How to fit in various cliques in Chula


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This is the script for the short film of students at Faculty of Commarts 44i, Chulalongkorn University

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How to fit in various cliques in Chula

  1. 1. How to Fit in to Chula’s Various Cliques Chayaporn Vuttisant 514 53208 28 Chet Chetchotisak 514 53237 28 Kaweewit Kaewjinda 514 53077 28 Krit Sukawat 514 53031 28 Natnicha Chuwiruch 514 53289 28 Pairat Temphairojana 514 53650 28 Parisa Pichitmarn 514 53570 28 Suphanit Chaturongkasumrit 514 53913 28 Siyoree Thaitrakulpanich 514 53907 28 Taeho Lee 514 53398 28 Ajarn Daved Forde and Ajarn Smith BoonchutimaComputer Applications in Communication Work (Section 1) 10 April 2012 How to Fit into Various Chula Cliques, Page 1
  2. 2. HOW TO FIT IN CHULA’S VARIOUS CLIQUES CHARACTERSNARRATOR, our story’s narratorHISO CHICKS, the pretty girls on top of the social pyramidNERDS, a group of students that excessively look books and studyingFRESHMAN, a newbie to the Chula worldGYM FREAKS, a group of gym enthusiastsPART 1: The Hiso ChicksFADE IN:EXT. ESTABLISHING SHOT OF CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITYThe narrator sits on a staircase in Chulalongkorn University at the fourth floor of theFaculty of Communication Arts. NARRATOR (smiling, arms opened widely to greet freshman) Hello you inferior freshman at the bottom of the social pyramid, welcome to Chula!Aren’t you excited to start your college years? Well, college can be a great experience if you have friends.Inns gets up from the staircase and walks towards the camera while speaking. NARRATOR (as a matter-of-factly) So, to save you from being a social recluse or an alien at the back of the classroom,we’re going to give you the 411 on how to blend in to Chula various cliques. Observe.CUT TO BLACK. MUSIC FADES IN.INT. A CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY CLASSROOM.Three university girls walk in unison, tardy, into a classroom. As they enter, they nodinsincerely at the teacher. HISO CHICK 1 (gleefully) …And I’m going to Gaysorn… HISO CHICK 2 Really? What are you getting today?The hiso chicks group starts laughing very loudly. A freshman sitting in front,annoyed, turns around to tell the girls off. FRESHMAN (shushing) Shhhhh! How to Fit into Various Chula Cliques, Page 2
  3. 3. ZOOM IN TO FRESHMAN’S ANNOYED FACE. FADE OUT.PART 2: The NerdsFADE IN:INT. CLASSROOM SETTING.A freshman is combing his hair, tucking in his shirt, and putting his nerdy glasses on.Two nerds take notes in class, nodding in unison. Both are nerdy-looking, with pensin their front pockets, hair fully combed to the side, thick glasses on their noses, andshirts tucked in very proper. The freshman walks in to greet them, holding a thickbook in his hands. FRESHMAN Hello, my friends.Both nerds look at the freshman, and pause to listen to what he has to say. FRESHMAN It took me a couple of days to gather up the courage to come talk to youThe freshman holds out his textbook for the nerd to see. FRESHMAN (flipping through the textbook)Have you seen this new Pearson textbook? It’s 185 grams of paper directly imported from Denmark. Look at that, so soft, tender.The two nerds looks very interested and amazed. FRESHMAN Does it turn you on?The nerds smile and nods vigorously. FRESHMAN (satisfied)Turns me on my friend. I think we should grab some lunch sometimes and talk about the paper grams in this book.The nerds nod, agreeing. FRESHMAN (touching one of the nerds’ glasses) : I like your glasses.CUT TO BLACK. MARIO LEVEL UP SOUND EFFECT.Shot of the nerds doing the thumbs up sign to signal approval. How to Fit into Various Chula Cliques, Page 3
  4. 4. PART 3: The Gym FreaksFADE IN:EXT. CHULALONGKORN FITNESS CENTERThe gym freaks stand close to the entrance of the fitness center, all leaning behind awall. Gym freaks wear sunglasses indoors, and are in their full sports gear. Thefreshman walks in. FRESHMAN Man it’s bright out here.FULL SHOT OF FRESHMAN’S FACE WEARING HIS SUNGLASSES. GYM FREAK 1 Yeah! FRESHMAN Bro, I was just working out the other day man GYM FREAK 1 (sipping his protein shake) Really? FRESHMAN Had this pulling on bench-pressing at 139 (censored sound effects) kilos bro!Freshman does a lifting gesture. The rest of the gym freaks are leaning casuallybehind a wall. FRESHMAN Girls checking me out and all. I was like ‘sup bro.’ GYM FREAK 2 Bro, you need some protein in you man GYM FREAK 1 Yeah that’s right!!! GYM FREAK 2 (waving a jerky) Here, have some of my jerky. GYM FREAK 1 (pulling out a protein shake from his crotch) Yeah, and I even made a protein shake for you.Gym Freak 1 starts drinking the protein shake. GYM FREAK 1 How to Fit into Various Chula Cliques, Page 4
  5. 5. (flexing his bicep and kissing it tenderly) Check this out, guys!Everyone else stares at Gym Freak 1 in awe.ZOOM IN ON BICEP. FRESHMAN Whoa, bro! Those are killer guns!!!TRANSITION SHOT.The three gym freaks get up and prepare to go to the fitness center. GYM FREAK 2 Yeah, let’s go to the gym man! GYM FREAK 1 Yeah, sure dude! GYM FREAK 2 (signaling for the freshman to join) You’re coming too freshy!!Cut to all the gym freaks shouting and flexing muscles as a group. They all walk outin unison.SFX: “I’m Sexy and I Know It”FADE TO BLACK.PART 4: Lessons LearnedThe narrator is sitting a spectator seat by the swimming pool. A guy is leaning on therail and another one is sitting with his sunglasses on, looking cool. NARRATOR And that’s how it’s done. But if you don’t fit in any of these groups, well, there are always cool people like us who might take you in if you are fascinating enough. See you around in the campus!The narrator waves at the camera. The other guys show a thumbs up sign and a peacesign.FADE TO BLACK. How to Fit into Various Chula Cliques, Page 5