La relazione con il Cliente per far crescere e innovare il Business


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Intervento di Riccardo Sponza al convegno del Forum ICT - OLTRE IL CRM, Le nuove frontiere per l’integrazione delle attività di “relationship management” al servizio del business -

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La relazione con il Cliente per far crescere e innovare il Business

  1. 1. La relazione con ilCliente per farcrescere e innovare ilBusinessRiccardo SponzaMicrosoft Dynamics Marketing LeadMicrosoft Vicentina, 19 giugno 2013
  2. 2. Help organizations attract, win andretain customers through solutionsthat delight users and proactivelyhelp them do business.
  4. 4. Acquiring customers today and in the future will requirecompanies to have the right insights that drive the rightaction and ability to close business57%thru buying cyclebefore sales contact2017CMOspending on technology willexceed that of the CIOBy50/50CMO rule.50% of technology and marketingspend is driving results, 50% is not,but which?
  5. 5. Gain powerful insights by havinga single source of truth with:•Real-time data•Behavioral analysis across leads,prospects and customers•Campaign budget managementCollaborative toolsmake it easy to:• Share information• Foster creativity• Automate processesDATA DRIVEN,CUSTOMER FOCUSEDExecute and monitor campaignsacross all channels, including:• Traditional• Online• Social mediaMULTI-CHANNELENGAGEMENTEFFECTIVEMARKETING MGMT
  6. 6. PLANDigital AssetManagementWorkflow &CollaborationEXECUTECRM Integration& Closed Loop ROIAdvertising &Social MediaNURTURE& MEASUREDATA DRIVEN,CUSTOMERFOCUSEDCustomerSegmentationBehavioralAnalysisEXTERNALCHANNELSMedia Buying & Planning Spend ManagementResource Management Campaign ManagementINTEGRATED MARKETING MANAGEMENT
  7. 7. Retaining customers tomorrow will require you to Listen,Analyze, and Engage customers in the channel theyprefer that meet their expectation.20%of customers whocomplain via socialmedia expect aresponse withinone hourof consumers todaycomplain about productsand services via theirsocial networks44%
  8. 8. Social is a two-way street – when the time is right you can use these tools to havemeaningful conversations with your stakeholders.An avenue by which you can listen and really hear what it is your customers are thinkingand saying, to uncover trends and identify key influencers.ENGAGELISTENGarner insights by monitoring buzz, understanding sentiment and measuring impact.ANALYZE
  9. 9. In order to grow a greater share a wallet that drives top linerevenue companies need to provide simple guided sales toolsthat are proactive, collaborative and on the device of choice.number of devicesconsumers use every day484%of organizations haveremote workers
  10. 10. Seamless experience across sales, service marketing and customer process regardlessof the choice of device, browser and location.Deliver delightful user experiences that promote end-user productivity and demonstratethe rich, “better together” value of Microsoft Technologies.Connecting your people across channels including social to make it easier for your people tocollaborate and get work done.PRODUCTIVECOLLABORATIVEUBIQUITOUS
  11. 11. Designed for youEasy adoptionEverything in one page Touch friendly
  12. 12. Powerful processesFlexible and configurableProcess centric experience Next best steps
  13. 13. Mobility
  14. 14. Adding social and mobileaccess capabilities to CRMincreases productivity ofsales people by 26.4%Mobility & CRM are Key elementsto improve your Field Sellers ProductivityMobile access increasessales force productivity by14.6%
  15. 15. Mobile sales effectivenessEasy adoptionSeamless Experience Designed for Touch
  16. 16. • Modern Windows 8 and iPad experience• Includes charting and dashboards• Native support for device capabilities• Communication and collaboration• Offline experience for occasionally disconnected• Configurable and ExtensibleAn exceptional tablet experience optimizedfor the mobile salespersonUnifiedUser ExperienceBusinessAppsUnified ManagementExperiencesProductivityon the go (Lync,Outlook, …)
  17. 17. Social Trends
  18. 18. Socialwe address three kind of Communities
  19. 19. Yammer when it mattersExternal communicationEnterprise-wide CollaborationReal-time access topeople / data
  20. 20. Listening and Reacting to Social Conversations
  21. 21. Dynamics CRM Platform
  22. 22. Tablet Desktop PhoneCloud On-Premises
  23. 23. 110101101010110101