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  • eBay Marketplace Research is now provided by Terapeak, who also now has mobile apps so that you can do real-time research on the go. Terapeak's unique relationship to eBay puts them in a great position with respect to getting eBay marketplace data.

    There's a free 7-day trial available on their website for every package (some of them have data for seven countries plus eBay Motors) and a discount for annual (versus monthly) subscriptions, so serious sellers can inform themselves and measure the cost-benefit for themselves.

    If you want to be competitive, Terapeak is pretty much a must—you can see hot items, trends over time, average selling prices, the most successful listing strategies, and you can even monitor other sellers and see what strategies they're using and how their listings are performing.

    Since those other sellers are probably already using Terapeak, if you try to go head to head against them without it, you're at a distinct disadvantage.
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Selling Strategically EBay Marketplace Research

  1. Selling Strategically with eBay Marketplace Research Patti Louise Ruby eBay University Instructor and Certified Education Specialist Trained by eBay Nick Donelson Product Management
  2. Important Information © 2007 eBay Inc. All rights reserved. No part of these materials may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior permission of eBay Inc. eBay, eBay Live!, and the eBay logo are registered trademarks of eBay Inc. PayPal and the PayPal logo are registered trademarks of PayPal Inc. Other trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Please do not take our picture or record the class without asking permission.
  3. Agenda Introducing the eBay Marketplace • Research Tool Making Research-driven Sourcing Decisions • Creating High-Performance Listings • Available Options: Subscription Tiers and • Free Research Summary • Q&A •
  4. Research Can Drive Business Success Knowing how a product has sold in the past, • can help you: Estimate how the item will sell in the future – List the item in a way that has proven to work – With 6.4 million new listings per day, eBay • captures sales performance information on items that are directly comparable to the products you sell
  5. Focus: Research-driven Business Decisions Basing sourcing decisions on research • What inventory should I buy? – On which products should I focus my selling efforts? – How much can I expect to sell—therefore, how much – should I stock? Formulate a listing strategy based on proven • techniques When should I list? – Features? Category? Format? – Building a listing title? –
  6. eBay Marketplace—Tool Overview 90 days of eBay history • Information including • average pricing, shipping costs, numbers sold, listing volumes, etc. Advanced search capabilities • Calculated metrics/totals • Charts/diagrams •
  7. Using eBay Marketplace Scenario: As a seller, I have an opportunity • to buy Polar Watches, model s625x for $175.00 apiece Marketplace Research helps • evaluate the sales opportunity Is there demand for these watches? – Is $175 a good price? – How many should I stock? – How strong is the competition? –
  8. Accessing eBay Marketplace Research
  9. Navigating the Tool Charts and Metrics • Historical listings – Top Searches • Most popular – keyword searches on eBay Saved Research •
  10. Step 1: Keyword Search Polar Watch Search Keywords “Polar Watch” • Same as the standard search functionality • on
  11. Step 2: Specify the Appropriate Category This will refine your results •
  12. Step 3: Gauge the Relevance of Results Check to see that the search is finding only the • items of interest Research results are only as good as the query! •
  13. Step 4: Refine Your Search with Filters Filter out irrelevant items • Exclude words – Set floor and ceiling prices – List features and formats – Designate specific sellers – “Located in” or “available to” – Polar Watch Scenario • Exclude “accessory” – or “sensor” – Set Min. price of $100
  14. Step 5: Verify Your Results Confirm that all results are relevant and • comparable to the product of interest
  15. Step 6: View Results—Totals & Metrics Totals and other metrics are calculated automatically •
  16. Step 6: View Results—Charts Track data at a glance in easy-to-read charts •
  17. Step 7: Save Your Research Queries Save your refined research query so you can • analyze the results in the future
  18. Making Research-driven Sourcing Decisions
  19. Can I Earn a Good Margin? Average Price: • $253.64 Ave. – Selling Price $10.01 Ave. – Shipping Cost $253.64 – $175.00 (COGS) $78.64 (30%)
  20. Analyzing Market Demand Market size in volume • (# of items): Sold Items = 87 over – two weeks Market size in • dollars($): Sold Items X Ave. – Price = market size in $$$ 87 items X $253.64 = $22,000 every two weeks
  21. How Strong is the Competition? Conversion (sell- • through) rate measures supply vs. demand on eBay. Calculating conversion • rate: 87 Sold Items/ – 124 Completed Items 87/124 = 70% – Seven out of ten Sell
  22. Deciding Inventory Levels 87 sell every two weeks • 124 were available • If I list 20 more = 144 will • be available Conversion rate: • 87 will sell/ 144 available = 60%, or Six of ten listings will sell or 12 of my 20 listings will sell 12 items every two weeks
  23. Creating High-performance Listings Where, When and How to Sell Your Items
  24. Listing in the Best-performing Category Category 1: Cycling Category 2: Running Polar watches perform better in the Cycling • category than in the Running category
  25. Looking at Sales Performance by Day There is no competing supply on Wednesdays • • Selling price is relatively constant on all days • Listing at a particular time does not always provide an advantage
  26. Building the Most Effective Title Learn what keywords buyers use to search for products • Include common keywords in your listings so more • buyers find your items
  27. Efficient Use of Listing Features View the sales • performance of listings using specific features Use the features that • perform the best for your products
  28. Available Options Subscription Tiers & Free Resources
  29. Subscription Tiers Fast Pass ($2.99/two days) • Ideal for occasional buyers and sellers – Focus: Additional insight into specific items – Basic ($9.99/month) • Ideal for frequent buyers and sellers – Focus: eBay Marketplace trends and best – practices Pro ($24.99/month) • Ideal for top sellers – Focus: Fine-tune sales strategies –
  30. Free Research: Completed Listings Search Search two weeks of historical listings for free •
  31. Free Resource: Using Sales Reports to Drive Business Evaluate your actual business performance • versus your goals Experiment with formats, features, pricing, • and timing of listings Track and measure your sales over time • Refine your selling strategy based on data • Continuously test and implement best practices •
  32. Measuring Success with Sales Reports Sales Reports provide • Sales and fee – summaries A way to measure and – track listing strategies Sales by category – and format Sales by ending day – and time
  33. Want More Tips on Research? Stop by the Seller Tools Pavilion to try out Marketplace Research, Sales Reports and other seller tools
  34. Summary eBay Marketplace Research can help you • access information to directly support sourcing and selling decisions Quality inputs are key: your search results are • only as good as your query Multiple subscription tiers accommodate all • levels of buying and selling activity Free tools can further assist you in making • research-based decisions
  35. Q&A Q&A Patti Louise Ruby Nick Donelson
  36. Thank you! Questions? To learn more, visit to see the eBay University calendar, online tours, tutorials, and more.