Fundraisingtostudents kinsey2012 (edited)


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  • Mark. When you are ready, we can discuss how Five Stars can support the FCCLA program while assisting the local business commmunity as well. It may not be a bad idea to select a target market to test the initiatiave.
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Fundraisingtostudents kinsey2012 (edited)

  1. 1. Date, 2012Recipient NameRecipient Address Click on the map toCCLALeaderDear Recipient:As a former FCCLA member and the President-Elect of the Virginia FCCLA Alumni &Associates, it is important to me to assist youth in preparing for their roles as wage earners,family members, and community leaders. I am writing to encourage your continued support ofFamily, Career and Community Leaders of America. By fundraising or by making a donation tothe Virginia FCCLA Leadership Foundation, you are helping to ensure other students can havethe opportunities and privileges that we once experienced. A contribution of any amount wouldmake a tremendous impact on leadership opportunities for Virginia teens.By staying involved and sponsoring FCCLA, you will be supporting our organization’s activitiesproviding teens with leadership, team building, and decision making skills. When we weremembers, the donations of generous alumni allowed us to thrive in FCCLA, reach our goals, andfind the path that led to our successes today. Now you, too, can give back and make a differencefor middle and high school students by continuing the cycle.Thank you in advance for your kind consideration of this request. If you have questions, do nothesitate to contact me at or Debbie Will at debbiewillfccla@comcast.netPlease forward this to a friend so that together we can continue to promote The UltimateLeadership Experience!Sincerely, Kinsey Hall Virginia FCCLA Alumni & Associates President-Elect Virginia FCCLA Leadership Foundation Board member A financial statement for the Virginia FCCLA Leadership Foundation is available from the StateOffice of Consumer Affairs in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services upon request.P.O. Box 2968Glen Allen, Virginia 23058804.364.2529 ph 804.364.2580