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问:你在之前的专栏文章中说,如果不做许多技术维护工作,Windows XP 电脑的运行速
registry, and clean out temporary files, but my PC is still slow.

A: All of these things are helpful, though I don't reco...
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  1. 1. 专栏作家莫博士就有关电脑和其他电子设备的常见技术问题答读者问。 问:你在之前的专栏文章中说,如果不做许多技术维护工作,Windows XP 电脑的运行速 度会越来越慢。你指的是什么?我会定期整理磁盘碎片、打扫注册表,清理临时文件, 但我的电脑仍然很慢。 答: 所有这些做法都会有帮助,不过我不建议普通用户“打扫”Windows 注册表,因为注册表中 含有重要的程序信息,如果你对所做的不太了解,这些信息可能会 被错误删除或修改。另一个 提高速度的办法是使用 Startup Cop Pro (等程序阻止在开机时运行不需要的软 件,或是 PC Decrapifier (等程序清理掉不想要的预装程序。 不过,我在写上述内容时想到的做法更激进,我知道不少高手每年都 会这样做:完全更换 Windows 系统。这要首先备份所有文件,然后对 Windows XP 进行所谓的“全新安装”,即删除 电脑上的所有文件,重新安装新操作系统。然后将所有数据文件复制回来,并重新安装应用程 序。 这可以让 电脑像新的一样,但问题是,对普通用户而言它可能会非常需要技术,也很繁琐。根 据您正在使用的不同版本 Windows XP 进行全新安装,您可能必须找到并重新安装驱动程序的 硬件和外设的硬件特点,您的特定品牌和型号的电脑。根据你要进行全新安装的 Windows XP 版本,你可能需要查找和重新安装外设驱动程序,以及你专门设定的硬件功能和电脑型号。你 重新安装的软件可能会遇到授权和激活问题。你也可能需要下载大 量补丁,升级 Windows 操作 系统和应用程序。 问:我正考虑买一台新的 MacBook Pro 15'笔记本电脑。你觉得这种笔记本电脑的键盘怎 么样?相对于其它笔记本电脑的键盘是否容易打字?你觉得光面显示屏怎么样? 答: 因为对键盘和显示屏的喜好因人而异,我强烈建议所有笔记本电脑买家在购买前试用一下 他们考虑购买的型号,哪怕只在零售店试用几分钟。说到这里,我觉得 MacBook Pro 键盘非常 舒适,易于使用,具有良好的键盘间距和手感。相对于光面显示屏,我个人更喜欢亚光显示 屏,但这两种显示屏的笔记本电脑我都有,而且发现光面 显示屏即使不算最佳选择的话,起码 也是可以接受的。 问:我使用的是 Vista 附带的 Windows Mail 程序。你曾说过 Windows 7 将不会附带这个程 序。那是否会安装类似的软件? 答:微软(Microsoft)将鼓励人们下载一个叫做 Windows Live Mail 的类似的免费程序,这个程序 与其 Live 在线服务密切联系在一起。或者,你可以改用其它电子邮件程序,或使用基于 Web 的 电子邮件。 Walter Mossberg (编者按:本文作者 Walter S. Mossberg 是《华尔街日报》科技栏目 Personal Technology,Mossberg's Mailbox 等栏目的专栏作家。这些栏目主要介绍一些最新的消费类科技 产品和解决方案,并解答读者提出的问题。) [Technology columnist Walter S. Mossberg answers readers' questions] Q: In last week's Mailbox, you said that Windows XP machines can slow down over time unless you do 'a lot of techie maintenance.' What did you mean? I regularly defragment the hard disk, tweak the
  2. 2. registry, and clean out temporary files, but my PC is still slow. A: All of these things are helpful, though I don't recommend that nontechie users 'tweak' the Windows registry, which contains vital program information that can mistakenly be removed or altered if you don't know what you're doing. Another speed-enhancing tactic is to use a program like Startup Cop Pro ( to prevent unneeded programs from running at startup, and one like PC Decrapifier ( to clean out craplets -- unwanted pre-installed programs. However, what I had in mind when I wrote that was something more drastic, something a number of techies I know do annually: a complete replacement of Windows. This involves first backing up all your files, and then performing what's called a 'clean install' of Windows XP that wipes out everything on the PC and starts fresh. You then would copy back all your data files and re-install your programs. This can make the computer feel like new, but the problem is that it can be tricky and tedious for nontechie users. Depending on the source of the copy of Windows XP you are using for the clean install, you may have to locate and re-install drivers for peripheral hardware and for hardware features of your particular make and model of PC. You may run into licensing and activation issues with your re-installed programs. And you may have to download numerous patches and upgrades for Windows itself and for your programs. Q: I am considering buying one of the new MacBook Pro 15' laptops. What do you think of the keyboard on this laptop? Is it easy to type on compared to other laptop keyboards? What do you think of the shiny screen? A: Because keyboard and screen preferences vary from person to person, I strongly urge all laptop shoppers to try out models they are considering before buying, even if only for a few minutes at a retail store. Having said that, I find the MacBook Pro keyboard to be very comfortable and easy to use, with good key spacing and feel. I personally prefer matte screens to glossy ones, but own laptops with both types and find the glossy ones acceptable, if not optimal. Q: I use the Windows Mail program that came with Vista on my computer. You say Windows 7 won't come with that program. Is there something similar that can be installed? A: Microsoft will encourage people to download a similar free program called Windows Live Mail, which is closely tied to its Live online service. Or, you could switch to a competing email program, or rely on Web-based email.