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SoAn- The Subanens


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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SoAn- The Subanens

  1. 1.  The Subanens sticks to their ancient polytheistic religion. Witchdoctors or Shamans plays an important role in their community.
  2. 2.  Magbabaya- worship of the creator. Gmegayep- faith in their religion. Megbaton- belief in high heaven. Somodiot- appeal to their god through prayers. Gbalyan- reverence to their priests (shamans). Masidokan- observance of religious ceremonies. Gboklog- dancing rite on the platform. Buya- parental courtship. Kinlosing- post- harvest ceremony. Panlimwasan- preliminary feast for a bigger one. Timuay- respecting the group leader.
  3. 3.  Ken Gbugo- thanksgiving feast. Banghay-banghay- feast in honor of the dead. Gboleman- marital ceremoy. Sampay- wearing of belt. Linggi- wearing of arm and leg bracelet/s. Getahel- wearing of necklace/s. Glita- wearing of earrings. Sising- wearing of ring/s. Gboklug- celebrating expensive feasts. Pengasi- drinking Subanen wine.
  4. 4.  The practice of buya (parentally-arranged marriage) The marriage is always celebrated in the woman’s house. The Gbalyan (priest) and Datu officiates the wedding. The groom’s right hand and foot are placed over the bride’s right hand and foot, indicating that the groom has power over hisbride. Killing of the white chicken and showering its blood to the couple’s hands and feet, symbolizes purity. Drinking of Pangasi in a porcelain bowl.
  5. 5.  Extended Family- parents allow their married children to stay with them until they are ready to be independent. Polygamy Hereditary Succession1. Datu2. Timuay Period of Conception- most delicate period for the couple. ALL the best is given. Baptism or daga - the child is placed in the middle of the house together with the priest.
  6. 6.  Pangalitawo (pahng-ah-lee-tah-woh)- is a courtship dance, which typically performed during harvest time and other social gatherings. The female holds shredded banana leaves in each hand, while the male wields a kalasay, a type of shield. Dumadel (dooh-mah-dehl) - a festival dance performed by the Subanons with palaspas (fronds of the buri plant) to celebrate a good harvest.