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Web Dyanamics Sag Bus Dev 8 2 10


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Web Dyanamics Sag Bus Dev 8 2 10

  1. 1. Web Marketing Dynamics Greg Grosser Principal, Sagacious Bus Dev
  2. 2. General Trends in Marketing How Clients Find and Trust You Yesterday Today • Television • E-Mail marketing • Radio • Self-initiated online research – Internet WEB Search • Newspapers – Trusted sites • Direct Mail • Social proof • Door to door Flyers – Ranking on Engines (SEO) • MLM • Social Media • Yellow Pages – Facebook – Twitter • Auto Dialers – WordPress Blogs
  3. 3. Democratization of Commerce The transition from an economically hierarchical environment, to one whose entrepreneurial participants have the same access to branding reach as larger competitors…driven by technological and cultural evolution
  4. 4. Democratization WEb Trends Pushing Social Interaction Trending: Blog: fully interactive and social, two-way communication SEO Active: Authority or Expert site, searchable with some interaction Passive: Portal for information, kept up to date Legacy: Static Web Site acting merely as an address
  5. 5. Democratization Web Trends • Relationship Marketing – Blogging: building a community • WordPress and SEO, become your own webmaster in large measure • Facebook as a blogging methodology • Twitter microblogging • Video – Youtube, Vimeo • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn • Mobile – Apple, BBY, Android, et al
  6. 6. Democratization Upshot • Blogging – Loose definition: Marketing diary for your business – Creating content and generating touches is critical – Interacting with “Likers” is also critical • Video – Try to overcome the intimidation, at a minimum do voiceovers – Creating scripts, images and storyboards can be time consuming • Social Media – Facebook is currently king—see blogging & video above • Mobile – Coming attractions, Android Vs Apple shootouts
  7. 7. A Basic Formula Part 1 • Create a Twitter account • Create a WordPress (WP) blog/website • Create a Facebook (FB) Page • Create a Youtube/Vimeo account & build a video library • Use your video library as content to feed both your blogging activity • Create an e-mail backup (Mail Chimp, etc) • Integrate it all via social media aggregator (Hootsuite?) Now the real work begins…
  8. 8. Special Notes on Basic Formula • Emphasis on Video—the emerging hot content – SD, HD, (3D?)…the quality bar continues to rise – Heading toward a dominant place in blogging – Develop a library of short videos—make it a blogging mainstay – Keep the videos informative not salesy, with short promos at the end • Keep an Eye on Mobile – The social media arena is headed in this direction, think more video – Be thinking about mobile viewership…but keep your powder dry for now until mobile matures a bit more
  9. 9. A Basic Formula Part 2 • Choose a communication frequency for each element • Be consistent with your interactions • Build your FB “Liker” community • Build your blogging community • Create and post interesting content and video • Create and post ads and events (rule of thumb= 1 in 10 posts are promo related) You are on your way!
  10. 10. Basic formula graphic •Initiate all blog posts •Have welcome sub-Page from a single entry point: and 1-click matrix page to integrate with Facebook point back to WordPress Page-Wall-posts, plus Blog. Solicit bolg and e- solicit e-mail sign-ups mail sign-ups WordPress Facebook Blog Page E-mail list Youtube or and Vimeo repository •Maintain e-mail •Video launching account addresses and launch e- for welcome video and mail blasts (solicit any others you wish to Facebook Page and blog share on blog posts sign-ups) (solicit sign-ups for FB, Blog, and e-mail)
  11. 11. If It Seems Daunting—Get Help • Choose the parts you want to do yourself • Outsource the others • Stay close to your outsourced projects • Make sure you select outsourcing resources for the mid-to-long term (they are your de facto business partners and relationships here DO matter)
  12. 12. Sagacious Products/Services • Still Photography • FBML Facebook Page creation • Complete video, movie short, with welcome video and still or infomercial productions image creation as required • Custom composed royalty free • Youtube integration & support music for video backgrounds as required • Final Cut video editing services • E-mail blast service set up and • Video script writing, ad creation as required storyboarding/directing • Blogging services • WordPress site creation and • Complete web marketing training, including managing outsourcing packages domain acquisition and • Fan (Page “Liker”) acquisition hosting services services for Facebook
  13. 13. Thank You Greg Grosser Principal, Sagacious Bus Dev (913) 254-0964