The Setai New York


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Architectural Interiors

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The Setai New York

  1. 1. As a new venture for the acclaimed hotel on South Beach, The Setai New York was envisioned as a mixed-use luxury condominium and hotel project. The building offers its residents hotel amenities as well as proximity to the city’s finest. Twin concierge staffed lobbies service both residential and commercial clients, while an elaborate restaurant and meeting space on the second floor is followed by a spa and fitness facility on the third. The crowning element is the rooftop that serves as the residents’ own backyard and offers everything needed to host a lavish affair from a kitchen and bar, to daybeds and fire pits. N > Scale: NTS Sphere of Influence A luxury brAnd extends its reAch to combine the Amenities of A hotel with the comfort And permAnence of A privAte residence
  2. 2. heightened drAmA Style concepts for the elevator lobby emphasize the thin and vertical.
  3. 3. N > Scale: NTS The SeTai new york restaurant
  4. 4. wine And dine The French-Asian establishment known as SHO Shaun Hergatt features fine dining, private conference and party areas, or a simple lounge to finish off the day. Tidbit: Panic hardware of the emergency metal fire doors are covered aesthetically with wood veneer.
  5. 5. A study in compression Above and Right: A 3D rendering and section of the dining area reveals the compression and expansion of the space. This in turns defines intimate and public zones to vary the diner’s experience. The SeTai new york restaurant
  6. 6. restrAined opulence Clockwise From Left: Over-sized pendants reinforce the double height room. Marble Foo dogs watch over guests. The “Golden Purse” menu item features caviar and gold leaf. The show kitchen behind tinted glass. A lounge area features back-lit shelves with antique books. Tidbit: The lanterns are hand pleated to hide the fixture’s framework and coincide with the linearity of the surrounding lattice.
  7. 7. N > Scale: NTS The SeTai new york club spa
  8. 8. tAke off your cool Clockwise From Left: Spa materials are mounted for display at the sales center. The women’s water suite with waterfall and whirlpool. The fitness center with slivers of lighting. The VIP treatment room features a double occupancy option for couples.
  9. 9. All things considered Every moment shapes a patron’s experience. Here, sketches and renderings of the spa hallways explore ways to make every step a visual journey. Photos of the finished product remain fairly true to form. The SeTai new york club spa
  10. 10. from dArkness to light Patrons are led up a dark, tiled corridor from the locker rooms to a bright, golden whirl pool area. Below, sketches and renderings illustrate the concept that is finally actualized at left.
  11. 11. diAmond in the rough: the vip room Early sketches of the VIP treatment room explore possible millwork designs. The rendering shows a CNC-routed wood and mirror sliding door, teak platform supported soaking tub, and glass tiled niche. The SeTai new york club spa
  12. 12. DATE 12/12/2007 REVISION NO. LOCATION Rm 322, 325 ITEM DESCRIPTION Trmt Rm. Tub MANUFACTURER Agape SUBMITTAL STYLE Deep REQUIRED YES MODEL VAS905 COLOR White SUGGESTED Andres Jost FINISH Exmar SOURCE 86 Walker Street, 6th FL UNIT SIZE 70"7/8 x 31"1/2 x 23"5/8 h New York, NY 10013 IMAGE CONTACT fAlling waTer PHONE 212.941.9941 EMAIL info@ WEBISITE suspension QUANTITY 2; G.C. to Verify REMARKS See maufacturer's specification for additional info and installation contrAsting maTerialS 37 E a st 18th Str e e t 10th Flo or N e w York NY 10003 T e l: 212.533.4145 F a x: 212.598.9028 w w w .rd h- a r c hit e c ts. c o m
  13. 13. N > Scale: NTS The SeTai new york solarium
  14. 14. fire And wAter The roof top offers gathering space for parties, special events, or simple socialization with other residents. The cultivated gardens and sweeping views are framed wood lattices. now you see me, now you don’t Pop-up massage enclosures and daybeds compartmentalize the giant roof top in to more private sections.