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How to Use Foodpick’s SMS FeatureEating good food is one of our way of relaxing ourselves from work or satisfying our crav...
Restaurants in Cebu City                                                                                                  ...
Japanese Restaurants in CebuFilipinos, especially Cebuanos, are into Japanese food. Because of this love for the Japanese ...
Whether you want to go for Thai orChinese for dinner, youll always finda restaurant in Cebu. However, theabundance of diff...
The Rise of Korean Restaurants in CebuWith the influx of many Korean students in Cebu to study English, this also gavebirt...
Caught yourself hungry in the middle of the bustling city? Asking yourselfwhere to eat next? Well, there’s always a good p...
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Where to eat in cebu presentation


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People who do not have an idea on what to eat for lunch or dinner will benefit from food websites. These websites have a complete food and restaurant listing that will guide people in deciding where to eat and what to eat.

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Where to eat in cebu presentation

  1. 1. Search Engine Food Guide
  2. 2. How to Use Foodpick’s SMS FeatureEating good food is one of our way of relaxing ourselves from work or satisfying our cravings for comfort food. Herein Cebu, we can find a lot of restaurants that offer really appetizing food choices from authentic Filipino dishes, toitalian, Korean and American.However, because of the huge number of restaurants in Cebu, it makes it harder to choose a good place to eat.Sometimes, scouting every restaurant is the best option but it takes a lot of effort and time. What people need is afood guide that allows them to check-out every restaurant and its menu without consuming much time and effort.At foodpick’s website, it offers the convenience of searching for restaurants within Cebu.Are you planning where to eat lunch or dinner? Browse on different restaurants in Cebu with just a push of a buttonand explore different menus, restaurant location and get some reservations conveniently through your laptop or PC.However, Foodpick is even made better with its SMS feature that will surely add some fun on how you look forrestaurants in Cebu. In order to fully use Foodpick’s SMS feature, you must first sign up on our website Foodpick on your mobile phone by using some of these commands.To Search resto via textType: SEARCH<space> Name of RestaurantSEND TO: 0917-310-8200To Inquire about restaurant hours:Type: HR<space>Name of RestaurantSEND TO: 0917-310-8200To Search for the location of the restaurant:Type: LOC<space>Name of RestaurantSEND TO: 0917-310-8200Source:
  3. 3. Restaurants in Cebu City AmericanDining experience in Cebu is never lonely or dreary. There are a lot of differentrestaurants in Cebu that offer different cuisines. Restaurants in CebuIf you want to try Cebuano and Filipino cuisine, then Golden Cowrie is where youshould be. They have a lot in store when it comes to these dishes. This is a goodrestaurant when you’re with a big group, like with your friends or family. ChineseThere are a lot of restaurants in Cebu City that are offering Chinese food, so you’ll Restaurants innever be out of Chinese dishes here. You can try Harbor City, which is located both in CebuAyala and SM. There’s also Choi City in Banilad Town Center.Go to Siam Thai Cuisine in Ayala Center Cebu when you’re craving for Thai food. Theyare also reasonably priced and serve dishes that are good for two or three persons. FilipinoTheir interior is really interesting and creative. Restaurants inIf you’re looking for some modern Japanese food, then head on to Red Kimono at CebuAyala. They specialize in creating new takes when it comes to sushi dishes, whichmakes dining even interesting. They also have a great and modern ambiance that willappeal to a lot of guests. ItalianThere are still more restaurants in Cebu City that you can try out. You just have to be Restaurants ina bit adventurous and go out of your comfort zone so you can try new things. CebuSource: Korean Japanese Japanese Restaurants in Restaurants in Restaurants in Cebu Cebu Cebu
  4. 4. Japanese Restaurants in CebuFilipinos, especially Cebuanos, are into Japanese food. Because of this love for the Japanese cuisine, many Japaneserestaurants in Cebu have opened up.Rai Rai Ken is a known Japanese restaurant. They’re almost everywhere in the city. They are in major shopping mallslike Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu, Banilad Town Center, and in Robinson’s Place. They offer a wide variety ofJapanese dishes that fits your budget. Their meals are also affordable and have a Filipino taste to them which makesthe restaurant interesting. The ramen and sashimi are two of their best sellers.Teriyaki Boy, like Rai Rai Ken is a restaurant chain that you can find all over the Philippines. In Cebu, you can find themat The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu. They have really nice interiors. Teriyaki Boy is famous for their Teriyaki BoyChicken which you should try when you go there. They are also affordable and filling.Sumo Sam is a nice Japanese restaurant that offers interesting packaging to their food. They also have fun names fortheir food like The Last Samurai, Victory Float, and The Tournament. The Last Samurai had some spicy chicken,ebikomayo, and fries in it. Their Victory Float is placed on a small wooden boat which makes the food presentationquite interesting. They had salmon and tuna sashimi, kane sticks, Philadelphia and Las Vegas Rolls, and Dynamite.Red Kimono is the place to be if you want to try a modern twist to your Japanese food. They are located at TheTerraces in Ayala Center Cebu. They have interesting and unique interiors that are pleasing to the eyes. They have aunique take to the usual sushi. Their chicken teriyaki and chicken yakitori are great. They also have really good makis.Nonki is one of the few authentic Japanese restaurants in Cebu. It is located in AS Fortuna Street, Bakilid in Mandaue.The restaurant is owned by a Filipina who is married to a Japanese guy. Nonki boasts of fresh ingredients and qualityservice. Their beef teriyaki bento and California maki are definitely must-You can also order a wide variety of sake inNonki.These are just few of the many Japanese restaurants in Cebu. There are still more restaurants out there that youshould give it a try. Ask friends and family for feedback, if ever they have tried these restaurants. Don’t hesitate toventure and try new places.
  5. 5. Whether you want to go for Thai orChinese for dinner, youll always finda restaurant in Cebu. However, theabundance of different restaurants inCebu is also making a lot of the eaters a bit confused as to where to go.If you are one of these confused eaters,then heres how to find restaurants in Cebu.If you want to know how to find restaurants, you have to identify what cuisine youwant for your meal. This is importantin segregating the other restaurants that you dontfeel like eating and those that you would want to eat.When you already know what you want, this makesgoing through different restaurants easier.Your location is also a factor in thissearch including your willingness totravel and get to the restaurant.You may want to go to a restaurant thats just a few minutes away from your work place or your home.You can easily search for, say, Thai restaurants in Cebu online, like through Food Pick, or ask friends for recommendation. Just make sure that you pickone that is accessible for you.Ask friends and colleagues about restaurantsthat they have tried. You may also want to ask them for feedback about certainrestaurants that you want to check out. Inquire about the service, food, and the price. How to FindThere are also a lot of reviews and feedback online for some restaurants. This is worthreading, especially when you want to be sure of the value for your money. RestaurantsKnowing how to find restaurants is always important, even if you are in your hometown.Youll find this helpful, especially when you are traveling to a new place and you are in Cebusearching for a good restaurant with great food. By following these easy steps, youlldefininitely be on your way to an interesting dining experience.
  6. 6. The Rise of Korean Restaurants in CebuWith the influx of many Korean students in Cebu to study English, this also gavebirth to a lot of Korean restaurants in the metro. There are already Koreanrestaurants in every corner so don’t be surprised that you’ll see one near you.Soo is a small restaurant that one can find near IT Park in Lahug. It’s a restaurantthat a lot of young Koreans and Filipinos alike hang out to eat and drink withfriends. They serve drinks and set meals that are best for a group of friends. Theowner and the cook of the restaurant are Koreans so you’re really assured of theauthenticity.Don Ga in Mabolo is also another restaurant that many people like. Unlike mostKorean restaurants, they have the food cooked for you which assures you that yourorder is well-cooked and is consist. Their meat and vegetables are also fresh. Therestaurant is also clean and has a good ambiance.Miga Restaurant in Lahug is Korean restaurant that a number of local Cebuanosprefer. You can cook your own food the Korean way so you have to make sure thatyou know what you’re doing. This can be a fun thing to do with friends, but makesure you don’t overcook your food.These are just some among the many Korean restaurants in Cebu. Just make surethat you ask for feedback and comments before going to the restaurant to preventgetting disappointed. Research the restaurant as well so you know what to expect.Source:
  7. 7. Caught yourself hungry in the middle of the bustling city? Asking yourselfwhere to eat next? Well, there’s always a good place to eat in Cebu to matchyour budget and your taste buds.If you want to have an upscale meal at a high point in Cebu, then CaféMarco at the Marco Polo Plaza is the place to be. They have lunch and dinnerbuffet where you can devour many different international cuisines lined upfor you.Siomai sa Tisa is what you need when you are having a very tight budget.Armed with only P100, you’ll already be full to the brim. You can purchasesiomai for P6 and puso (hanging rice) for P2.50. There are also pancit cantonand noodles available.If you’re more of an adventurous type, then you should try out NL Café’sbalbacua and pagi (stingray). Balbacua is a soup that originated in Cebu andis made of oxtail, beef skin and feet. NL Café is a small restaurant that has alot of local patrons and they also serve other Filipino dishes.When you are looking for places where to eat, you will never be at a losswhen in Cebu. There are just so many restaurants and cafes that you cancheck out.Source: Where to Eat in Cebu?
  8. 8. Top Filipino Rainy Day Comfort Foods Source: is finally over and when the cold rainy season starts to shiver in our spine, we cannot help but indulge on somewarm soups and dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings. Forget about parfait, ice cream, sorbet and all the othersummer comfort foods because in here; we deliver to you some of the top foods for the cold season. In this food guide,we will bring to you some of the best Filipino comfort foods that are eaten during the cool season of the year.1. Sinigang is an authentic Filipino soup dish, which is seasoned with tamarind to give it its distinct sour taste. The basic ingredients of this dish are seafood and pork meat and other green vegetables. Filipinos love to eat sinigang when it’s hot and sour enough.2. Champorado is an all-time favorite chocolate flavored rice porridge, which has a sweet and bitter flavor from “tablea” or cocoa. This rainy-day dish is best eaten in the afternoon as a snack, sitting down and watching the rain pour really reminds me of my childhood days. In addition, milk can be added in it to make it more creamy.3. Goto is the counterpart of champorado. It is still made from a sticky rice porridge, but it has this mild salty flavor, similar to congee in chinese. Ideally served hot, this dish is often consumed before the main meal or during breakfast.4. Bulalo is another well-liked filipino beef soup that is consumed during the rainy season. This tenderized boiled beef with its marrow makes this dish very favoured among Filipinos. However, with its high-fat and cholesterol content, it is not recommended to be consumed every day.5. Tinola is another native filipino dish that will surely make your tummy warm during the rainy season. This chicken or fish based dish is best for those individuals who already had high cholesterol. What makes this dish very delicious is the amount of vegetables added in it and cooked at a low to medium heat in order to fully extract the flavor of every ingredient.6. “Puto and sikwate” or also known as rice cake and native cocoa drink. The rice cake is made from ground rice with a mild sweet flavor and often placed over a banana leaf. On the other hand, sikwate is not an ordinary chocolate drink. It is made from “tablea” or cocoa seed, boiled over a hot flame. The hot, sweet and bitter flavor of both food makes it best for the rainy season.
  9. 9. List Your Restaurant Now Contact Us Visit: www.foodpick.meWe started this project cause we wanted to helppeople make food picking easy. We are an imagedriven food recommendation engine.At this day and age, people are driven bypictures and wanted a site that help you findlocal cuisines by taunting your appetite withpictures.