Clair de Lune Restaurant Proposal


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This was a restaurant plan/proposal that was built by a high school senior and her team for a project for Virginia FCCLA Star Events Competition. This was a very detailed plan for a prospective restaurant that rivals any that I have seen.

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Clair de Lune Restaurant Proposal

  1. 1. Claire de lune proposal 2013Prepared by: Paige Drewry, Danielle Johnson, and Prime-Anthony Robinson.Le Claire De Lune CafeNew Horizons Culinary, New HorizonsNewport News, VA 23608Entrepreneurship, Southern RegionClaire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  2. 2. Table of contents:I. FCCLA planing process pageII. Business descriptionsIII. FacilityIV. Supplies and equipmentV. Organizational chartVI. Personnel ManagementVII. Funding for businessVIII. BudgetIX. Laws, codes, and regulationsX. advertising and recruitmentXI. Works cited/ BibliographyClaire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  3. 3. FCCLA Planning Process:Identify concerns: As a group, we are concerned that the residents of Laguna Beach,California, have not experienced the distinct taste of Clair De Lune Cafe.Set a Goal: Our goal is to bring as many people as possible to the Clair De Lune Cafe andhave them leave wanting more.Form a plan:who: The members of FCCLAwhat: To open our wonderful Clair De Lune Cafewhy: To provide unique French fine diningwhen: Spring 2014where: So. Coast Hwy, Long Beach, California 92651how: We will develop a thorough Business plan for Clair De Lune Cafe praying to moveforward with our plans to open in spring, 2014.Act: We will use our business plan to select a location, hire staff, get equipment, and startapplying for business loans to excel in this business.Follow Up: To improve our business, we will survey customers to evaluate any problems orrecommendations a guest will have to offer.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  4. 4. Business Description:Objective:Our objective is to provide fine dining and keen service to our customers. We want our business to providea place where people can just come and relax, whether its when they get off work, or just want a nice din-ner. Our lounge-like restaurant is suited for all ages.Mission:Clair de lune cafe is a 80 seat fine dining restaurant with a elegant yet chic bar. We focus on a fusion of French andAmerican styles of cuisines. Our restaurant will be located in the not only quaint, but breath-taking Laguna Beach,California. The outcome for the future of Laguna Beach is bright. There will be over six thousand sq. feet of commercialspace where we will house the extravagant Clair de Lune cafe. The area is in need of a cozy place with keen food andservice. Clair de lune cafe will feature an elegant dining room and a chic bar. The lounge is acquires comfortablefurnishings and a low lit bar. I will be the perfect place for stop in for a bite to eat. The menu will be inspired by a frenchfusion cuisine, and will feature daily affordable specials. We feature a variety of wines from France, California, and evenAustralia. Our business hours range from 11 am-10 pm. We are open seven days weekly. During the busy summermonths, you can also sit on our exclusive patio where we will offer you an summer sizzler menu , exotic drinks, as well asnon-alcoholic beverages for those it might interest. The service will be friendly, professional, and will cater to your everyneed. We will hire the most qualified and efficient staff possible. Our management team will be comprised of individualswhose background will be 10 years experience in the food industry. La Clair de lune is prepared to reach our goals, andset new standards for Laguna Beach.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  5. 5. Facility:Our space has three separate dining areas. One consists of a traditional table and seat arrangement where customersare seated and orders are taken table side and food is brought to them by waiters and waitresses. The second is acomfortable and relaxing lounge area with elongated booths. The third and last is our own twist on a classy bar,displaying a purple zebra print glass canopy standing over it as well as a remarkable variety of alcoholic beveragesthat everyone will adore.Emergency Procedures:Prepare for a weather emergency:Have an action plan. Have a plan in place for when a weather emergency does occur so staff members are preparedand calm. Be prepared for power outages. Be sure to have emergency lighting, flash lights and the number for theutility company available in case of a power failure.Keep emergency supplies on hand. Keep a portable radio with extra batteries, first-aid kit(s) and drinking water onhand in case of emergency situations.Designate safe areas to take cover. In cases of tornados and other natural disasters, know the safe places to takecover in your restaurant. These are typically in restrooms, basements, or in areas with no windows.Store food high off the ground. Store food inventory on shelves high enough to keep it safe from contaminated waterin case the restaurant floods.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  6. 6. What to Do in a Weather Emergency or Natural Disaster:Although much less frequent, natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes do occur and can devastateany building, including a restaurant.Flood threat:• Heed warnings and evacuate dangerous areas as soon as possible.• Advise all patrons of any severe weather warning.• In the event of a flash flood, take care of customers and employee safety first. Evacuate the building and move to higher ground when possible.• You may need to close the restaurant until you can safely return and repair any damages.After the flood:• Assess any structural damage to the restaurant.• Discard any food that is not in a watertight container, or may have come into contact with contaminated water.• Discard wooden and plastic utensils and kitchen supplies.• Sanitize metal and ceramic dishes and utensils by boiling them in clean water.• Thoroughly wash all equipment and surfaces.• You may want an inspector to clear your restaurant for reopening.Ice or snow storm threat:• Be aware of any severe weather warnings for your area, and keep an eye on weather activity outside.• Advise all patrons of any severe weather warning.• Consider closing the restaurant when road conditions, visibility, or safety are compromised.• If a power outage occurs and food cooling equipment fails, do not place perishable food out in the snow. Outside temperatures can vary, and food may be exposed to unsanitary conditions. Follow power outage guidelines when possible.Hurricane threat:• Be aware of any severe weather warnings for your area.• Take care of patron and employee safety first. Help patrons to stay calm. Advise all patrons of the severe weather warning.• Heed any evacuation recommendations from officials in the area.• Evacuate the restaurant—and your area, if necessary—in the case of a hurricane threat.• If no evacuation recommendations are provided, direct guests to stay inside the building and away from windows.After the hurricane:• Emergency response personnel can help with damage assessment.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  7. 7. • Hurricanes can cause serious flooding, so be prepared for flood damagesTornado threat:• Be aware that tornados and severe thunderstorms are a possibility.• Alert employees and patrons of the potential danger.• Monitor the situation and take further action if the tornado watch becomes a warning.When a tornado warning occurs:• Alert employees and patrons of the tornado warning.• Advise patrons to stay inside the building and seek shelter immediately in a place without windows, such as a basement, restroom, or hallway area where there is no danger of anything falling from above.• Help patrons to stay calm.Earthquake:• Earthquakes rarely offer signs before they occur. If an earthquake occurs while patrons are dining in your restaurant, advise them to seek shelter immediately. The best thing to do it drop to the floor and crawl under a table or other study fixture.• Try to find the most stable places in the restaurant away from windows and falling objects.• Stay indoors until the shaking stops, and exit when you are sure it is safe.After the earthquake:• Check yourself, your employees and your patrons for injuries.• Administer first-aid to anyone in need.• Turn off the gas if you think it may be leaking.• Listen to a radio or any emergency officials for more information.Service’s Restaurant Repairs and Maintenance Services Include:  Commercial Refrigeration Repair  Heating and cooling  Restaurant remodeling, from minor remodeling to major restaurant renovations and ground-up construction  Plumbing repairs (sinks, disposals, restrooms, toilets, etc.)  Drain repairs and unclogging  Exterior: roofs, landscaping, parking lots, graffiti removal, etc.  Plate glass repair and replacement  Restaurant fixture and furniture repairClaire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  8. 8. Commercial kitchen equipment and appliance repairs for:  Walk-in coolers  Reach-in coolers  Refrigerators  Freezers  Ovens  Fryers  All other commercial cooking equipment and commercial kitchen equipmentRestaurant Maintenance –Our crews are well-adept at all aspect of restaurant facilities and operation and each employee brings years of experience to ourprojects. Our expertise includes: kitchen equipment upgrades, bars and liquor displays, restroom upgrades/remodels, flooringincluding tile and grouting, ceilings, underground drain line inspection/replacement, millwork, furniture and accessories, andexterior work including: sidewalks, parking lots, roofing, masonry, EFIS, and dumpster pads/enclosures.General Maintenance Services - In addition to the specialized areas of HVAC, Commercial Refrigeration, Restaurants, Gov-ernment and Tenant Finish; we also provide general building maintenance – both inside and out -- for properties of all types. Hereare just some of the general maintenance services we offer:  Plumbing - from simple to sophisticated, including backflow testing and drain repairs and unclogging.  Electrical - all electrical services from pre-wiring to wiring to full installation to repairs, plus tenant finish, computer and data communication needs, lighting, and general maintenance and repair.  Fire Detection and Life Safety –testing and maintenance of existing systems, installation of new systems, renovation of systems to accommodate remodel, plus wet and dry fire sprinkler systems, and a full range of life safety systems.  Lighting –interior and exterior, including bulb and ballast replacement, exit lighting, code compliance and parking lot lighting and bulb replacement.  Landscaping - general maintenance services, design and installation  Exterior building repairs – the advantage of a general maintenance company is that we can do it all both inside and out!  Sprinkler systems – lawn and landscaping irrigation design, installation and repair (plus fire sprinklers – see above)  Exterior building repairs – the advantage of a general maintenance company is that we can do it all both inside and out!  Window and glass repair – call us night or day  Roofing - preventative maintenance, leak repairs, emergency and non-emergency service calls, installation, and roof replacements.  Graffiti Removal – another well-known headache  Drywall and drywall repair – patch, paint, new walls, door framing, etc.  Paint, carpet, cove base or ask about our “Lease-Ready” package  Locks  Building and tenant suite and directory signage  Concrete and asphalt repairCommercial Interiors - We specialize in interior build-outs and renovations. Our projects include construction in health care,retail, educational, and institutional environments, with an emphasis on those in the area of general medical and dentistry.Design & Build Services - We offer full range design/build services. From furniture design to out-of-the ground construction, weemploy the talent to bring your vision to reality.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  9. 9. Su!lies and equipment: Supply/ Equipment Purpose: Price: quantity: 3-door refrigerator to hold perishable items $4015.49 1 16 pan sandwich table for prep cook $2497.18 1 back bar cooler for perishables at bar $2273.44 1 couch for waiting area to comfortably wait $1900.00 1 draft beer dispenser for the bar $1309.57 1 ice cuber for kitchen ice $1988 1 ice caddy for bar $544.89 1 single filter for the ice machine $108.00 1 coffee inline filter for the coffee machine $30.00 1 36” range with oven for the kitchen $1481.00 1 36” range with oven (wolf range) for cooking $2180.00 1 manual griddle 36” for cooking $988.00 1 char rock broiler 24” for cooking $851.00 1 40 lb fryer for frying $720.00 1 convection oven for cooking $2795.00 1 convection steamer for steaming $8625 1 quick disconnection for stoves $110.00 1 Equipment stand for work space $712.00 8 Steam table for steaming $678.00 1 Holding Cabinet for storing food $1568.00 1 Soup Warmer for warming soup $150.00 2 Microwave Oven for heating food up $483.08 1Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  10. 10. Supply/ Equipment Purpose: Price: quantity: Shelf for Microwave for holding a microwave $96.00 1 Commercial Mixer for mixing foods $4238.00 1 German Knife for slicing foods $638.00 1 Food Processor for processing foods $978.26 1 Scale for weighing materials $36.80 1 Work Table for prep cook $300.00 3 Coffee Brewer, Pour Over for making coffee $261.80 1 Ice Tea Dispenser for pouring out tea $132.00 2 Blender for blending food together $338.00 1 Dishwasher- 40 racks for washing cooking utensils and plating $2968.00 1 Rack Slide for dishwashing sink $35.00 1 Scrap Basket for dishwashing sink $60.00 1 Compartment Sink “24X24” for dishwashing station $449.00 1 Compartment Sink “18X18” for dishwashing station $491.00 1 Compartment Prep. Sink for hand washing sink $792.00 4 Bar sink for bar washing $638.00 1 Swing Spout for dishwashing and hand washing sinks $62.94 3 Control Valve for dishwashing and hand washing sinks $539.28 6 Flour Bin Cover for flour and sugar $50.00 2 Bus Cart for storage $176.00 2 Bun Pan Rack for storage $462.00 5 Wall Shelf for storage $450.00 10 Bar Scoop for ice at the bar $24.00 2 Deep fry thermometer for fryers $32.46 3Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  11. 11. Supply/ Equipment Purpose: Price: quantity: Pocket thermometer for finding temp quick $24.42 3 digital timer for timing $10.10 1 steam table pans 2” for steamer $43.70 5 steam table pans (divided) for steamer $39.73 3 steam table pans 4” for steam tables $28.92 2 steam table pans 4” (super pans) for steam tables $102.52 4 Steam table pans 1/6 by 2” for steam tables $77.40 6 colander pan for storing perishables $105.00 15 aprons for all kitchen employees $102.60 20 chef jackets for all kitchen employees $327.00 15 oven mitt for retrieving hot items $25.40 6 tray rack for storage $92.00 5 dolly base for dish racks $116.30 1 flatware rack for dishes $18.40 1 glass-rack extender for glasses $48.45 5 roll paper towel dispenser for paper towels in public restrooms $252.35 2 soap dispenser for all kitchen sinks $26.35 5 soap dispenser for public restrooms $32.96 2 towel dispenser for all kitchen sinks $125.43 5 toilet paper dispenser for all restrooms $34.98 3 waste basket for trash $105.46 10 20 gal waste basket for kitchen trash $109.87 5 trash can for public for public trash $84.98 2Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  12. 12. Supply/ Equipment Purpose: Price: quantity: alluminum mop stick for mops $24.34 2 broom and dust pan set for sweeping $52.45 3 floor sweep for cleaning $52.77 3 mop head for cleaning $8.50 2 mop ringer and bucket for cleaning $117.44 2 hot water hose for cleaning $46.65 1 scrubbing pad for cleaning $17.10 3 sanitizing pail for sanitizing $18.69 3 wet floor sign for wet floor notice $15.10 2 latex gloves for sanitation $55.12 8 grill scraper for cleaning grill $43.86 1 aerosol cleaner for cleaning $47.10 3 black rubber floor mat for kitchen ice $234.24 8 open sign open sign $99.84 1 menu board for daily specials $47.04 1 customer parking only sign for parking lot $9.74 1 employee only sign for kitchen $5.50 2 fire extinguisher sign for building codes $23.50 5 mens restroom sign for restroom $2.75 1 unisex restroom sign for restrooms $2.75 1 womens restroom sign for restroom $2.75 1 handicap sign for parking lot $24.88 4 toilet paper dispenser for restrooms $440.00 3Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  13. 13. Supply/ Equipment Purpose: Price: quantity: sink for restrooms $305.00 3 mirror for resrtrooms $147.45 3 lighted host stand for host $250.00 1 bar stool with backrest for seating $632.00 8Our Suppliers:- General Electric- Performance Food Group- Central Restaurant- Restaurantmall.comDescriptions and maintenance for supplies:When we need to repair anything in the restaurant, the Complete Restaurant Repair team will beready to help us out in any way possible. They range from Refrigeration repairs to even electricalappliance restoration.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  14. 14. Organizational cha#: Responsibilities: • Oversees general restaurant operations • Oversees P&L statementGeneral Manager • Manages both Front of House(FOH) and Back of House(BOH) • Hires and manages staff • Works with Executive Chef on marketing initiatives Responsibilities: • Oversees general restaurant operations when GM is absent • Assists with P&L statementAssistant General Manager • Assists with hiring and managing staff • Assists with ordering and keeping inventory • Often takes on management of the bar area • Responsibilities: • Coordinates kitchen work • Creates recipes • Creates and adjusts menuExecutive Chef • Monitors and controls food costs and inventory • Works with GM on marketing initiatives • Cooks food for large events or special occasions Responsibilities: • Responsible for daily kitchen operations: • Directs and manages line cooksCuisine Chef • Works with Chef to design recipes and create dishes • Assists with ordering food and keeping inventory • Responsibilities: • Second to Cuisine ChefSous Chef • Runs the kitchen • Provides instruction and training to cooks and kitchen staff •Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  15. 15. Responsibilities: • Oversees pantry and prep work in kitchen • Directs and instructs pantry chefChef Garde Manger • Helps with garnishing and artistic elements during meal preparation • Responsibilities: • Responsible for pantry organization • Prepares food in the kitchenPantry/Prep Cook • Cleans, cuts, stores and otherwise prepares food for cooking • Receives direction from chef, cook or pantry chef Responsibilities: • Educates patrons about winesSommelier • Suggests wines that are suitable for guests meals • Orders and keeps inventory of wines • Responsibilities: • Ensures kitchen orders are prepared in timely manner • Finalizes the presentation of each plate and ensures the appropriate tem- peratureExpediter or "Expo" • Directs runners or servers to deliver complete orders Responsibilities: • Prepares food in the kitchenLine Cooks • Works one or more kitchen stations including grill, broil, or fry • Receives direction from chef or cook • Responsibilities: • Responsible for preparing dough, baked goods, baked dessertsPastry Chef • Often works overnight or in early morning hours • Responsibilities: • Responsible for maintaining dishwashing equipmentDishwasher • Dilutes chemicals for dish machines • Maintains clean dishes and other wares • Prevents bottlenecks in kitchen • Responsibilities: • Ensures smooth communication between kitchen and dining roomMaitre D • Directs servers, runners, and oversees dining room experience • Enhances fine dining experience • Consults with GM and Executive ChefClaire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  16. 16. Responsibilities: • Attends to guests and takes orders • Offers information and suggestions about the menuServer • Prepares checks and collect payment Responsibilities: • Transports food from kitchen to dining room • Helps expedite ordersFood Runner • Communicates with servers • May help clear tables • Responsibilities: • Takes drink orders through servers or directly from guestsBartender • Prepares mixed drinks, pour wine or beer, serve bottled or soft drinks • May be responsible for ordering and taking inventory • Responsibilities: • Greets customers at the door • Assigns guests to tablesHostess • Provides menus to guests and cleans them afterward • May schedule reservations • Answers phone • Responsibilities:Bus Person • Clears and cleans tables • Pours water for guestsClaire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  17. 17. Personnel Mana$ment:Hiring Procedure for Employment1. Recruiting Requisition- • The Recruiting Requisition is used to identify an open position (regular, full, or part-time) and to initiate the recruitment process. • The Hiring Manager completes the "Recruiting Requisition” form using the online Interview Ap- plicant Tracking system. Appropriate approver "signatures" will be obtained electronically within Interview Exchange. The Requisition in Interview Exchange includes uploading a current job description. For assistance accessing and using Interview Exchange contact the HR Employ- ment Manager.2. Search Questionnaire - • The Employment Manager will gather information about the open position from the online Re- cruiting Requisition which is part of the Interview Applicant Tracking system. • Each job search may be customized according to the needs of the department. This should also help the Employment Manager to be more effective with assisting the hiring manager, and in communicating with applicants. The process includes a review of the job description; determining who will be the key contact for applicants and interview candidates; who will perform the screen- ing for skill fit, interviewing, applicable testing etc.3. Budget Verification- • Once the Recruiting Requisition is received, the Employment Manager will request Budget Veri- fication from the Finance Office. • No posting or advertising will occur until the required funding for salary and fringe benefit is verified. Funds must be available for the remainder of the year and on a permanent basis • After funding verification, our Employment Manager will begin the hiring process.4. Posting and Advertising- • The Office of Human Resources must post all regular, full and part time staff positions for a minimum of two weeks. Posting sources are included on the website that it is located. All other additional and outside advertising expenses, i.e., Seattle Times, Craigs List, Inside Higher Ed., professional journals, Internet sites, etc., are paid by the department but must be coordinated with the Office of Human Resources. • Presidents Office funds will cover the national advertisement for director level and above posi- tions, subject to pre-approval on the Recruiting Requisition. • All advertisements and postings will direct potential candidates to contact the business for appli- cation materials and instruct them to return completed materials to the hiring office.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  18. 18. 5. Applicant Screening- • Positions posted online through the Interview Exchange Applicant Tracking system will allow interested applicants to review job requirements and apply online. These online Applications may be viewed by Human Resources, by the hiring manager, and by any approved search committee members. The system will retain and record all original application materials, allow online review of all applications by hiring managers, allow input from search committee members, and allow interaction with applicants by the hiring manager. • The employment manager will communicate the results of the interview with the hiring manager. • Candidates who were interviewed by the hiring manager but not selected must be notified by the hiring manager either by phone or by letter.6. References- • Before offering a position to any candidate, a minimum of two references must be checked by the hiring manager.7. Recruiting Expenses- • The hiring manager may work with the Presidents office to obtain funding for reimbursement of travel expenses (for the interview process) when the open position is at or above a director level. Expenses may include airfare, vehicle mileage, and lodging. Use of these funds must be pre- approved by the Vice President for Administration and University Relations. • Meal expenses for the interview process are to be funded by the hiring department. • When making travel, hotel and car arrangements for out-of-town candidates will notify the candi- date.Offer of Employment (Written) • Formal offers of employment are made in writing by using a standard offer letter. An offer letter is not a contract. • The offer letter is the prospective employees official notification of the appointment. The em- ployee must sign and return the offer letter to hiring office along with a signed copy of the Staff Handbook Receipt and Acknowledgment form as formal acceptance of the offer, no later than the first day of employment. • The offer letter will be followed by a notification and instructions for completing a Background Check. The offer of employment is contingent upon satisfactory results from the background check. • Any questions regarding benefits must be directed to the Hiring office.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  19. 19. Processing the Personnel Action Form (PAF) to initiate the Hire - • Once the hiring manager selects the final candidate but before the employees first day of work, a PAF must be completed including the appropriate signatures. The completed PAF form must be received by HR before the employee starts work. • The hiring manager will immediately process the PAF insuring that it is routed through the Fi- nance office and Payroll department. • Copies of the PAF are sent to the department head/dean and area Vice President. Employees do not receive a copy of the PAF. • After the final salary and start date have been confirmed by the hiring manager, the signed PAF is then returned to HR where budget and pay details are checked and data entered into the payroll system. • If hiring requires additional budget, or budget changes, a completed budget transfer must be at- tached to the PAF. Salaries and Benefits:Wages and benefits vary slightly from restaurant to restaurant, even for the same position. If youare a manager hiring people for the first time, or simply assessing wages in order to makechanges to your current payroll, check out the average national statistics.Median Wages for Restaurant Employees-Restaurant worker wages are different depending on the type of restaurant, the geographical lo-cation, and the worker responsibilities. The chart below illustrates several restaurant workersaverage hourly and annual wages, as well as the highest and lowest percentile wage estimates forthe jobs, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistic.Minimum Wage-Minimum wage is the lowest rate businesses can legally pay their employees. In the restaurantindustry, employees salaries are often determined by assessing the national minimum wage andraising it accordingly. As of July 24, 2008, the minimum wage is $6.55 per hour. Minimumwages increase every year.Tips-Tips are considered a benefit of working in a restaurant, but many servers and bartenders would mostlikely consider it part of their income. These restaurant workers usually work for a pay rate of less thanminimum wage, but take home a good deal more based on their tip income. Tips are sometimes distrib-uted among kitchen staff and bussers as well. Unlike other restaurant benefits, tips are given by guests,not restaurant owners.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  20. 20. Meal Benefits-Restaurants often offer daily employee meal benefits to their workers. These usually involve one dis-counted or free meal from the restaurant menu per employee per shift. However, each restaurant meal pol-icy is different, depending on corporate rules, food type and budget.Restaurant managers may receive a certain number of paid sick days and vacation days, depending on therestaurants policies. Hourly workers typically need to request time off in advance and do not get paid forvacation days or sick days.Insurance-Restaurant managers and other supervising positions are often entitled to insurance benefits in the restau-rant. Sometimes these benefits are even extended to hourly workers, but this depends on the company.Insurance benefits typically include the following:• Medical• Dental• Vision• Life• Disability401K-A 401K is a tax-deferred retirement savings investment plan sponsored by an employer. Employees whoare offered a 401K plan transfer a portion of their income to the 401K account each month and plan towithdraw it after retirement. Much like insurance, 401K plans are not offered by all employers, and whenthey are, they are mainly offered to managers and assistant managers. Since many restaurant workers areyouths who may not be fulfilling their careers in the restaurant, 401K benefits are not quite as commonfor these hourly workers.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  21. 21. Employee Posi- Hourly Wage Annual Wage tion Average Lowest - highest Average Lowest - highestFood Service $28,240 - $23.39 $13.58 - $35.61 $48,660Managers: $74,060Restaurant $15,120 - $10.56 $7.27 - $14.55 $21,960Cooks: $30,270Fast Food $13,180 - $8.11 $6.34 - $10.34 $16,860Cooks: $21,510Restaurant $13,640 - $8.20 $6.56 - $10.38 $17,060dishwashers: $21,580 $13,850 -Bartenders: $9.49 $6.66 - $14.50 $19,740 $30,170Restaurant $13,610 -Hosts/ $8.54 $6.54 - $11.34 $17,770 $23,580Hostesses: $13,120 -Waiters and $6.31 - $13.55 $8.93 $18,570 $28,180Waitresses: (with tips)Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  22. 22. Fun%ng for Business:We plan to apply for a business loan. These are the requirements for applying for receiving a loan.Documentation Needed for Small Business Loan ApplicationsWhile every loan program has specific forms you need to fill out and documents you need to submit, youwill likely need to submit much of the same information for different loan packages. Before you start ap-plying for loans, you should get some basic documentation together. The following are typical items thatwill be required for any small business loan application: • Personal Background: Either as part of the loan application or as a separate document, you will probably be asked to provide some personal background information, including previous ad- dresses, names used, criminal record, educational background, etc. • Resumes: Some lenders require evidence of management or business experience, particularly for loans that are intended to be used to start a new business. • Business Plan: All loan programs require a sound business plan to be submitted with the loan application. The business plan should include a complete set of projected financial statements, including profit and loss, cash flow and a balance sheet. • Personal Credit Report: Your lender will obtain your personal credit report as part of the appli- cation process. However, you should obtain a credit report from all three major consumer credit rating agencies before submitting a loan application to the lender. Inaccuracies and blemishes on your credit report can hurt your chances of getting a loan approved. It’s critical you try to clear these up before beginning the application process. • Business Credit Report: If you are already in business, you should be prepared to submit a credit report for your business. As with the personal credit report, it is important to review your business’ credit report before beginning the application process. • Income Tax Returns: Most loan programs require applicants to submit personal and business income tax returns for the previous 3 years.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  23. 23. • Financial Statements: Many loan programs require owners with more than a 20 percent stake in your business to submit signed personal financial statements. You may also be required to provide projected financial statements either as part of, or separate from, your business plan. It is a good idea to have these prepared and ready in case a program for which you are applying requires these documents to be submitted individually. • Bank Statements: Many loan programs require one year of personal and business bank state- ments to be submitted as part of a loan package. • Collateral: Collateral requirements vary greatly. Some loan programs do not require collateral. Loans involving higher risk factors for default require substantial collateral. Strong business plans and financial statements can help you avoid putting up collateral. In any case, it is a good idea to prepare a collateral document that describes cost/value of personal or business property that will be used to secure a loan. • Legal Documents: Depending on a loan’s specific requirements, your lender may require you to submit one or more legal documents. Make sure you have the following items in order, if appli- cable: o Business licenses and registrations required for you to conduct business o Articles of Incorporation o Copies of contracts you have with any third parties o Franchise agreements o Commercial leasesClaire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  24. 24. Bud$t:Our main concerns will be aggressive time management, so that our labor costs stay undercontrol, and proper purchasing, prep and food handling to keep food costs down, as well asmanaging the higher costs of meats and seafoods. Secondarily, hiring the best grill and broilercooks, training them properly and retaining them will be a critical component to good meat andseafood costs. A good grill cook does not waste steaks by burning them, nor does he angercustomers by undercooking them.We are seeking $900,000, and will seek it from one, two, or three investment groups. We preferthis approach as an early stage company because there is no set repayment schedule or debtservice payments the investors profit when the company profits. Initially, the company is pro-jected as a Limited Partnership, but may switch the preferred structure to a stock Corporationor Limited Liability Corporation. The preparation of the investment documents will be han-dled in a cooperative effort by the legal firms representing each party individually. These docu-ments will include, but are not limited to:-Private Placement Memorandum-Form D SEC Filing-Subscription Agreement-Promissory NoteClaire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  25. 25. Start-up Funding Start-up Expenses to Fund $324,500 Start-up Assets to Fund $645,500 Total Funding Required $970,000 Assets Non-cash Assets from Start- $65,000 up Cash Requirements from $580,500 Start-up Additional Cash Raised $0 Cash Balance on Starting $580,500 Date Total Assets $645,500 Liabilities and Capital Liabilities Current Borrowing $0 Long-term Liabilities $50,000 Accounts Payable (Outstand- $10,000 ing Bills) Other Current Liabilities $10,000 (interest-free) Total Liabilities $70,000 Capital Planned Investment Investor Group One $300,000 Investor Group Two $300,000 Investor Group Three $300,000 Investor Contingency $0 Additional Investment Re- $0 quirement Total Planned Investment $900,000 Loss at Start-up (Start-up -$324,500 Expenses) Total Capital $575,500 Total Capital and Liabilities $645,500 Total Funding $970,000Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  26. 26. Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  27. 27. Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  28. 28. Laws, Regulations, and Codes:Health Codes:• Employee Hygiene. Employees must be well groomed and in good health to handle food. If an employee is sick, you must send them home or assign them tasks that do not put them in contact with prepared foods.• Restaurant Inspections. Before a new restaurant opens, it must pass an initial health inspection. After they are open, restaurants are usually inspected twice a year. If a restaurant has a number of violations, it can be shut down to make corrections and get re-inspected.• Facilities and Surfaces Cleaning. Local health codes stipulate what cleaners and sanitizers are acceptable for restaurants to use. The codes also specify how frequently equipment and food con- tact surfaces should be cleaned. For example: a pan that is used to carry raw meat to the grill must be cleaned and sanitized before any prepared foods can be placed in it, to prevent raw meat juices from contaminating the prepared product.• Food Handling, Storage and Preparation. From the moment food supplies enter your establish- ment, you are responsible for them. There are specific health codes for handling, storage and preparation of food. For example: many health departments forbid employees from touching pre- pared, ready-to-eat foods with their hands. Employees must use disposable gloves instead.• Equipment and Supplies. County health departments often have very specific standards for three- compartment sinks. In general, most health departments require a specific slope to the drain boards. Slope means that the drainboards are pitched or tilted towards the bowls, so water will drain into the sink instead of pool on the drainboard. Local departments will also require the drainboards to be at least as wide and long as the sink bowls. If you are looking at a sink with 18” x 18” (L x W) bowls, the drainboards must be at least 18” square. Other pieces of equipment may have strict regulations as well.There are several government and non-profit organizations that oversee the United States food supply andtest and develop safety standards for commercial kitchen equipment.• Food and Drug Administration. The FDA ensures the safety of all food products (excluding meat and poultry) and the bottle water supply. The FDA also publishes the Food Code, which state and county health departments use to create their health policies.• United States Department of Agriculture. The USDA oversees the safety of America’s meat, poul- try and egg products.• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Whenever there is a large food poisoning outbreak, the CDC works with local health agencies to trace the cause.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  29. 29. • National Sanitation Foundation. Food service equipment that bears the NSF mark has undergone rigorous testing and adheres to the National Sanitation Foundation’s standards for safety and cle- anability.• Underwriter’s Laboratories. The Underwriter’s Laboratories tests electrical equipment to assure that it meets current safety codes.• Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The Occupational Safety and Health Administra- tion (OSHA) also has specific standards in place to protect restaurant employees from physical harm. For example, restaurants must have Class K fire extinguishers near all cooking equipment, in case of fire.Insurance on our Restaurant:• Property Insurance- – Protects your property in case of fire or other events. It may not cover natural dis-asters, such as floods or earthquakes (see below for a policy that does.) If you have any kind of mortgageon your business and/or equipment, then you should carry a property insurance policy.• General Liability – This is the umbrella policy that protects you in the event someone slips and falls inyour restaurant, gets sick after eating there (whether it was your fault or not). This is a must have in to-day’s sometime sue-happy world.• Liquor Liability – Most states require that any establishment holding a liquor license carry liquor liabil-ity as part of their insurance. It helps protect you if a customer has too much to drink and drives and hurtsthemselves or someone else.• Automobile Liability – If you have a company vehicle, this is a good insurance to have. It may be cov-ered in your general liability, but always check with your insurance agent first.• Workers Compensation– Protects you if an employee is hurt at work. Most states require that all em-ployers carry some type of workers comp.• Unemployment Insurance – Is for your employees who no longer work for you until they find employ-ment.• Life Insurance– Depending on your mortgage and financing you may need to carry a hefty life insurancepolicy to satisfy your lender. It is also a good idea to have life insurance, in case something does happento you and your family isn’t left with a restaurant they don’t know how to run and bills they can’t pay.There is insurance for just about any object, action or person out there. Here are some other types of in-surance you can purchase for your restaurant. But keep in mind, these extras will cost you as much ormore than whatever it is you are insuring.• Loss of Business Insurance – If you lose sales through a specific cause, this type of policy can recoupsome of the income. Keep in mind the premiums and deductible may make you break even, depending onClaire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  30. 30. how much you lose.• Food Contamination Insurance - If you lose power, because of fallen power lines or a storm, and theentire contents of your walk-in and freezer spoil, this policy would pay to replace the food.• Specific Peril Insurance – This covers many natural disasters that general liability insurance doesn’t.Events like earthquakes, floods or power outages due to either, may be covered under this insurance.Restaurant Zoning:Property is zoned into commercial and residential uses, so a commercial building cannot be built in aresidential neighborhood and vice versa, unless there is a change in zoning ordinances. Other considera-tions also come into play such as how you intend to use your facility, the nature of any renovations, andso on.Examples of enviromental codes of California: • (a) The department shall publish standardized procedures for enforcement agencies to report food facility inspection information regarding each food facility. The report shall include all of the fol- lowing: • (1) Name and address of the food facility. • (2) Date of last inspection. • (3) Identification of any major violation identified in a food facility inspection. • (4) Reinspection date, if applicable. • (5) Period of closure, if applicable. • (a) The enforcement agency shall utilize a standardized food facility inspection format for food facility inspections that includes all of the following: • (1) The name and address of the food facility. • (2) Identification of the following inspection criteria, which shall be the basis of the inspection report: • (A) Improper holding temperatures of potentially hazardous foods. • (B) Improper cooling of potentially hazardous foods. • (C) Inadequate cooking of potentially hazardous foods. • (D) Poor personal hygiene of food employees. • (E) Contaminated equipment. • (F) Food from unapproved sources. • (3) For each violation identified pursuant to paragraph (2), classification of the violation as a mi- nor violation or major violation. • Any construction, alteration, remodeling, or operation of a food facility shall be approved by the enforcement agency and shall be in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal stat- utes, regulations, and ordinances, including but not limited to, fire, building, and zoning codes • (a) Food shall be inspected as soon as practicable upon receipt and prior to any use, storage, or resale.Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  31. 31. • (b) Food shall be accepted only if the inspection conducted upon receipt determines that the food satisfies all of the following: • (1) Was prepared by and received from approved sources. • (2) Is received in a wholesome condition. • (3) Is received in packages that are in good condition and that protect the integrity of the contents so that the food is not exposed to adulteration or potential contaminants. • (4) Is in containers and on pallets that are not infested with vermin or otherwise contaminated. • (c) Potentially hazardous food shall be inspected for signs of spoilage and randomly checked for adherence to the temperature requirements as specified in Section 113996. • (Only prepackaged nonpotentially hazardous food or uncut produce may be displayed or sold outdoors by a food facility if all of the following conditions are satisfied: • (a) Outdoor displays have overhead protection that extends over all food items. • (b) Food items from the outdoor display are stored inside the fully enclosed food facility at all times other than during business hours. • (c) Outdoor displays comply with Section 113980 and have been approved by the enforcement agency. • (d) Outdoor displays are under the control of the permitholder of the fully enclosed food facility and are checked periodically on a regular basis. (a) Manual warewashing sinks, except as speci- fied in subdivision (c), shall have at least three compartments with two integral metal drainboards for manually washing, rinsing, and sanitizing equipment and utensils. • (b) Sink compartments shall be large enough to accommodate immersion of the largest equipment and utensils. If equipment or utensils are not designed to be washed in a warewashing sink, alter- nate approved methods as specified in Section 114099.3 shall be followed. • (c) A two compartment sink that is in use on January 1, 1996, need not be replaced when used as specified in Section 114099.3. The enforcement officer shall approve the continued use of a two- compartment sink even upon replacement if the installation of a three-compartment sink would not be readily achievable and where other approved sanitation methods are used. 114113. Food shall only contact surfaces of equipment and utensils that are cleaned and sanitized. • Materials that are used in the construction of utensils and food-contact surfaces of equipment shall not allow the migration of deleterious substances or impart colors, odors, or tastes to food and under normal use conditions shall be safe, durable, corrosion-resistant, and nonab- sorbent, sufficient in weight and thickness to withstand repeated warewashing, finished to have a smooth, easily cleanable surface, and resistant to pitting, chipping, crazing, scratch- ing, scoring, distortion, and decomposition. • Fire Codes:Your local fire marshal will perform a walk-through of your new restaurant to make sure it complies with local firecodes. The fire marshal will check to see that you have an appropriate number of fire extinguishers in various areasof your restaurant. He or she will also check the specifications on your sprinkler systems, in both the front of house,back of house and the fire suppression system over your cooking equipment. Your storage areas will also be checkedto assure no exits are blocked and supplies are not stacked in a manner that can pose a fire hazard. You will alsoneed to have maps of escape routes in both the dining room and kitchen areas, with exits clearly markedClaire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  32. 32. Adve#&ement and Recruitment:We will advertise by offering :-Special promotions or packages-Internet Marketing-Coupons-BrochuresAdvertising on the Internet is the fastest-growing media vehicle. Coupons and special promo-tions will definitely bring guests in. Lastly, brochures will always provide important informationand can get the word out.We have developed a fully running website at is a picture of it:Claire De Lune Cafe Inc. So. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
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