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New year a perfect time for new packaging


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The New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings, even in the world of food packaging. With retailers finding it harder and harder to establish a clear point of difference, clever food packaging suppliers could create that difference.

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New year a perfect time for new packaging

  1. 1. New Year a Perfect Time for New PackagingFood packaging suppliers are gearing up for a busy start to the New Year. This is typically thetime of year when their clients review their current packaging and, in many cases, decide that itneeds a make-over. A new year brings with it new colours, designs and customer expectations.With competition so fierce, no supplier of food products can assume that their customers willkeep coming back unless they are kept interested.It is no secret that consumers use all five senses when they are shopping and making decisionsabout what to buy. How often have they been drawn to a bakery simply by the smell of freshlybaked bread? Having that bread and the other bakery products clearly displayed in wide casesbehind sparkling, clean glass panels now engages their sense of sight as well as smell. Whentheir chosen purchases are then handed to them in cleverly designed, colourful packaging, theywill remember this particular shopping experience long after the food has been consumed.Packaging Now Part of the Point of DifferenceThis is exactly what retailers need to keep shoppers coming back to their particular business.Consumers have a staggering array of choices and can spend their money anywhere they like.Often, many products on offer are very similar to each other, and it has become increasinglydifficult to find a specific point of difference. This makes the packaging an important part of thetotal retail experience.Clever food packaging suppliers know this, and try to engage as many of the five senses aspossible when designing their products. Tactile people love the way a product feels in their handswhen they pick it up. It may have a textured feel to the packaging, or it could be made of thatvery soft plastic that feels like talcum powder. Couple this with a crisp logo, bright colours andbold lettering, and this product will stand out.Other consumers like the sound of paper and love picking up those small brown bags and puttingfresh mushrooms into them. The mushrooms make a distinctive sound when they drop into thebag, and this is followed by a rustling sound as the shopper closes the bag. It’s just a plain,brown bag but everyone buying fresh mushrooms looks for it. Brightening up the fairly blandpicture of a mushroom on the bag would delight the customer at their next outing and keep themcoming back.This is the power of the psychology behind consumer packaging. It is not just a matter of findingthe cheapest and quickest way of keeping the product fresh. Now in this tight retail market it isabout finding new and creative ways to engage the shoppers, and get them back time and timeagain. Now is the perfect time to see if your packaging has become bland and boring. Clickhereformore informations