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Press Review: Romania, Not For Sale!


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Press Review: Romania, Not For Sale!

  1. 1. What is really the problem with Romania?HUMAN TRAFFICKING.*Second largest next to Ukraine.Why is Human trafficking in Romania is at its large?1. Poor economy2. A lot of young generation is looking for a good future and it is not in Europe. That’s why they’re often sold and used.What will happen now?Low risk, high income business!-nearly 300 Roma are being trafficked every month to Britain to steal, to beg and be sold (i.e. organ harvesting and prostitution).“Will this hurt Europe?”It will but hardly be noticed.
  2. 2. So, what is Romania doing about it?*Prohibits all forms of trafficking in persons through Law no. 678/2001 on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings*Prevention, Assistance and support provided to victims, and Special protective measures for childrenAlso…The government conducted a public campaign to raise awareness about sex trafficking entitled “The Two-Faced Man.”1. TV Advertisements2. Radio Campaigns3. Posters in public transportations and areas4. School-to-school campaign*demand reduction campaign targeted at clients of potential victims of forced prostitution and forced labor in June 2009.
  3. 3. How is the EU and European neighbors helping?*has enabled the detection of more and more members of criminal groups.* international initiatives focus on co-operation with countries of destination for Romanian trafficking victims, particularly neighboring countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova.*The "Integrated Approach for Prevention of Labor Exploitation In Origin And Destination Countries“ project. Partners involved are: European Public Law Organization - Greece, Mol - Hungary, National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (NCCTHB) - Bulgaria, Organization for Equality, Support and Anti-racism (KISA) - Cyprus, respectively Mol - FYROM
  4. 4. "launched three national campaigns and several others at regional level to help raise awareness about the dangers of trafficking in persons“-Romania a global center for human trafficking,“has identified Romania as an international hot spot for modern slavery.”-Romania a global center for human trafficking,“EU Justice Commissioner Antonio Vitorino said he would make new proposals soon to increase the protection of victims who want to be witnesses, offering them temporary residence while the investigation is ongoing.” -EU clampdown on human trafficking,
  5. 5. “David Batstone: Romania is major center for buying, selling slaves for EU nations” -Romania a global center for human trafficking,"Romania has become a major transit for the sale of people into the European Union... Recent and detailed studies by Romanias National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons clearly indicate that Romania is an origin country for trafficking in persons. ”-Letter to the editor: Romania is winning fight against trafficking,“Romanian authorities have dismantled a human trafficking ring that transported women to Germany and sold them to Turkish citizens.”- Romanian Police Break Up Human Trafficking Ring,
  6. 6. member-states?_s=PM:WORLD trafficking/showNIPsection.action;jsessionid=1ptnNngN1Cvv8P4jGThj9Qy9j8dmY7Q KZhWKWvSSMKQJYVh7f8v6!-403728570?sectionId=a9eb3934-22fa-4dc2-8977- 40191d57e5bb xhtml/en_GB/features/setimes/articles/2011/10/31/reportage-01 068dd/4fb6bfb6b0b2e4d58025768f003b5968/$FILE/Press%20Release%20- %20Romanian%20Human%20Trafficking%20Case.doc.pdf
  7. 7. Vicente, Gillian Cristel D. AB IntS II