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Presentation Capitalization


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Presentation Capitalization

  2. 2. CAPITALIZATION IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE English uses capital letters to point out important words. This is the one element of English grammar that always follows its rules. There are no lists of exceptions to memorize. That makes it easier for people who are learning English.
  3. 3. CAPITALIZATION IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE <ul>Rule 1: All sentences begin with a capital letter. </ul><ul>a. This is my house. (statement) b. Are you going to school? (question) c. Watch out for the truck! (exclamation) </ul>
  4. 4. CAPITALIZATION IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE <ul>Rule 2: Titles of books, songs, stories, works of art, magazine articles, tests, and other written materials must begin with a capital letter. </ul>Winnie the Pooh To Kill a Mockingbird . The Merchant of Venice The Star-spangled Banner One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest The New York Times
  5. 5. CAPITALIZATION IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE <ul>Rule 3: The first word of a direct quotation must begin with a capital letter. </ul>a. &quot;Who's been sleeping in my bed?&quot; Pappa Bear cried. b. The president said, &quot;Ask not what your country can do for you.&quot; c. The teacher asked, &quot;Can you answer this question?&quot;
  6. 6. CAPITALIZATION IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE <ul>Rule 4: Titles of people when used with their names or in place of their names must begin with a capital letter. </ul>a. My boss is Mister Smith. b. &quot;Look out, Mister! You're in the way.&quot; c. The members of the church waited for Reverend Jones. d. The captain yelled at Sergeant Harris.
  7. 7. CAPITALIZATION IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE <ul>Rule 5: The proper name, the name of a specific person or thing, begins with a capital letter. </ul>a. Empire State Building ( a building, a monument) b. Henry David Thoreau (a man, a writer) c. Grand Canyon (a canyon, a geographical wonder) d. Atlantic Ocean (an ocean, a body of water) e. Metropolitan Museum of Art (a museum, an institute) f. Ford Explorer (an automobile, a sport utility vehicle) g. Harvard University (a college, a university)
  8. 8. CAPITALIZATION IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE Saturday September Memorial Day Christmas <ul>Rule 6: a day, the weekend, a month, a holiday, a special occasion. </ul>
  9. 9. T H E E N D