to Halong Bay. steamer that navigated Halong Bays20
  20. 20. Classic toursEssential VietnamDuration: 9 days / 8 nightsOverview: Saigon - Mekong Delta - Hoi An - Hue - Hanoi - Ha Long Bay 21
  21. 21. Day 1. Saigon arrival this ancient Southeast Asian and oriental temples make for a unique Board the Junk for the overnight Welcome to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), trading town to see the Chinese- blend of east and west in this beautiful cruise on Halong Bay. Enjoy the with the entire day at leisure, take style shop houses, Japanese city. The tour includes such sites as Ho magnificent scenery as the boat some time to recover from jet lag or Covered Bridge and other historic Chi Minhs Mausoleum, the One Pillar sails around the emerald waters and explore the city on your own. Pagoda, the Fine Arts Museum and the architecture. Late this afternoon, craggy limestone cliffs. Overnight Overnight in Saigon Temple of Literature. At the end of the enjoy a sunset boat trip. on Halong Bay afternoon visit Hanois Old Quarter also Overnight in Hoi An Day 2. Saigon known as the 36 streets. Take a Today, a full day tour introduces you walking tour around Hoan Kiem Lake. Day 9. Hanoi departure Day 5. Hoi An - Hue Enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay in the to the diverse attractions of Saigon. In the this evening, enjoy a traditional Driving to Hue via Danang, the morning hours as your boat sails back Venture into the Chinese quarter at Vietnamese water puppet show with overland journey includes a stop at to Halong City. After disembarkation, Cholon, Browse the amazing array of traditional music. Overnight in Hanoi the Cham Museum before passing drive back to Hanoi with an optional to goods at Ben Thanh Market. This through the panoramic Hai Van Pass Day 8. Hanoi - Halong Bay stop at But Thap, one of the oldest afternoon, visit either the War and the picturesque fishing village of pagodas in Vietnam. Spend the Remnants or History Museum, and This morning, drive through the fertile Lang Co. In Hue, explore the Imperial remaining time at your leisure until the former Presidential Palace for a farmlands of the Red River Delta to Citadel where the Nguyen Dynasty your transfer to the airport for your glimpse into Vietnamese history Halong City. ruled between 1802 and 1945 and onward flight. before ending with an exploration of the Thien Mu (Celestial Lady) the citys French-influenced colonial Pagoda overlooking the Perfume architecture. Overnight in Saigon River. Overnight in Hue Day 3. Mekong Delta Day 6. Hue - Hanoi This morning, enjoy a 2.5 hour drive Start your day with a visit to the past rural villages and rice paddies to citys vibrant Dong Ba Market to see Cai Be in the Mekong Delta. Embark it’s abundance of fresh produce. on a cruise to visit the bustling Cai Be Leave the market on the back of a floating market, observe the cyclo to navigate the old city. production of rice paper and coconut Finishing your exploration of Hue at candies at cottage industries and Khai Dinhs Tomb. Depart Hue this sample local Mekong specialties for afternoon for a short flight to Hanoi, lunch. When the cruise ends, return and enjoy your evening at your by road to the city. Overnight in leisure. Overnight in Hanoi Saigon Day 7. Hanoi Day 4. Saigon - Hoi An Today explore Vietnams capital by An early morning flight leads you an escorted, full-day city tour. Tree- to the central port city of Danang. lined boulevards, French colonial At Hoi An, take a walking tour of architecture, peaceful lakes22
  22. 22. Classic toursVietnam HoneymoonDuration: 16 days / 15 nightsOverview: Hanoi - Ha Long Bay - Hoi An - Nha Trang - Saigon - MekongDelta - Phu Quoc Island 23
  23. 23. Day 1. Hanoi arrival Enjoy sunset from Westlake and one have a leisurely morning before Villagers as they show you the ways to On arrival, you will be welcomed by of the citys oldest Buddhist enjoying brunch on-board. Your driver harvest and prepare fresh vegetables your guide and taken to the hotel. In pagodas, Tran Quoc, and the nearby will meet you upon disembarkation for for meals. Cook a lunch of Vietnamese the afternoon, a relaxing treatment in Taoist temple of Quan Thanh. the transfer to Noi Bai airport and your dishes with your hosts before enjoying the citys best spa pampers you and Overnight in Hanoi. flight to Da Nang and transfer to Hoi the fruits of your labour. Return to Hoi your loved one. A delightful An. Overnight in Hoi An An town for a leisurely afternoon. Day 3. Hanoi - Ha Long Bay Vietnamese dinner with a French Overnight in Hoi An Leaving Hanoi by road for Halong Day 5. Hoi An touch awaits in one of Hanois most Bay, enjoy the journey en route as After breakfast, explore Hoi An by charming restaurants housed in a the car weaves through the Day 7. Hoi An - Nha Trang walking through the quaint streets of beautiful villa. Overnight in Hanoi. A short flight southwards leads you to picturesque countryside landscapes. this heritage town, which remains Nha Trang, Vietnams beach capital Arrive in Halong and board your much the same as it was in its heyday Day 2. Hanoi known for its golden stretches of sand, private, traditional junk boat that 200 years ago. After a delicious lunch, The day commences with an insiders crystal clear waters and idyllic islands. cruises among the unspoilt the afternoon is free for you to relax tour of Hanoi. Take a walking tour Check into the hotel. Overnight in Nha limestone islets of Halong Bay. After with the car and guide at your disposal. with a specialist guide and Historian Trang the sun sets, enjoy a romantic Browse for souvenirs in the eclectic who will offer up his in-depth dinner in a private setting on the array of art galleries and silk shops, knowledge to enhance your visit to boats deck before retiring to your enjoy a cup of coffee at a local cafe or Day 8, 9. Nha Trang the Long Bien bridge. The afternoon is cabin for a good nights sleep. cycle to the nearby Cua Dai Beach. Spend the next two days at your dedicated to the discovery of the Overnight cruise on junk. Overnight in Hoi An leisure. Sample the fusion cuisine at citys old quarters on foot but you can the resorts restaurant, pamper also navigate the lively 36 streets on Day 4. Ha Long Bay - Hoi An yourself with the rejuvenating a cyclo. When evening comes, enjoy Day 6. Hoi An treatments at the signature Six Senses As your boat cruises back to Halong dinner at one of Hanois best tables. Following breakfast, depart for a half- Spa or snorkel/dive the turquoise City through the spectacular karsts day cooking class at Tra Que, spend the waters to view the magnificent marine and limestone rock formations, morning working with the life. Overnight in Nha Trang24
  24. 24. Day 10. Nha Trang - SaigonAfter breakfast, depart for thedynamic Ho Chi Minh City on a shortflight. At Saigon, you will be taken onan orientation tour of the city in aclassic Citroen car, cruising pasthighlights such as the PresidentialPalace, War Remnants Museum, thecolonial Notre Dame Cathedral andthe Old Saigon Post Office. The rest ofthe afternoon is at your leisure todiscover this bustling city at your ownpace. Overnight in SaigonDay 11. Mekong DeltaToday, leave the hustle and bustle ofthe city and head for the rusticcountryside in Mekong Delta. Uponarrival, board the private Song Xanh,a small but luxurious boat that allowsyou to discover the narrow canals andtributaries with ease. Lunch awaits atthe home of Mr Huyen Thuy Le, thelover in Marguerite Duras famousnovel. In the afternoon, head to CanTho on your sampan, visiting a CaoDai temple en-route. As the sun sets,enjoy a romantic candle dinner in a19th century house before cruising toyour anchor point for the night. wooden ship-building yards and Day 13 - 15. Phu Quoc Day 16. Phu Quoc departureOvernight aboard the Song Xanh Boat, locals drying fruits and vegetables Spend the next thee nights in the Coming to the end of your honeymoon,Mekong Delta on the Mekongs banks. After your perfectly laidback surroundings of Phu enjoy some free time before your cruise journey ends, transfer to Can Quoc. Recommended touring options transfer back to Saigon. If time permits,Day 12. Can Tho - Phu Quoc Tho airport for your flight to the include diving and snorkelling trips to shop around for some last minuteThis morning, the Song Xanh takes sleepy and beautiful island of Phu the outer lying reefs or a trekking purchases or simply relax before youryou to Cai Be Floating Market, cruising Quoc. Overnight in Phu Quoc excursion in the pristine rainforest of onward departure flightamongst rice barges, the islands interior. Overnight in Phu Quoc 25
  25. 25. Classic tours Vietnam Insight Duration: 13 days / 12 nights Overview: Saigon - Mekong Delta - Hoi An - Hue - Hanoi - Ha Long Bay26
  26. 26. Day 1. Saigon arrival Restaurant followed by an off-the- Day 4. Mekong Delta - Hoi An the city. Learn about the lives of theWelcome to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), beaten path exploration of Start this morning with a visit to the emperors and the dynasty as you visitwith the entire day at leisure, take antiques street. Overnight in bustling floating market at Cai Rang places such as the Citadel and royalsome time to recover from jet lag or Saigon before returning to land and driving Mausoleums. Youll step off the beatenexplore the city on your own. back to Ho Chi Minh city. Youll fly to path with a visit to Hues local marketOvernight in Saigon Day 3. Mekong Delta central Vietnam and continue by road and the arts museum. Overnight in Leave the hustle and bustle of the to Hoi An, a charming town with a laid- HueDay 2. Saigon city behind as you travel through back atmosphere. Overnight in Hoi AnToday your Vietnamese experience Vietnams picturesque countryside Day 8. Hue - Hanoibegins with tour of Saigon. The half- with its rice paddies and rural Day 5. Hoi An After a morning at leisure, fly north today tour takes a unique look at villages. Upon arrival in the Mekong Spend the morning in a small farming the capital city of Hanoi. With a historyfamiliar and not-so-familiar landmarks Delta board the private Song Xanh, village gardening, cooking with the professor, youll take a walking tour ofin modern-day Saigon, to reveal the modelled after a traditional sampan locals and then sitting down to share the citys iconic Long Bien Bridgecitys culture, architecture, religious boat. Cruise through small canals your creations. Then, an afternoon learning about Hanois past andpractices and fascinating history. Visit and tributaries, enjoy lunch at a walking tour introduces you to present from a different perspective.the Presidential Palace, War charming colonial house and spend the colourful history and rich culture of Continue your city tour with visits toRemnants Museum and China Town the night moored amid the Delta. this heritage town. Aftershopping and West Lake and several landmarkSample tasty Vietnamese cuisine at Overnight aboard the Song Xanh exploring, enjoy delicious dinner of temples followed by dinner at one ofthe famed Com Nieu Sai Gon Boat Asian fusion cuisine in the town Hanois best restaurants. Overnight in central. Overnight in Hoi An Hanoi Day 6. Hoi An - Hue Day 9. Hanoi A scenic drive takes you along the Hit the streets of Hanoi for a half day coastline from Hoi An to Hue, the street food tour with a chef and former imperial capital of Vietnam. En Vietnamese culinary expert. Youll visit route you will stop at the Cham fresh produce markets, taste unusual Museum in Danang which houses an delicacies, sip coffee alongside the impressive collection of Cham art and locals and experience this integral part artefacts from the 5th-15th centuries. of the culture. After this culinary This evening you will have the unique indulgence, visit Hanois Ethnology experience of dining in a traditional Museum and its fascinating exhibitions garden house with one of Hues most about the diverse hilltribes in Vietnam. famous architects. Overnight in Hue Overnight in Hanoi. Day 7. Hue A full day tour of Hues main sites introduces you to the intriguing past of 27
  27. 27. Day 10. Hanoi - Ha Long Bay Day 11. Ha Long Bay - Hanoi Day 12. Hanoi - Duong Lam national heroes. A farewell dinner this Journey through the rich farmlands of Return to shore midday for the drive Today explore the villages around Hanoi evening is held in the home of a local the Red River Delta to Halong Bay. back to Hanoi. En route, there is an where the countrys rich culture and chef whos grandmother cooked for the Arriving midday, youll cast off from option to stop at But Thap, one of traditions come to life. Explore Duong French elite in the 1930s. Overnight in the pier for an overnight cruise. Relax Vietnams oldest pagodas. Youll reach Lam where old laterite houses line the Hanoi. as the boat weaves around the bay Hanoi in the middle of the afternoon laneways, have lunch in a 100-year old amid towering limestone formations with time for shopping or sightseeing. house and visit unusual temples Day 13. Hanoi departure and spectacular scenery. Overnight on Overnight in Hanoi dedicated to Buddhist deities and Your private car and guide will be at Halong Bay hotel for onward flight28
  28. 28. Classic toursVietnam HighlightsDuration: 12 days / 11 nightsOverview: Hanoi - Sapa - Ha Long Bay - Hue - Hoi An - Saigon - Mekong Delta 29
  29. 29. Day 1. Hanoi arrival and their clothing is embellished to sample its fabulous cuisine and produce market with an expert chef You will be greeted at the airport and with colorful red embroidery and explore the Old Quarter. Overnight in who will teach you the secrets of transferred to your hotel. Depending coins. Spend the afternoon at leisure Hanoi Vietnamese cuisine. Overnight in Hoi on when you arrive activities can be in Sapa before returning to Lao Cai An arranged for the rest of the day. to board the overnight train back to Day 7. Hanoi - Hue Overnight in Hanoi Hanoi. Overnight on train In the morning, fly to the former Day 10. Hoi An - Saigon Imperial Capital of Hue. This beautiful Fly to Saigon and spend the afternoon Day 2. Hanoi - Sapa Day 5. Hanoi - Ha Long Bay city is rich in history, culture and on a guided tour of the highlights of Enjoy a guided city tour of Hanoi. Arrive in Hanoi at around 5 am. A ancient temples. Spend the day this bustling, cosmopolitan city. In the Having celebrated its 1000- year day room will be available, so you exploring the Citadel, which is now a evening, you may like to enjoy a cruise anniversary in 2010, the city has a rich can shower and freshen up before UNESCO World Heritage site, before down the Saigon River, complete with and fascinating history. A traditional breakfast. At around 8 am start your relaxing on a sunset cruise on the local entertainment and a fantastic cyclo tour through the narrow, journey to Halong Bay and arrive at Perfume River. Overnight in Hue traditional an good dinner. Overnight in ancient streets of the exotic Old around midday to board a traditional Saigon Quarter is a great way to soak up the junk for an overnight cruise. Halong Day 8. Hue - Hoi An sights and sounds. In the evening, Bay is widely considered to be one Drive south along a beautiful stretch of Day 11. Mekong Delta board an overnight sleeper train to of the natural wonders of the world. coastline and over the scenic Hai Van Explore the heart of the Mekong Delta Lao Cai. Overnight on train Thousands of towering pillars of sea Pass, to the picturesque riverside on a traditional sampan cruise in Cai and wind-carved limestone karst community of Hoi An. On arrival, enjoy Be. Visit floating markets and get a feel Day 3. Sapa make the bay an unforgettable sight. a walking tour of this charming for a way of life that has changed little Arrive at Lao Cai station early in the After lunch, explore some of the traditional town now listed as a for centuries. Enjoy a delicious lunch at morning and transfer to Sapa. huge limestone caves dotted around UNESCO World Heritage Site. Overnight a superb restaurant on the banks of Depending on your fitness level, you the bay and visit a floating fishing in Hoi An the river before returning back to can arrange anything from gentle village. Then the captain will find a Saigon for some free time. Overnight in walks to challenging hikes to explore secluded spot where you can swim, Day 9. Hoi An Saigon the lush valleys and mountains that soak up the sun on the top deck, or Spend the day at leisure on the beach If surround the town. The ethnic- try your hand at kayaking. In the you like to cook, you can spend a Day 12. Saigon departure minority groups still maintain their evening enjoy a seafood feast for fabulous day exploring the local You will be transferred to the airport traditions and way of life, including dinner. Overnight on boat for your onward flight their own language. Overnight in Sapa Day 6. Ha Long Bay - Hanoi Enjoy an early morning swim (during Day 4. Sapa - Hanoi the summer), followed by breakfast Start your morning with a hike to a as you cruise through more beautiful waterfall before continuing spectacular scenery. In the on to a picturesque Red Dao village. afternoon drive back to Hanoi, Red Dao women wear giant red where you will have one more scarves around their heads, evening30
  30. 30. Classic toursVietnam In StyleDuration: 10 days / 9 nightsOverview: Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Ha Long Bay - Hue - Hoi An - Saigon - MekongDelta 31
  31. 31. Day 1. Hanoi arrival and the scenery of rice fields, water After exploring the ruins of this And tributaries of this region. Youll You will be greeted at the airport and buffalo and everyday Vietnamese wonderful monument, take a cyclo enjoy a gentle cruise from Cai Be to Sa transferred to your hotel. Depending village life. Arrive in Halong and through the Old City to Tinh Tam Lake Dec as part of a leisurely exploration of on when you arrive activities can be board your traditional junk boat. where the Emperors used to come to the Mekong River and its hidden arranged for the rest of the day. Have lunch as you cruise among relax. Enjoy lunch in Hue at one of the treasures before gliding onto Can Tho. Overnight in Hanoi hundreds of islets to discover citys most renowned restaurants, Overnight aboard the Song Xanh Boat unspoilt pockets of Halong Bay and Ancient Hue. Following your meal Day 2. Hanoi visit Sung Sot, one of the most depart for Kha. After lunch at one of Day 10 Mekong Delta departure The day commences with an insiders imposing grottos of the Bay. After Hues most renowned restaurants, visit Crossing the Mekong on the way to Cai tour of Hanoi. Take a walking tour of sunset, enjoy dinner before retiring Khai Dinhs Tomb then meet with a Be Floating Market, youll take in this gourmet city with a specialist to your cabin for a good nights master monk at the Chau Lam Pagoda traditional sights such as rice barges, guide and expert on all things related sleep. Overnight on board to discuss Buddhism and calligraphy. wooden ship building yards and even to street food in Vietnam. You will This evening, dine at a beautiful garden fruit drying along the Mekongs banks. have countless opportunities along Day 5. Ha Long Bay - Hoi An house, locally known as nha vuon, a After paying a visit to the colorful the way to stop at street vendors As your boat cruises back to Halong magical setting for dinner. Overnight in floating market check-out and stands and try their wares. Learn City through the spectacular karsts Hue disembark before the return to Saigon. about the customs and routines of and limestone rock formations, have Your private car and guide will be at Vietnamese cuisine, ending the tour a leisurely morning before enjoying Day 8. Hue - Saigon your disposal until your transfer by at one of the Old Quarters busiest brunch on-board. Your driver will Depart for Hue Airport after breakfast private car to Ton Son Nhat Airport for coffee shops. Overnight in Hanoi meet you upon disembarkation for for the short flight to dynamic Ho Chi international flights or a domestic the transfer to the airport and your Minh, still called Saigon by the locals. extension Day 3. Hanoi - Ninh Binh flight to Danang and transferring to Take a city tour for visit to the former Drive through rural northern Vietnam Hoi An. Overnight in Hoi An Presidential Palace, the War Remnants to the site of Vietnams first capital, Museum, the colonial Notre Dame Hoa Lu. After visiting the two Day 6. Hoi An - Hue Cathedral and the Old Saigon Post remaining sanctuaries of the ancient After your breakfast drive to the Office. Overnight in Saigon citadel, take a sampan on a river ancient port town of Hoi An. A through the rice paddies to the walking tour is the best way to see Day 9. Mekong Delta grottoes of the sacred Tam Coc Caves. this marvelours town. For lunch Depart for the Mekong Delta, leaving Enormous limestone karsts jut out sample some of Hoi Ans delectable the hustle and bustle of the city behind from the green rice fields giving rise cuisine at one of the towns finest to travel through Vietnams to this places other name, Halong on restaurants. Leave Hoi An for Hue, picturesque countryside with its rice Land. Overnight in Ninh Binh the former imperial capital of paddies and rural villages. Upon arrival Vietnam. Arrive in Hue late in the in the Delta board the ‘Song Xanh, Day 4. Ninh Binh - Halong Bay afternoon and transfer to hotel. Modelled after a traditional sampan, Leave Ninh Binh by road for Halong Overnight in Hue the boats small size allows you to Bay. Enjoy the journey through the discover the smaller canals rich farmlands of the Red River Delta Day 7. Hue32
  32. 32. Classic toursVietnam CulinaryDuration: 12 days / 11 nightsOverview: Saigon - Mekong Delta - Hoi An - Hue - Hanoi - Ha Long Bay 33
  33. 33. with the vendors wares being displayed as they hang from large poles Day 6. Hoi An - Hue on the bow of the boat. Lunch in a Following your tour depart Hoi An for a superb colonial villa Nestled inside a scenic drive past spectacular beaches quaint village before returning by boat to the former imperial capital of Hue. and car to the big city. Overnight in Not only is this photogenic city graced Saigon with the Perfume River and enigmatic emperors tombs, but it also home to Day 4. Saigon - Hoi An the Royal Cuisine. Tonight you will Step back in time as you fly to Da Nang have a chance to sample this famous and on to the quiet former trading cuisine this evening within the town of Hoi An. This afternoon culinary premises of one of Hues unique excursion takes you to the small village garden houses. Overnight in Hue of Tra Que, located on the banks of a lagoon with fertile soil known for Day 7. Hue harvesting the countrys best Start your day with a cyclo tour to the vegetables. learning how they grow Old City of Hue. Continue to a very vegetables and cook traditional local market which is rarely visited by Vietnamese dishes. Gather together tourists. As you wander through the with the family to share the delicious aisles abundant with fresh produce, meal you have just prepared. Overnight learn more about these local Day 1. Saigon arrival Then head back to their house for a in Hoi An ingredients that are infused in to the Arrive in to Ho Chi Minh City, still hands-on demonstration which will regions foods. Explore the rich culture referred to by some as Saigon, and help you gain insight into the Day 5. Hoi An of Hue with visits to the elaborate get ready to experience the exquisite diversity of the Vietnamese cuisine. This morning you will be introduced to mausoleums of the Nguyen Emperor, cuisine of Vietnam. As you take an After indulging in your creations, the Imperial Citadel and iconic pagodas one of Hoi Ans most energetic Meet orientation tour, soak in the wonders take a walk through the quieter and tombs of the former Emperors of the Chef who will be your host and of the colonial buildings and vibrant neighborhoods of Saigon to discover Hue. For lunch try some Hue specialty teacher for the day, guiding you boulevards. Enjoy the flavors of small markets, winding lane ways, food by the locals and serving :Banh through Hoi Ans bustling markets southern Vietnamese cuisine tonight and unique buildings. Overnight in Uot”, a steamed rice pancake stuffed before leading hands on cooking class at dinner before returning to your Saigon in the restaurant kitchen where he will with delicate, finely chopped pork and luxury hotel. Overnight in Saigon impart the secrets of his signature “Bun Thit Nuong which is a rice noodle Day 3. Mekong Delta dishes. After your morning of cooking, dish served with grilled meat. At the Day 2. Saigon Head south to the Mekong Delta, relax at the towns beach or spend your end of the afternoon head back to your Begin your culinary discovery of where evergreen islands stand time browsing for souvenirs in Hoi Ans hotel. Overnight in Hue Vietnam with a specially-led cooking amidst the intricate network of art galleries and silk shops. Overnight in class with a local chef who will take meandering rivers. The Cai Rang Hoi An you through the local market first to floating market is unlike any youve shop for fresh ingredients. ever seen,34
  34. 34. Day 8. Hue - Hanoi A final stop at one of Hanois either a traditional junk boat or a Formations. Upon disembarkation, yourAfter your flight to the countrys renowned Bia Hoi, where they serve replica of a classic steamship. Have driver will meet you for the transfercapital, take a very unique insiders fresh draft beer and tasty snacks. lunch as you cruise among hundreds of back to Hanoi. Enjoy your afternoonwalking tour of Hanoi with a local food Tonight dine at La Verticale which is dramatic limestone karsts to discover and evening at leisure.blogger. Indulge yourself in the finest located in a charming villa which unspoilt pockets of Halong Bay. Visit afood Hanoi has to offer with a local dates back to the 1930s Overnight in cave, go swimming, kayak, take part in a Day 12. Saigon departureexpert who shares his passion and Hanoi Vietnamese spring roll cooking Today is departure day. Your private carknowledge on the countrys delicacies. Day 10. Hanoi - Ha Long Bay demonstration on the sundeck, or and guide will be at your disposal toTaste regional delicacies and unusual The journey to Halong takes you simply relax as you wind through the enjoy some free time for last purchasesfoods while strolling along food alley through the rich farmlands of the Bay. Overnight on Halong Bay. or simply relax before your transfer toin the heart of Hanois main market. Red River Delta and the scenery of Hanois Noi Bai Airport for onwardThis gastronomic day will leave you rice fields, water buffalo and Day 11. Ha Long Bay - Hanoi flight.hungry for more and give a real insight everyday Vietnamese village life. As you return to Halong City, enjoy ainto the colorful lives of the Vietnamese Board your cruising vessel, wholesome brunch as your boat weavespeople. Tonight dine at La Verticalewhich is located in a charming villawhich dates back to the 1930s. Thecuisine is considered as artistic,uncluttered at the same time extremelydiverse in flavor. Overnight in HanoiDay 9. HanoiToday will take you on a culinaryjourney through Hanoi, with a full daystreet food and cooking class with anAmerican chef and food writer. Startthe day with the locals with Hanoiscelebrated beef and rice noodle soup,Pho. Continue to a local market withinthe city to learn about and taste someof the ingredients used in the localcuisine and to watch the buying andselling rituals of a Vietnamese market.Lunch at one of Hanois best “Bun Cha”establishments, Bun Cha Chanh, openonly a few hours in the afternoon, Veryfew foreigners ever find this eatery so itis a very special treat. 35
  35. 35. Classic tours Vietnam Beach Break Duration: 14 days / 13 nights Overview: Hanoi - Ha Long Bay - Hoi An - Nha Trang - Saigon - Mekong Delta - Mui Ne Beach36
  36. 36. Day 1. Hanoi arrival Spend your first evening in Hoi An spend your days just relaxing on the river before returning to Saigon forYou will be greeted at the airport and strolling its romantic, silk lantern lit beach. For those who can tear some free time. Overnight in Saigontransferred to your hotel. Depending streets and dine in one of its themselves away from their sunon when you arrive activities can be fantastic riverside restaurants. loungers, there are many options. You Day 11 - 13. Saigon - Mui Nearranged for the rest of the day. Overnight in Hanoi may enjoy a day trip to the offshore Your last few days in Vietnam will beOvernight in Hanoi islands to go snorkeling and swimming. spent in the peaceful town of Mui Ne, Day 4 - 5. Hoi An Overnight in Nha Trang which is a four hour drive from Ho ChiDay 2. Hanoi - Ha Long Bay Over the next couple of days you Minh City. A popular place forDrive to the UNESCO World Heritage have the options of a privately Day 9. Nha Trang - Saigon watersports such as windsurfing andlisted Ha Long Bay for an overnight guided walking tour, a fun cooking After a couple of nights in Nha Trang it kitesurfing, Mui Ne is home to giantcruise through thousands of class or an excursion to the ancient is time to head further south to Ho Chi sand dunes perfect for jeep safaris. Thelimestone islands on a traditional ruins of My Son. Alternatively, Minh City. In the afternoon you have area is also justifiably known for itsjunk. Explore caves, kayak in explore the picturesque countryside the option of a private city tour or a cheap and fresh seafood. Inspiringsecluded lagoons and sunbathe on by bicycle or just laze on the beach. visit to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels. photographic opportunities aboundthe deck. In the evening enjoy a Overnight in Hoi An Overnight in Saigon with the brightly coloured Vietnameseseafood dinner before retiring to your fishing boats bringing in their catch incabin for the night. Day 6. Hoi An - Nha Trang the morning. Overnight in Saigon Day 10. Mekong Delta Refreshed from your relaxing break The next day make a journey to theDay 3. Ha Long Bay - Hoi An in beautiful Hoi An, travel onwards Mekong Delta. Enjoy a cruise on a Day 14. Saigon departureThe next day cruise back to the to the beach town of Nha Trang, for traditional sampan, taking in the Spend the morning at leisure beforemainland, arriving at around midday. the next few nights floating markets and lush, tropical you are transferred to the airport forYou will then be transferred to the landscape. A fantastic lunch will be your onward flightairport for a connecting flight to Day 7 - 8. Nha Trang served in a villa on the banks of theDanang and a short journey to the With its turquoise sea, golden sandquaint, picturesque town of Hoi An. and blue skies it is tempting to 37
  37. 37. Classic tours Taste of Vietnam Duration: 7 days / 6 nights Overview: Hanoi - Ha Long Bay - Saigon - Mekong Delta Discover the historic cities, verdant agriculture, and glittering bays of Vietnam and be captivated by the warmth of the friendly people you meet on the way. Uncover the elegant architecture and fascinating history of Hanoi and the youthful excitement of Saigon Day 1. Hanoi arrival Day 3. Ha Long Bay Excursion the countrys commercial center and Leave Saigon to lush My Tho where You will be greeted at the airport and Upon meeting you at your hotel at home to a growing number of upscale you will board a private boat to go transferred to your hotel. Depending 8:00 am, we drive to Halong City, restaurants and shops. Visit Chinatown, through the green vegetation of the on when you arrive activities can be approximately 3 hours drive. Once in the Thien Hau Pagoda, the canals to an orchard, where guests are arranged for the rest of the day Halong City you will board your boat Reunification Palace, the Opera House treated to a delicious lunch in a local for a four-hour cruise of this and Hotel de Ville. If desired, also visit restaurant in the heart of the Mekong , Day 2. Hanoi stunning area, stopping along the the powerful War Remnants Museum. complete with succulent tropical fruits. Vietnam s artistic and intellectual way to visit one of the most Explore colorful outdoor markets and Heading back to Saigon for overnight capital. Explore the fascinating Old beautiful limestone caves in the Dong Khoi Street, the citys main Quarter and its hundreds of specialty area. As you are cruising, the boat shopping boulevard with fashionable Day 6. Cu Chi Tunnels shops selling silk clothing, staff will serve a sumptuous local boutiques and accessories designed by In the morning you enjoy a half-day lacquerware, embroidered linens, seafood lunch. After 4 hours cruising up-and-coming Vietnamese designers, private excursion to the Cu Chi Tunnels. furniture, bamboo, cooking utensils, you back to the harbor and return to hill tribe crafts, high quality linens and Afternoon free at leisure. Overnight in ceremonial objects and more. Walk your hotel in Hanoi. Overnight in house-wares. Overnight in Saigon Saigon around Hoan Kiem Lake. Also visit Hanoi. Day 5. Mekong Delta Day 7. Saigon departure Hanoi s main cultural attractions, Day 4. Hanoi - Saigon There is no activity planned for today. including the Ho Chi Minh The Mekong Delta is the southernmost Transfer and flight to Saigon in the Enjoy your free time for souvenirs Mausoleum, his House on Stilts, the region of Vietnam . It is often referred morning. Afternoon, you have a shopping until transfer to the Saigon One Pillar Pagoda, the Fine Arts to as the rice bowl of Vietnam as it private tour of Saigon airport for your home flight Museum and the Temple of produces three crops of rice per year. Literature. Overnight in Hanoi38
  38. 38. Northern toursNorthern TreasureDuration: 8 days / 7 nightsOverview: Hanoi - Ha Long Bay - SapaThe north of Vietnam is home to three treasures, Hanoi,the ‘Paris of the Orient’, the richly cultural hill tribe townof Sapa, and the World Heritage Site of Halong Bay. Thistour takes in all of these in just 8 days, the perfect way toexperience Northern Vietnam at its best.Day 1. Hanoi arrival Day 4. Sapa Arrive early morning and dineYou will be greeted at the airport and At an elevation of 1600 metres, Sapa Vietnamese style before driving easttransferred to your hotel. Depending is a delightful former French hill to the World Heritage sight of Halongon when you arrive activities can be station situated in the mountainous Bay. With thousands of limestonearranged for the rest of the day region of Vietnams northwest, close peaks, dotted caves and traditional to the Chinese border. Today, take a fishing villages, its a place you willDay 2. Hanoi guided walk through emerald rice never forget. Spend two nights cruisingEnjoy a city tour of Hanoi, taking in its paddies and tiny hill tribe villages. through the magic of the Bay on arich history, museums, the rambling The afternoon is spent exploring the traditional junk. Overnight on junkOld Quarter and the many parks and fabulous markets selling traditionallakes. In the evening, sample some of art and crafts, embroidery and silver. Day 7. Halong BayHanois finest cuisine before Overnight in Sapa Explore caves, kayak, swim, sunbatheexperiencing a traditional water and feast on fresh Vietnamese seafood.puppet theatre performance. Day 5. Sapa - Hanoi Optional rock climbing in one of theOvernight in Hanoi Spend the day hiking to hill tribe best climbing sites in South East Asia. villages before taking the overnight Overnight on junkDay 3. Hanoi - Sapa train back to Hanoi. Overnight onSpend the day at leisure to explore train Day 8. Halong Bay departureHanois shopping and culture, before Transfer to Hanoi for your flight homeboarding the overnight sleeper train Day 6. Hanoi - Halong Baynorth to Sapa in the evening. 39
  39. 39. Northern tours Day 1. Hanoi arrival There is also the many of On arrival at Hanois Noi Bai small art galleries that line Northern Jewels Airport, our guide will greet you and transfer you to hotel. Lunch many of the boulevards of the city. Or for those who would will be served at local refer visiting some of the Duration: 4 days / 3 nights restaurant. After lunch the many museums that the city Overview: Hanoi - Ha Long Bay discovery starts with a trip has to offer then there is through Hanois Old Quarter. history Museum. Lunch at the This tour incorporates two of the better known destinations in Vietnam, Hanoi with its The tour takes you trough the Seasons of Hanoi Restaurant many grandiose villa and imperial palaces dating back to the Colonial era. Not to streets whilst also visiting some one of the finest examples of mention its old quarter that has been a shoppers paradise since the 15th century. Also of the historic sites like The traditional cuisine in Vietnam you will experience some of the finest cuisine in South-East Asia from the very Temple of Literature the first set in a restored Colonial villa traditional to modern fusion. Halong is truly one of the wonders of the world with it university in Vietnam ,all the that keeps its bygone era many islands to be enjoyed via private traditional junk that, discover this magical place time you will be experiencing charm. Enjoy dinner in one of at your own pace the sights and smells of the city. Hanois best restaurant. To end the day there will be Overnight in Hanoi dinner at the restaurant, Vietnamese Cuisine. Overnight Day 3. Hanoi - Ha Long Bay in Hanoi Transfer to the World Heritage site of Halong Bay by Day 2. Hanoi car. On board. Lunch will be Breakfast at the hotel. Morning on board the junk. Cruise to relax and enjoy the many through Halong Bay. A private charms that this city has to dinner on one of the beaches offer from the many boutique of the limestone islands that shops or simply taking a coffee make up Halong Bay. That will at one of the charming street leave you with fond side coffee shop and watching memories and breathe taking the world go by. views. Overnight onboard a junk boat40
  40. 40. Central tours Day 1. Hue arrival Driving over the breathtaking Arrive into Hue and transfer to Hai Van Pass is a highlight,Central Treasures your accommodation. Take a half day city tour to get your alongside visits to the Cham Museum, Marble Mountain bearings, including the ancient and pretty Da Nang beach.Duration: 8 days / 7 nights Citadel and Emperor Tu Ducs Overnight in Hoi An.Overview: Hue - DMZ - Hoi An Mausoleum. Overnight in Hue Day 5. Hoi AnA veritable profusion of ancient sights, attractive towns and historical insights await on Day 2. Hue Cooking Class Take a half day walking tourthis fascinating 8-day tour. Experience ancient empires, learn of tragic conflicts, feast on Head to Dong Ba market to pick today to orientate yourself tosumptuous meals and soak up the attractions of Central Vietnam. up ingredients before driving to this charming UNESCO World Y Thao Restaurant for your Heritage town, a tour imperial cooking lesson, highlight, before taking the learning three main courses remainder of the day at typical to the region. Sample leisure. Overnight in Hoi An your fare at lunch to conclude your fun morning. Take the Day 6. Hoi An afternoon at leisure to explore Relax by the white sands of Hue at your own pace. Cua Dai beach, shop on this Overnight in Hue free day. Overnight in Hoi An Day 3. Hue - DMZ Day 7. My Lai & My Son Today you will drive by bus Drive south today to the beyond the city limits of Hue to sobering memorial site at My avoid the busy traffic. Begin Lai, where an internationally riding off the beaten track for renowned massacre took Learn of Central Vietnams place in 1968. Be moved as involvement in the war at the you learn of the occurrences no-mans-land in the DMZ, here. After lunch, drive to the north of Hue. Visit the Khe Sanh holy temples of My Son, ruins battlefield, go underground at which date back over 1000 the Vinh Moc Tunnels and also years. Return to Hoi An stop by hilltribe villages. Overnight in Hue Day 8. Hoi An depart Your tour concludes today Day 4. Hue - Hoi An with a transfer to Da Nang A leisurely transfer to the airport for your onward UNESCO old town of Hoi An journey 41
  41. 41. Day 1. Hue arrival ancient Vietnam, the historic Central tours Arrive into Hue and transfer to Thanh Toan Bridge and the your accommodation. Take a 500-year-old village of Phuoc Imperial Treasures half day city tour to get your bearings, including the ancient Tich. Travel south to Danang City via the scenic fishing Citadel and Emperor Tu Ducs village of Lang Co and a visit to Duration: 8 days / 7 nights Mausoleum. Overnight in Hue the Cham Museum. The days Overview: Hue - DMZ - Hoi An adventure concludes with a Day 2. Hue drive to Hoi An where the rest Best known for their historical monuments, ancient relics and fine examples of local Today, begin your exploration of of the day is at leisure. culture, the central coast Vietnamese cities of Hue and Hoi An are both recognized as Hue with a visit to the Imperial Overnight at Hoi An UNESCO World Heritage sites. Many of these areas are surprisingly still intact and trips Citadel, where the Nguyen to both cities hold promise for great times and memories. Dynasty ruled between 1802 Day 4. Hoi An and 1945. Take a cyclo tour of View and experience rural the Old City to Tinh Tam Lake, Vietnamese first hand today a favorite spot to unwind for by spending some time with a the Emperors. After lunch at local farming family who will one of Hues most renowned tell you about their daily restaurants, visit Khai Dinhs lifestyle. After breakfast take a Tomb, combining Vietnamese cycle tour of the local farm and European touches. At the region of Tra Que village end of the tour visit the where you will have the recently restored An Dinh opportunity to partake in Palace where magnificent some of the daily gardening murals can be seen, as well as activities of the village. Ride the stunning façade where back to Hoi An and enjoy a oriental and European designs leisurely orientation tour of are integrated. This evening the towns wooden fronted youll dine at a beautiful garden houses by foot before house, locally known as nha enjoying the evening at vuon, a magical setting for leisure. Overnight at Hoi An dinner. Overnight in Hue Day 5. Hoi An depart Day 3. Hue - Hoi An Your tour concludes today Sightseers will surely appreciate with a transfer to Da Nang this day which includes a stop airport for your onward at the 500-year-old village of journey Phuoc Tich offering a taste of42