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Desirae Starr Decoo                      Mary Fairfax Somerville     On Dec 26, 1780 Mary Fairfax was born in Scotland.Mar...
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  1. 1. Desirae Starr Decoo Mary Fairfax Somerville On Dec 26, 1780 Mary Fairfax was born in Scotland.Mary Somerville is the fifth child of an Irish Vice-AdmiralSir William Fairfax. She was raised in Scotland and at tenyears old her father sent her to an expensive boardingschool named, the Miss Primrose School. When she came backfrom school she had the ability to read, write and speak inEnglish and also a small amount of French. Mary Fairfax Somerville was one of the first women toresearch outer space. According to the website, Women inEuropean History, Somerville conducted and published astudy on magnetism. The paper and her later writingearned her admission into the Royal Society in 1835. Thissociety was all male and she was one of the first womenadmitted. While the Royal Society had at no point beenofficially closed to learned women, when Somerville wasadmitted in, it showed that were not treated equally andthere were inequalities in the access of education. Mary Somervilles life was a special and important onenot only because she a female who was involved inmathematics and science in the early 1800’s but, because ofher research on space Mary Somerville inspired many womenin her time because of her accomplishments. She showedeveryone that females can succeed at high goals. Somervillealso changed the life of women forever by changing thedefinition of a “man’s job” to everybody can achieve whatthey believe in.