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Why CRM doesn't work for Real Estate Lead Conversion


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There is a growing divide in real estate those that understand internet
lead conversion and the systems needed to convert leads and...those
that are still trying to use old school manual data based entry CRM's.

You see CRM's are great for industries where there isn't a high volume
of leads and you need to generate invoices and all that fancy accounting stuff,
e.g. CUSTOMER relationship management.

Where they aren't so great is in a sales environment, when your getting
lots of leads from the internet and sign calls etc and you just need
a simple system that organizes it all for you automatically.
e.g. a LEAD management system.

Here's the crazy way some people try to fight it, they hire an assistant and spend
all their time struggling to keep their CRM up to date, the second they stop
working or their assistant is sick the CRM stops doing anything!

It's a system based on human input (and we humans sure are unreliable).

In fact most agents just give up trying to use a CRM all together because all
the work it entails is far too time consuming.

And the crazy thing is they just keep looking for another "CRM solution"....
in fact one of our customers looked at 50 different CRM's before she
found our simple automated system.

In this webinar:

We'll show you why the top teams are exploding their businesses with internet
leads and what you can do to join them.

We'll show you the 5 things you absolutely must have in place if you want
to make internet leads a profit center in your business (for people without
these 5 things they are just an expensive waste of money and time).

We also show the 5 mistakes that brokers and agents make that cost them BIG TIME.

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Why CRM doesn't work for Real Estate Lead Conversion

  1. 1. Why CRM doesnt workfor real estate salesAND MOST IMPORTANTLY WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT
  2. 2. “ If you are not making a professional level of profit, there is something wrong in your business. Period. -Darin Persinger Productivity Junkies ”
  3. 3. Think BIG Small businesses are small for a reason, they arent action takers, they dont invest in themselves and they dont implement systems. All wealth comes from systems If you dont have a system, you are the system. Dont be a cog in the wheel
  4. 4. Today The critical parts of online lead conversion, without which you may as well stop generating internet leads. Why CRM cant keep up The 5 mistakes brokers and agents make in growing their business Follow Up Boss System Q + A + giveaway
  5. 5. The critical parts ofonline lead conversionWithout which you may as well stop wasting money on online leads
  6. 6. Speed of Response Critical You are 100 times more likely to contact a client within 5 minutes versus calling within 30 minutes. (MIT Study). 74% of all buyers and 76% of all sellers will work with the first agent they talk to. (NAR) Zillow, Trulia, If your not first you are last.
  7. 7. Speed of Response Goodlife team, 5 minute guarantee to sellers. 15 minutes is good, 5 is better. Lead Coordinator If your not first you are last.
  8. 8. Phone Calls Call each lead 3 times minimum. 5 is better. ABS (Always be serving), listen deeply to their needs.
  9. 9. Non responsive leads Cant get them on the phone and they dont respond to email. Short automated drip campaign to generate a response. 10% response rate
  10. 10. Accountability Do you have a system in place to make sure every single lead gets looked after? Are you tracking your marketing and only investing in profitable lead sources? Is the system human dependent? How does it work on weekends? Holidays? When your sick?
  11. 11. “ What gets measured gets managed. – PETER DRUCKER ”
  12. 12. Past Performance Analysis Gym Membership How were your last 10 leads treated. Past performance is the best indicator. If you didnt treat your last 10 leads well, the next 10 isnt looking so great either.
  13. 13. Score yourself on your last 10 leads Did every lead receive a phone call in the first hour? Did every lead receive follow up phone calls? Did you send non responsive leads a short drip email? Did all the leads go into a system? Do you have accountability in place? Score out of 10 for each question.
  14. 14. CRM as a lead system CRM stands for customer relationship management which makes it great for that. But as a lead management system its missing some critical components. Its not automated its reliant on busy agents and assistants to operate it. The moment you stop working, your CRM stops working. When was the last time you logged into your CRM? How does it work when you are on holidays or spending time with your family?
  15. 15. Some examples Real estate CRMs Top Producer, Wiseagent, Ixact Contact there are a lot of other ones to. Some slightly more automated solutions are market leader, tigerleads, boomtownROI. These are all bundled with a website and automatically accept leads from that website. You need a system that works with all your lead sources as automatically as possible otherwise you are inefficient, you end up juggling six different leads sources in your email and a few website backends…
  16. 16. “ Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -ALBERT EINSTEIN ”
  17. 17. The 5 mistakes of pooragents and brokers
  18. 18. Build a fortress not a sand castleBUILD A FORTRESS NOT A SAND CASTLE
  19. 19. Externally focused. Address the problems your business actually has. You are the one who has to pay attention to your numbers. Opinions from other people are well intentioned but often useless. Should I buy Zillow or Trulia leads?? Focus on serving your customers. If you call a website provider they will sell you a website, if you call Zillow they will sell you their marketing package.
  20. 20. Distraction chasers Social Media Too much automation Shiny things A good way to test is will this product make something I am currently doing easier, how much money will it make me, will it save me time?
  21. 21. Distraction chasers Email filters Prioritize like your life depended on it (because it does)
  22. 22. No accountability systems Not measuring marketing. Make business decisions based on emotions not on performance data. If your generating a lot of internet leads and dont have a rock solid system in place for follow up...Its like driving a car with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes.
  23. 23. Dont value their own time Do data entry into CRMs instead of outsource or automate. Typically get overrun with work hire a VA and then don’t value their VA’s time either. Spend hours in email every day Constantly worried about what to work on next instead of following a proven system
  24. 24. Bonus mistake: Ego Not ready to admit what they dont know, not looking to address weaknesses in their business Admitting there is a problem is the first step to solving the problem Thinking solutions and systems wont work for them because they are special or different.
  25. 25. About meDan CorkillAussieCo-founderof Follow Up BossConnect on Facebook
  26. 26. For a free trial ofFollow Up Boss