Efreelancefair Wirral Liverpool


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Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair 14th Oct - how to win more freelance work and how businesses can increase sales, find freelance resource and gain specialist flexible freelance help

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Efreelancefair Wirral Liverpool

  1. 1. DIGITAL CREATIVE MARKETING MEDIA Brookson Enterprise Enterprise Freelance Fair Freelance Fair GROWTH AND INNOVATION BY CONNECTING FREELANCE TALENT WITH ENTERPRISE Does your business need something... extra? ©2010 MediaModo LLP
  2. 2. ... are you looking for growth, new clients, fresh creative ideas or more sales? Or... a step up to the next level ! SPONSORED BY: ©2010 MediaModo LLP
  3. 3. But... how do you find the right person to help? SPONSORED BY: ©2010 MediaModo LLP
  4. 4. DIGITAL CREATIVE MARKETING MEDIA @ Brookson Enterprise Freelance Fair GROWTH AND INNOVATION BY CONNECTING FREELANCE TALENT WITH ENTERPRISE we will introduce you to talented local freelancers who understand what you need SPONSORED BY: ©2010 MediaModo LLP
  5. 5. Okay.... let's meet I'm looking for more I need media sales freelancers I want more clients I need I need help creative to grow ideas Start up Media Freelancer Agency Marketing SPONSORED BY: ©2010 MediaModo LLP
  6. 6. ...what do I get at the Enterprise Freelance Fair? How freelancers can pitch themselves Unique workshop and matching system to more effectively introduce you to 5 selected people A workshop by John Brazier, PCG Managing Director. We’ll help you meet 5 selected people ( tell us who you are and what you want to achieve - we’ll match you up). Keeping your finances in order as a freelancer Open Networking Take home more income and stay safe with the HMRC. Network with delegates for the rest of the morning. Guidance from Andrew Webster, Brookson. How enterprise can win with freelancers Gain competitive advantage by working with freelancers. A workshop by Media Entrepreneur, Neil Lewis. SPONSORED BY: ©2010 MediaModo LLP
  7. 7. ...how can I meet the right people at the Enterprise Freelance Fair? Registration Profile Money Surgery To ensure you meet the right people (and the right people meet Meet experts from specialist accountant Brookson for you) we will ask you to answer a few short questions when advice and help on money and accounting issues. you register. Open Networking Business matching Feel free to network and meet with any of the other We will use your answers to match you with 5 key people delegates during the remainder of the event. relevant to your business SPONSORED BY: ©2010 MediaModo LLP
  8. 8. ...whats the agenda at the Enterprise Freelance Fair? 9.00 to 9.40 Workshop 11.00 to 12.30 Managed Introductions How to develop your Freelance Pitch. Using your profile information we will match you with 5 key John Brazier, MD PCG people relevant to your business. 9.40 to 10.10 Money Surgery Open Networking 12.30 to 1.00 How to run your accounts to maximise your take home pay Feel free to network and meet with any of the other and stay safe with HMRC delegates, bring enough business cards. Andrew Webster, Brookson Accountancy and Support Services 10.10 to 10.40 Workshop How enterprises can win with freelancers and how freelancers can deliver success Neil Lewis, Media Entrepeneur SPONSORED BY: ©2010 MediaModo LLP
  9. 9. When,where and how? Call 0161 408 2044 if you need help or want to ask a question Thursday Egerton House, Click HERE for 14th October 2 Tower Road, a booking form Birkenhead, 9.00 am to Wirral, CH41 1FN please don’t delay, 1.00 pm places are strictly limited When What Time How Where SPONSORED BY: ©2010 MediaModo LLP
  10. 10. ...how much does it cost and what are my guarantees? Tickets cost less than £30 and could be the best money and morning you’ve APPLY ever spent… APPLY FOR YOUR TICKETS NOW HERE Here’s your guarantee If you don’t meet at least 3 valuable freelance contacts that can help your business or find 3 potential new clients, then we’ll work with you until you do after the event, or refund your money. SPONSORED BY: ©2010 MediaModo LLP
  11. 11. sponsored by Start up Agency Media Freelancer Marketing SPONSORED BY: ©2010 MediaModo LLP