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Sproughton Community Shop


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Rosalind Lavington - presenting at the Sourcing Local Conference at Sproughton 6-2-2012

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Sproughton Community Shop

  1. 1. Sproughton Community Shop: a case study. Rosalind Lavington
  2. 2. Former EastFormer West store store& tractor garage WEST STORE KITCHEN VIEWING AREA VIEWING AREA Main barn TOILETS Tithe Barn, Lower Street, Sproughton, Suffolk, IP8 3AA.
  3. 3. The old East Store in 2005
  4. 4. The contents of theEast Store in 2005
  5. 5. New, thicker ply skin, insulation,Internal membranes andoak battensstuds Outer weatherboard cladding View, from above, of sample sections of the barn wall. Top section: after insulating the barn. Bottom section: old (original) arrangement.
  6. 6. February 2009: insulationwork in progress.
  7. 7. The old West Storeand tractor garage
  8. 8. The contents of theWest Store in 2009.
  9. 9. • 3 miles West of Ipswich• 80% rural area• 556 households
  10. 10. Ian Toye at our Local Food Fair
  11. 11. Where are we now?● 32 volunteers● 2 part-time paid managers● Direct sourcing from 30 local producers● Several more indirectly from Shire Foods● Minimum orders● Turnover £87k, of which local foods = 27% = £23.5k● c 650 lines of stock valued at c £6k● c £5k p.a. direct from Traidcraft● Food- intolerance range● BOGOFs● Standard wholesalers
  12. 12. To meet the needs of our community,we have learned:● The power of brands.● Organic is not important.● Vegetables are a nightmare – we need to develop a veg box scheme to promote turnover.● Running a shop creates endless paperwork.● Apply for every grant available – evidence base.Our first principle is to remain profitable.We find that Local Food is key.
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  14. 14.