Ubiquitous Open Source in Spain


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Speech at 2010 GNOME Development Summit (GUADEC) Open Desktop Day

Further information: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/guadec-list/2010-July/msg00059.html

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Ubiquitous Open Source in Spain

  1. 1. Ubiquitous Open Source in Spain: How government, business and community work together
  2. 2.  Free Software in Andalusia Guadalinex and Guadalinfo project Government, business and community – Guadalinex example – Guadalinfo accesible example
  3. 3. About Andalusia Southernmost region of continental Spain Sun, beaches, wines&foods … Free software! Junta de Andalucia is the Regional Government About 250.000 public employees
  4. 4. Free Software in Andalusia Prehistory Known to IT people since early 90s Mostly used on the server side Self training Transparent to the end user
  5. 5. Free Software in Andalusia Legal regulations (I) 2003 Decree for the impulse of Information Society: – Free software will be used in Public Schools – Free software will be used in Public Internet Access Centers – Use of free software by the citizens will be promoted and supported
  6. 6. Free Software in Andalusia Legal regulations (II) 2005 Order for the public availability of software owned by Junta de Andalucia – All custom made applications owned by Junta de Andalucia, present and future, will be free software.
  7. 7. Free Software in AndalusiaOpen Source World Conference 2004 Málaga 2005 Mérida 2006 Málaga 2007 Badajoz 2008 Málaga 2009 Cáceres 2010 Málaga, 27-28 October
  8. 8. Guadalinex  Is the GNU/Linux distribution of Junta de Andalucia  Based on Ubuntu (formerly based on Debian)  Gnome as desktop, because: – Simplicity, compared to other desktops – Previous experience in Extremadura (GNU/LinEx) – Accesibility  Agreement with ONCE (Spanish National Organization for the Blind)  Base software to implement other projectsA nice penguin, Andatuz!
  9. 9. Guadalinex: by numbers Schools Internet centres– >300.000 desktops – 764 in small towns and– >2.000 public schools districts of bigger cities: Guadalinfo– >180.000 laptops for students and teachers – 635 public libraries– 100.000 more to be – 200 centers for elderly delivered in course people 2010/2011– Goal : >1.400.000 students in >4.000 schools
  10. 10. Guadalinex: new plans Analisys of requirements for an Administration Edition of Guadalinex (GEA), about to finish Small scale migrations to free software – Phase 1: On the same operating system – Phase 2: Deployment of GEA
  11. 11. Guadalinfo 2003-2008 Goals: – Bring Internet on < 10.000 people towns – Computer literacy – Digital training Results: – 634 Guadalinfo centers – 400.000 total registered users – About 40.000 distinct users every month
  12. 12. Guadalinfo 2003-2008
  13. 13. Guadalinfo 2009-2012 Goals: – Get andalusian population into the modern knowledge society – Remove the digital divide for the disabled or socially marginated people Results (by now): – 764 centers in < 20.000 towns and cities district with risk of social margination. – 550.000 registered people – 110.000 activities
  14. 14. Guadalinfo 2009-2012
  15. 15. Guadalinfo: Accessibility 2009-2012 objective In agreement with ONCE Guadalinfo as a accessibility lab: – Accessibility device kit – Intelligent a11y adaptation system
  16. 16. Guadalinfo: Accessibility Contributions to Community projects: – Improvement of ORCA – Enhancement of OCRFeeder and Evince – On screen keyboard Caribou and predictive text system Presage – And more to come ...
  17. 17. Government, business and CommunityCommunity way Government way Open devel. Model  Only final product available Meritocracy matters  Financial and workforce capacity matters Quality terms:  Closed terms: – Functionality of interest – Budget – Needs of project – Roadmap – Hacking habilities – Requirements – Penalties
  18. 18. Government, business and CommunityCommunity matters: Needed Companies that: Third party improvements  Understand opensource way Ease maintenance  Relates with community Achieve amount of users  Can fulfil government terms of contract Solve local problems, share solutions globally  Willing to put the right hacker to do the job  Willing to try getting work into upstream
  19. 19. Guadalinex example Tech Objectives: – Care of spanish citizens needs – Improvements over Ubuntu – Release at Ubuntu +45d Target community – Local citizenship – Ubuntu approach for upstreaming
  20. 20. Guadalinex example Consider: – Listen your local users – Work at upstream community forges – Sync community roadmap with yours Benefits: – Local citizenship will reveal what OSS lacks – Community will show what local work matters globally
  21. 21. Guadalinex example
  22. 22. Guadalinfo accesible example Tech Objectives: – Bug fix/Enhancements/Doc on Orca & OCRFeeder – Requests designed with ONCE – Upstream required to assure maintenance About the target community: – Gnome focused – Bugzilla and mailing list to collaborate – Manages their own roadmap
  23. 23. Guadalinfo accesible example Consider: – Gain credit first in order to be listened – Sync community roadmap with yours – Involve with community beyond your scope Benefits: – Community helps on design, coding and peer review – If useful, your work will be maintained by community
  24. 24. Conclusion Community means opportunity Private companies could ride with it A sustainable FLOSS industry appear Society breaks with private soft. habit Will this new culture drive the change?