What Is The Hosted Office Phone System?


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What Is The Hosted Office Phone System?

  1. 1. What is the Hosted Office Phone System?(HoPs)
  2. 2. Introduction• For companies that want an affordable and efficienttelecommunication system, the Hosted Office Phone System (HoPs)might be the solution.• HoPs is a type of Hosted PBX, one of the latest innovations inbusiness VoIP technology.• With HoPs, businesses have a unified telephone system in placewithout the need to invest in costy equipment and software.• HoPs allows businesses to integrate voicemail, fax, instant messagingand much more.
  3. 3. Advantages of HoPs• Can connect employees from different locations whether it is from theirhome, on their mobile phones, and even in other countries.• Allows for quick set-up with pre-configured phones that are ready for use• Cost efficient as there is no need to invest in traditional telephoneequipment and systems• Can be changed according to the business’s needs• Reliable and secure
  4. 4. Features• HoPs comes with more than 30 features to give business the mostefficient and sophisticated telecommunication support they need.• Includes phone system features, extension features and callmanagement features.
  5. 5. Phone System Features• Auto-Attendant: An efficient way to transfercalls to other departments or extensions withouthaving to go through a receptionist.• Complete Call Control: Businesses get tocontrol every aspect of their calls includingdirecting and filtering calls, caller ID, calling afterhours and more• Virtual Faxing: Businesses can easily sendfaxes anywhere they want through email or otherWeb interfaces. No fax machine necessary!HoPs has many phone system featuresincluding:
  6. 6. Extension Features• Voicemail to Email: Voicemail is convenientlydelivered to email inboxes so that there is noneed to call into the office to check voicemail.• Presence: A convenient way to see who is onthe phone. Especially useful for receptionists!• Call transfer: Allows employees to transfer callsbetween extensions or to external phonenumbers. This can be done through areceptionist or automatically.HoPs has many extension featuresincluding:
  7. 7. Call Management Features• Time Based Routing: Allows businesses to set up theirphones to do different tasks throughout the day androutines can be customized for each extension. Thisallows for efficiency, privacy and facilitation ofcommunication.• Call Recording: Businesses can record importantconversations to improve customer service or preventabuse. Can be done automatically or manually.• Find-me/Follow-me: Perfect for employees on the go,the find-me/follow-me features allows calls to ringmultiple numbers like the office, home or mobile phoneand the first one answered gets the call.HoPs has many call managementfeatures including:
  8. 8. Compatibility• HoPs is compatible with most SIPphones and major IP phones such asPolycom, Yealink, Cisco and more.• Mobile phones and computers can beconnected to HoPs by downloading VoIPapplications such as Counterpath, Bria 3,Eyebeam and X-LiteHoPs has been tested for compatibility in order for businesses to receive thebest, hassle-free experience possible.
  9. 9. Compatibility• Tablets can be synced with HoPsusing VoIP applications such asCounterpath.• Businesses can also use instantmessaging using free instantmessaging clients like Jabber orBria.
  10. 10. For more information on HoPs and otherVoIP options, visit FonAngle at:www.fonangle.com