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Total Loyalty Solutions for Restaurants

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Total Loyalty Brochure

  1. 1. Table Of Contents 3 All Your Needs Success Stories Marketing Plan 6 Dine-In Menus Take-Out Menus Menu On Demand Direct Mail Printed Promotional Items Online Ordering 16 Email Program Email On Demand Reward/Gift Card Program 24 Custom Web Design Hosting Domain Name Purchase Search Engine Optimization Internet Marketing Template Web Design 30 Annual Marketing Plan Revenue Analysis ©2009 Total Loyalty Solutions®. This catalog is the property of Total Loyalty Solutions®. Reproducing and/or using any of its contents is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this document in whole or part, or any other unauthorized use without the express permission of Total Loyalty Solutions® is prohibited by and will constitute a violation of the copyright and trademark laws of the United States and other countries. All materials copyrighted. 2 1-877-509-7070 |
  2. 2. All Your Needs We specialize in success! With countless marketing opportunities we ARE your one-stop shop for all your advertising needs, providing the most powerful tools in professional marketing under one roof. Total Loyalty Solutions (TLS) is comprised of: The Menu Co.: delicious-looking, full-color dine-in and take-out menus The Loyal Customer Club: customer-retention email program Clipper Web Development: web-design service Whether you are a restaurant, retail shop or specialty service provider, we have the tools and services that will produce a positive impact on your image and business success. © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 3
  3. 3. Success Stories “The Loyal Customer Club began providing email marketing for Fuddruckers in October 2007. A little over a year later what began as a modest fanbase has grown to more than 146,000 members with the Fudds Club membership continuing to grow daily. We feel that with The Loyal Customer Club’s help, we have not only targeted our most loyal of guests, but have reached an untapped market who have since become Fudds Club members and dedicated Fudds fans.” Fuddruckers Austin, TX “The emails we send through the Loyal Customer Club have helped increase our customer base, spur repeat traffic and bring customers through the front door during the times that used to be our “slow times.” We’ve been able to advertise special events, offer limited- time promotions and even introduce the opening of a Left-right; Dine-in menu, Loyal Customer Club email second restaurant. Our club members love the birthday and anniversary coupons we send them, too!” TW & Friends Howell, MI Great for a multi-unit “I have been in the restaurant business for many years & franchises and thought my business had reached its full potential until I called upon The Menu Company. With a newly We have the skills and tools to handle redesigned menu and a custom direct-mail campaign, big business. Whether you are a part my business has increased by 20%. Impressed with what of a franchise or a corporation, we can The Menu Company had done, I happily signed up offer you limitless possibilities at a for the Loyal Customer Club. I was amazed by another very competitive price. increase in sales. Thanks to the wonderful people at The Menu Company and the Loyal Customer Club, I have reintroduced my restaurant to many new and existing customers.” Café Antonio Morrisville, PA 4 1-877-509-7070 |
  4. 4. Marketing Plan The cost of not updating your marketing According to the National Restaurant Association, the annual food and labor inflation rate is 4.5%. This rate has a huge effect on not only large restaurants as shown below, but small restaurants as well. It is important to take into consideration when adjusting for the high costs of food and gas to adjust for the inflation as well. A restaurant that does not regularly update its food prices is losing potential profits. The cost of creating and printing new menus is small when compared to the profit lost for not adjusting prices. We know the impact of inflation on a restaurant’s bottom line $ Volume Per Week Annual Food & Annual Lost Profits Average Cost 100 Labor Inflation New Dine-in Menus $10,000 4.5% $23,400 $1,700 $15,000 4.5% $35,100 $1,700 $25,000 4.5% $58,500 $1,700 $50,000 4.5% $117,000 $1,700 $75,000 4.5% $175,500 $1,700 * Food & Labor Inflation Rate as Identified by The National Restaurant Association for 2008. Take advantage of our FREE Menu & Marketing Revenue Analysis © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 see page 31 5
  5. 5. 1-888-963-6826 6 1-877-509-7070 |
  6. 6. Dine-in and take-out menu samples The menu is the most underrated, yet most important tool in the restaurant industry. It is the first thing your customers look at when choosing Specialties take-out, or when they dine in and order. You want the best for your business, and your menu should speak volumes. Why Dine-In Menu not have the best possible menu? With the right mix of menu Take-Out Menu design and engineering, you can increase your sales and profits Menu On Demand by attracting new customers, increase the frequency of return customers’ visits, all while retaining your existing customers and Direct Mail encouraging them to spend more. Printed Promotional Items We have the best recipe in the industry to make Online Ordering YOUR menu a success. © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 7
  7. 7. Dine-In Café covers Standard binding colors: burgundy, black or green Call for custom sizes, views and colors 8.5 x 11" 4 View 8.5 x 11" 6 View 8.5 x 11" 8 View 8.5 x 14" 4 View 8.5 x 14" 6 View 8.5 x 14" 8 View Café cover dine-in menu Call for your personalized quote! Dine-in perfection The Menu Company takes pride in designing some of the most professional menus in the industry. We design to brand your restaurant and showcase its most profitable items. Our full-color, dine-in menus can be either laminated or bound in a variety of classic or custom menu covers. Coordinate your menu covers to brand your restaurant effectively with the same high-quality product and design of our dine-in menus, crafted specifically to highlight these special items: wine lists, bar menus, dessert menus, express menus (quick-prep and early bird menus) and kids’ menus. The basics • Standard Options: choose from our laminated or menu book • Countless menu cover styles • Other styles of menu books available • No minimum print quantity on standard options • 25 minimum on style options • All standard sizes available • 80# gloss card stock • Setup charges starting at $125 8 1-877-509-7070 |
  8. 8. Laminated or synthetic All Synthetic menus are 14mil Call for custom sizes and views 8 x 11.5" 4 View - 5mil laminate 8 x 11.5" 8 View - 5mil laminate, staple bound 8.5 x 14" 2 View Flat - 10mil laminate 5.75 x 15" 4 View - 5mil laminate 5.75 x 15" 8 View - 5mil laminate, staple bound 11.5 x 17" 6 View 3 Fold - 3mil laminate 11.5 x 17" 2 View Flat - 10mil laminate Call for your Laminated dine-in menu personalized quote! Spiral bound laminated or synthetic Spiral bind is black unless specified All Synthetic menus are 14mil All Laminated menus are 10mil Call for custom sizes and views 8 x 11.5" 4 View 5.75 x 15" 4 View 8 x 11.5" 6 View 5.75 x 15" 6 View 8 x 11.5" 8 View 5.75 x 15" 8 View 8 x 15" 4 View 6 x 11" 4 View 8 x 15" 6 View 6 x 11" 6 View 8 x 15" 8 View 6 x 11" 8 View Spiral bound dine-in menu Call for your personalized quote! © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 9
  9. 9. Take-Out Take-out menu samples Take-out…is taking off The Menu Company is revolutionizing the take-out menu! Our menu designs will create the best image possible for your restaurant. Printed in full color on high-quality 80lb gloss paper, your menu will be one-of-a-kind! As low as 8¢ per menu! Price includes: Menu design, typesetting, three (3) proof revisions and printing. The best dining and food graphics available for your design. Quantity 8.5 x 11" 10.5 x 17" 10.5 x 22" 5,000 $1,150 $1,350 $1,550 10,000 $1,450 $1,650 $2,050 25,000 $1,650 $2,100 $2,550 50,000 $2,250 $3,200 $3,850 100,000 $3,450 $5,050 $6,050 Above Prices Reflect A Single Menu Version. Printed full color, 80# gloss paper. 10 1-877-509-7070 |
  10. 10. Menu On Demand Welcome to the future of restaurant menus… Our MENU ON DEMAND online site is dedicated to providing you the most professional Take-Out and Dine-In menus in the industry. Our easy-to-use interface allows anyone to design and order menus online, 24/7, from the comfort of your home. Choose from our unlimited library of menus and images to create the best (i.e., most attention- grabbing) menu possible. Also, we can use YOUR logo and typeset for your menu. With our competitive prices, you won’t get a low-quality laser printed menu, but an exceptional, high quality, professionally printed menu that is certain to impress your customers. Menu On Demand home page Separate yourself from your competition with one of the finest menus on the market. Menu on demand: take-out pricing Quantity 8.5 x 11" 10.5 x 17" 10.5 x 22" 5,000 $900 $1,100 $1,300 10,000 $1,200 $1,400 $1,800 25,000 $1,400 $1,850 $2,300 50,000 $2,000 $2,950 $3,600 100,000 $3,200 $4,800 $5,800 Menu On Demand sample Dine-in menu pricing available, call for details. © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 11
  11. 11. Direct Mail Take-out menu postal side samples The power of direct mail for as low as 27¢ per piece plus cost of printing material Enjoy the following: flexible mail dates, customer service representative to assist and remind you of your inventory, radius mapping of distribution, list rental of homes, apartments and businesses (CRT. occupant list), ink-jetting menus, postage, use of our permit, storage for 90 days, and insurance for storage. NOT INCLUDED: Due to high insurance, space rental cost, and an overwhelming inventory, we cannot store menus longer than 90 days without any mailings. Any menus that are requested from inventory require a shipping and storage charge. Once shipping and storage charges are paid, menus will be released. Also offering solo custom postcards fully customized plus cost of postage 4 x 6" 5,000..............$395 10,000............$595 6 x 8" 5,000..............$595 10,000............$969 6 x 11" 5,000..............$795 10,000.........$1,475 12 pt. coated stock, one side. Full-color front/black and white back. Shipping additional. Design charges regularly $195 per postcard. Postage not included in the above postcard printing prices. 12 1-877-509-7070 |
  12. 12. Printed Promotional Items Left-right; Door hanger, custom placemat, table tent and business card. Business card magnets as low as 11¢ each Leave a lasting impression Additional items 2 x 3.5" high-gloss, full-color format magnet: overlaid on a full-sized, 2 x 3.5" Total Loyalty Solutions can imprint 1,000 minimum print quantity; setup charge $65 (waived with menu purchase) or emboss your logo on almost anything you can envision. Door hangers as low as 12¢ each Some products include: 4.25 x 11", 100 lb. gloss cover, full-color format • Placemats • Mugs (additional sizes available) • Table Tents • Door Hangers 1,000 minimum print quantity; setup charge $65 (waived with menu purchase) • Logo Creation • Scratch Cards • Napkins • Pens Oversized promotional magnets • Matchbooks • Apparel as low as 20¢ each • Stationery Kits • Notepads An enduring advertising medium for any type of business. Can be designed with calendars, coupons, etc. • Reservation Books The possibilities are endless! • Paper Napkin Holders 4 x 10", 80 lb. KromeKote®, full-color format (with perforations) Call for quotes! 1-888-963-6826 2,500 minimum print quantity; setup charge $65 (waived with menu purchase) 13
  13. 13. Online Ordering Maximize revenue by dramatically increasing online take-out, delivery, curbside pickup, and catering orders. Your menu can be placed in our partner network to increase your restaurant’s visibility and produce new revenue for your business. 14 1-877-509-7070 |
  14. 14. Be part of our online community, where millions of hungry customers are shopping for their next meal through The Menu Company and its affiliate partner network. • Orders can be sent directly to your fax machine, e-mail and/or text message to your mobile phone • Eliminate mistakes caused by inefficient and inaccurate phone orders • Increase customer loyalty and generate larger and more frequent orders • Eliminate the risk of no-shows with online payment • Free up staff to focus on in-house customers • Completely secure transactions • Offer your customers a convenient, easy way to order and pay online • Valuable feedback surveys from customers Online orders average out to be 23% higher than your average phone-in order. One time programming and setup fee of $199 © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 15
  15. 15. 1-866-509-0022 16 1-877-509-7070 |
  16. 16. Email samples 80% of your business will come from 20% of your loyal clientele, and that 20% spends 18% more on average than your casual customers! Why not reward them with the Loyal Customer Club, a full service email marketing provider? Expertise Give your customers VIP status by offering Email Program information on special events, coupons and news, all distributed through the power of Email On Demand permission based email. Reward/Gift Card Program We create strong, effective emails for you to send to your loyal customers; organize and maintain your email database; provide you with monthly reports gauging the effectiveness of each email message; and give you a great return on investment for your marketing dollars. © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 17
  17. 17. Email Program Email samples Start-up kit includes… • A collection box and cards customized with your look and logo. • Postage-paid envelopes to return the completed sign up cards. • Data entry of your completed sign-up card. • A trained Client Solutions Coordinator (CSC) who is assigned to your account. • High-quality designs and distribution of your email and coupons. • HTML coding for your webmaster, providing for an online sign-up page. Customers can join your loyalty email marketing program directly from your website. Obtain subscriber names, email addresses, and even birthday and anniversary dates. Data is automatically added to your client database. Ongoing support • A CSC contacts you each month to assist with the email creation and posting. • Maintaining your database as it grows. • Reports measuring email advertising’s effectiveness. • Replenish postage-paid envelopes and sign-up cards upon request. Sign-up cards and collection box 18 1-877-509-7070 |
  18. 18. Full service program Program Pricing* & Sends Criteria Our template program consists of the selection of one Template $99/month* email chosen from our themed monthly designs from 1 monthly send our extensive and constantly updated template library. Our Custom Program consists of the creation of one Custom $129/month* custom monthly email, designed around your current 1 monthly send branding, in addition to access to our template library. If your needs require sending more than your program Extra Emails $79 custom allows, you can send extra emails at a discounted price. $50 template Please discuss your needs with your sales rep for more details. Automated reminder email add-on packages Program Pricing* Criteria $10 ea. per month Welcome A special add-on email custom designed to help welcome your best customers to your loyalty program. Every new member receives an auto-generated email thanking them for joining your email program. Birthday Celebrate your customers’ birthdays by offering them exclusive savings on their special days Anniversary Celebrate your customers’ anniversaries by offering them exclusive savings on their memorable occasion * One-time activation fee per location (non-refundable) $100. © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 19
  19. 19. Email On Demand Loyal Customer Club is paving the way of future email marketing...EMAIL ON DEMAND! Our new online application is dedicated to providing you the most professional do-it-yourself emails in the industry. Create and send emails at your convenience - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! - through our convenient, user-friendly system. We create custom email templates for your business, letting YOU send the coupon offers, information and news you want to share with your loyal customers - when you want to share it! There’s no better, more economical way to stay in touch with your best customers. Email On Demand home page Customized do-it-yourself email marketing program $79 /month Unlimited emails including 5000 email address sends/month. Additional charge for each additional 5000 purchased. Automated reminder email add-on packages Program Pricing* Criteria $10 ea. per month Welcome A special add-on email custom designed to help welcome your best customers to your loyalty program. Every new member receives an auto-generated email thanking them for joining your email program. Celebrate your customers’ birthdays by offering them Birthday exclusive savings on their special days Anniversary Celebrate your customers’ anniversaries by offering them exclusive savings on their memorable occasion * One-time activation fee per location (non-refundable) $100. 20 1-877-509-7070 |
  20. 20. Keeping in touch with your loyal customers has never been easier… © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 21
  21. 21. Rewards/Gift Card Program Loyalty Rewards cards/gift cards Rewards program Increase your consumer loyalty with a card-based retention program! The Loyalty Rewards Card (that doubles as a gift card) rewards your repeat customers with coupons and special announcements delivered via email. Typically promoted through sign-up cards, the newly introduced Rewards Cards bring the program to the next level. Cards are swiped with a card reader machine at the point of sale and your customer is rewarded for each purchase. More than 80% of marketers send targeted email campaigns. Datran Media, “Marketing & Media Survey” (2008). Our electronic marketing programs • Countless ways to tailor your rewards plan for maximum response. • Increases your customer database. • Identifies your top customers by spending levels. • Lets you reward them based on purchase behavior. • Generates monthly emails to your customers. • Notifies customers by email upon earning a reward. • Includes gift card application on same card. • Exclusive fundraising models to build community marketing campaigns available. USB swiper, card reader terminal 22 1-877-509-7070 |
  22. 22. Loyalty Rewards cards/gift cards Program Pricing Criteria Gift Card $49/month Unlimited transactions Gift & Rewards $99/month Unlimited transactions Gift & Rewards $179/month Unlimited emails with a maximum of 5,000 email w/Email On Demand address sends per month Gift & Rewards $199/month Up to five (5) Not for Profit (NFP) Tracking accounts included. w/ Fundraising Module Additional NFPs billed at $10/month per location. Gift & Rewards $259/month Unlimited emails with a maximum of 5,000 email address w/ Fundraising Module sends per month. Up to five (5) Not for Profit (NFP) and Email Tracking accounts included. Additional NFPs billed at $10/month per location. Cards and terminals additional cost. Call for pricing. PACKAGE PRICING AVAILABLE Call Today 1-877-509-7070 © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 23
  23. 23. 1-888-569-5100 24 1-877-509-7070 |
  24. 24. Website samples Experienced in serving rapidly growing, sales-driven businesses. Clipper Web Development excels at staying on the cutting edge of its profession. We’re continuously training our designers, Capabilities expanding their expertise, and ensuring they are always up Custom Web Design on the latest industry standards. While invariably delivering dynamically driven content and visual appeal, our sites feature Hosting elegant, intuitive designs for a smoother operation. We take Domain Name Purchase pride in being able to seamlessly integrate our website design with your marketing and advertising strategy. Search Engine Optimization Best of all, our Web Department adheres to Internet Marketing our umbrella philosophy of offering more Template Web Design for a lower price than the competition. © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 25
  25. 25. Custom Web Design Custom web design as low as $2,500 We start by educating ourselves about you and your business to better understand the goals you wish to accomplish with your website. Then, working alongside you, our talented designers make your vision a reality in graphic form. Once the design is concrete, our developers execute building the foundations, data systems and front- end application of your site. The result is a website that will engage your visitors with a simple, elegant design, visual appeal, and cutting-edge functionality, culminating in a high level of satisfaction for you and your customers. Identify and Branding • Web Design • Flash Animation Search Engine Optimization • Content Management Systems E-Commerce • Newsletters • Internet Marketing 26 1-877-509-7070 |
  26. 26. Hosting/Domain Name Custom designed website samples Hosting as low as $19.95 per month Web Hosting Plans - Affordable, secure web hosting with 99% uptime. Windows- based servers with ASP, PHP and Coldfusion options installed. Microsoft SQL Server and mySQL available at no additional charge. Domain name purchase as low as $9.99 per year No Hidden Fees - Maintenance fees only charged on work rendered, upon your request. All substantial website updates will be quoted prior to any work being completed, so you know what you’re paying up front. We make planning your advertising budget easy. Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing available. Call today for details. © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 27
  27. 27. Template Web Design Template web design as low as $1,299 Clipper Web Development is pleased to offer complete website development and hosting services at reasonable prices. Our Standard Service includes everything you need to establish a vibrant and dynamic website, complete with unlimited pages, and free email accounts while allowing you the opportunity to make changes to your own site at any time. 28 1-877-509-7070 |
  28. 28. Template website samples Service encompasses all stages of development, including: • Initial member contact • Consultation/Q&A sessions with the design team • DNS/IIS setup • Email account setup of your five (5) free accounts • Site development - business logo web optimization - ad copy and menu integration - assistance with creation of up to 10 unique pages - one supplied image per page (color correct, crop, resize) • Final approval/taking site “live” • Domain name purchasing available for an additional fee. © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 29
  29. 29. Annual Marketing Plan TLS has staying power Sample of potential yearly marketing plan Whether it is next month, next year or five years from now, we will be here to serve you. TLS offers many avenues for your advertising and marketing enterprises – from direct-mail coupon and advertising magazines to intensive graphic designs and media services. u en M ing ® m™ ter ing zine co nu Ca et n ga er. ing e ut / ar k sig a pp t M M De rd s rM cli Lis e- in e- O ail a pe on Ad in k eb ew ip up D Ta Em W R Cl co RL & U JAN x x x x x SOLO FEB x MAIL x x x x MAR x x x x MENU APR x INSERT x MAY x x x x JUN x x x x JULY x x x x SOLO AUG x MAIL x x x x SEPT x x x x OCT x x x x MENU NOV x x INSERT x DEC x x x x 30 1-877-509-7070 |
  30. 30. Revenue Analysis Take a Free Marketing & Menu Analysis At What ROI can you anticipate? Sample of potential revenue impact Dine-in menu impacts Email marketing impact New dine-in menu impact $76,800.00 Monthly mailings $75,600.00 5¢ to 9¢ pricing impact $14,262.86 Take-out menu impact Rewards programs Internal Marketing $96,000.00 Increase casual diners average $120,000.00 External direct mail $42,000.00 by 1 time per month Online ordering impact Market average $96,000.00 Revenue Impacts $520,662.86 © Total Loyalty Solutions 2009 31
  31. 31. 1-877-509-7070 | All prices are subject to change without notice. Should any pricing error occur, we reserve the right to use our correct price list upon notification at the time your order is received. Information contained in this catalog is believed to be reliable but neither accuracy nor completeness is guaranteed. Not responsible for typographical errors. Terms are subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply.