MscBA_Entrepreneurship (Innovation and Growth)


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Overview on the Master program.

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MscBA_Entrepreneurship (Innovation and Growth)

  1. 1. Master of Science in Business Administration – Major in Entrepreneurship (Innovation & Growth) Philosophy Entrepreneurship – in line with the Schools strategy 1911… …and today to seek opportunities to create something new (new products, new markets, new production processes, new way of organizing etc.) and then use various means to exploit or develop them „creative destruction“ Joseph Schumpeter Scott A. Shane, 2004 Entrepreneurship Pioneer Professor of Entrepreneurship 1883 - 1950
  2. 2. Career prospects Career prospects wide range of entrepreneurial careers strategic analysis, decision making and change management positions at start-up companies …where expertise in international commerce, global competition and technological development are key skills required for the job. Objectives Objectives learning how to think in an entrepreneurial way action-oriented analytical and methodical competencies outstanding interpersonal and intercultural skills
  3. 3. Why a Master in Entrepreneurship? The Master’s program responds to the needs of private companies and the public Professionalising sector. Lecturers with practical experience, e.g.: • A. Steiner, CEO of Thermoplan • J.-M. Ayer, Member of the Board Dartfish Why a Master in Entrepreneurship? The Master’s program is based on solid scientific principles. Scientific Internationally renowned lecturers from the field of entrepreneurship, e.g.: • Prof. L. J. Filion, HEC Montréal • Prof. P.-A. Julien, Université de Québec à Trois-Rivières • Prof. O. Torres, Université Montpellier • Prof. Michael R. Czinkota, Georgetown University
  4. 4. Why a Master in Entrepreneurship? The Master’s program is built on the basis of an extensive domestic and international International & collaboration. Multilingual • It benefits from the fact that teachers come from diverse backgrounds and a wide selection of different universities. • Exchange weeks • French/English or German/English Curriculum Major Modules (30 ECTS) In Collaboration with HES-SO Valais & Hochschule Liechtenstein Fribourg Core of the Master study program Building entrepreneurial competence − Entrepreneurial Intention and New Venture − Innovation in the Changing Business Environment − Business Planning − Entrepreneurial Finance − Entrepreneurial Marketing & International Entrepreneurship − Growth Strategies
  5. 5. Curriculum Applied Research Projects(18 ECTS) Strengthen entrepreneurial competencies Individually or in a group The projects must be realized in cooperation with companies or institutes. − Innovation Discovery and Technology Transfer − Business-Plan − Marketing Plan − Discover New Markets Curriculum Master Thesis (15 ECTS) Must include a major practical component Has to contain an innovative or creative aspect
  6. 6. Curriculum Module category Module 1st term 2nd term 3rd term 4th term General Management General Management 1 3 General Management 2 3 General Management 3 3 General Management 4 3 General Management 5 3 General Management 6 3 Research Methods Philosophy of Science 3 Research Methods 3 Research Instruments 3 Major Entrepreneurial Intention and New Venture 5 Innovation in the Changing Business Environment (1st part) 3 Innovation in the Changing Business Environment (2nd part) 2 Business Planning 5 Entrepreneurial Finance 5 Growth Management 5 Entrepreneurial Marketing and International Entrepreneurship 5 Applied Research Innovation Discovery and Technology Transfer 3 Projects Business-Plan 5 Marketing-Plan 5 Discover New Markets 5 Master Thesis Master Thesis 15 Sum ETCS (1ETCS = 25-30 ho urs wo rklo ad) 21 27 22 20 Questions & Contact Contact HES-SO Yves Rey 032 424 49 00 Academic Director Prof. Dr. Rico Baldegger Executive Director Andreas Brülhart, MBA in Entrepreneurship 026 429 63 76 Antoine Perruchoud 027 606 90 16