Why Orthopedic Shoes are Worth the Investment


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Why Orthopedic Shoes are Worth the Investment

  1. 1. Investing in Custom Orthotics For Better Overall Health  While orthotics can be an expensive purchase, the benefits of orthotics make them a valuable investment that can prevent costly medical complications in the future. People who are especially active or work on their feet enjoy the most relief from orthotics. These shoe inserts can also help people who have diabetes or arthritis.
  2. 2. Enjoy Pain Relief When Wearing Custom Orthotics  The most prominent benefit of orthotics is that they can relieve pain associated with the feet, knees and back. Regular use of orthotics is particularly helpful for people who spend a lot of time on their feet throughout the course of a day. People who stand during the entire workday can prevent pain and injury by wearing orthotics to work.
  3. 3. Prevent Foot Injury During Physical Activity  Athletes may wear orthotics to provide support and increase flexibility when they are training. Custom orthotics are beneficial because they are designed to fit a particular individual's foot. People who wear orthotics during sports and other physical activities can improve the alignment of their spine to increase performance.
  4. 4. Prevent Foot Injury During Physical Activity  Foot problems that may lead to an inability to participate in certain physical activities can often be corrected through the use of orthotics. For example, people who have high arches in their feet run the risk of injury when engaging in physical activity that involves repetitive motion. Runners with high arches are often at risk of damaging tendons in their ankles and having to take time off from running to rest unless they use shoes that have been fitted with custom orthotics.
  5. 5. Improve Quality of Life Through Increased Range of Motion  As mentioned above, orthotics can be used to correct problems related to the foot that affect a person's ability to move their feet. Problems with arches or other areas of the foot often lead to limited range of motion. Some people are forced to limit their time spent walking because of the damage that is done to their feet due to problem areas like arches. Orthotics work to correct these issues to allow wearers to enjoy activities that they may otherwise be forced to avoid.
  6. 6. Orthotics For People With Diabetes  One of the complications associated with diabetes is nerve damage that can occur in the feet. Severe damage starts to cause a loss of sensation for people who suffer from diabetes, and it is not uncommon for diabetics to have trouble distinguishing feelings of cold, heat and pain in their feet. Orthotics help regulate circulation and movement to reduce nerve damage.
  7. 7. Orthotics For People With Arthritis  Arthritis causes painful damage to joints throughout the body. People who experience arthritis in their feet may find that they have a limited range of motion because of joint damage and pain. Orthotics take pressure off of certain areas of the foot to provide better support and relieve pain for people who suffer from arthritis.
  8. 8. Conclusion  Orthotics are a worthwhile investment that can lead to improved health. Pain reduction and an increased range of motion are two important benefits of orthotics.
  9. 9. For More Information  For more information on custom orthotics visit  If you live in the Toronto area and are think Orthopedics are right for you contact Foot sensation. http://www.footsensation.ca/