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Jane goodall.ibragimovad


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Jane goodall.ibragimovad

  1. 1. Dilfuza Ibragimova 8A Jane Goodall Jane Goodall is a women who made significantcontributions to Science. She loved animals since she waslittle and observed their behaviors and what and how theylive their life. She was born on April 3, 1934 in London andmarried a photographer Van Lawick. Always fascinated byanimal behavior, she snuck out to see how chicken laideggs. Amazed she made her family look for her and was soexcited to describe what she has observed to her mother.After reading the book Dr. Doolittle she had a fascinationwith going to the Africa to observe animals in their naturalhabitats. She contacted Louis Leakey, a Kenyan archaeologistand asked him to discuss animals. Leaky had an idea tomake Goodall his secretary so she can observe the
  2. 2. chimpanzees for him. He believed that chimpanzees are ormight be our ancestors and he wanted Goodall to observetheir behavior. She couldn’t go anywhere near the chimpsbecause they fled when she got near. Soon enough they gotused to her being around and were more comfortable andeven came to her in search of bananas and she was able toobserve the chimps. She used a technique to earn the trustof the chimps and often mimicked their movements and triedto acts as a chimp and as well as hang around the trees. 
 She claims that the Chimpanzees have a unique way ofcommunicating with each other. She said their languageincludes 20 individual sounds. They make and use toolswhich was something considered as a human trait only. Shealso noticed that there are dominant and recessive maleswho keep control and order and are chosen at theirgatherings and feeding times. They use sticks and stones asa self defense and show passion and comfort by touch andembrace. She received a PhD and became the 8th personthroughout history who has received her PhDs without firstearning the baccalaureate degree.
 She was well known and well respected by manypeople and respected most by the scientific circle. Shewrote the book In the Shadow of Man. This book tells aboutthe things she felt and experience while observing thechimps. She revealed some funny and other type ofinteractions. She felt that the young scientists needed toknow how to treat these animals and wrote a book and thenwrote another book named, The Chimpanzee Family Bookdirected mostly towards children. She received many awardsand honors for her hard work, making her one the STEMWomen.