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Web Quest Rubric


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Web Quest Rubric

  1. 1. Evaluator:____________________ Author/Title of Evaluated Webquest: _____________________________ WebQuest Rubric Aesthetics Low (0 points) Medium (2 points) High (4 points) Getting through the lesson is There are a few places Navigation is seamless. It is confusing and where the learner can get always clear to the learner Navigation unconventional. Pages can't lost and not know where to what all the pieces are and and Flow be found easily and/or the go next. how to get to them. way back isn't clear. There are more than 5 There are some broken links, broken links, misplaced or misplaced or missing No mechanical problems Mechanical missing images, badly sized images, badly sized tables, noted. Aspects tables, misspellings and/or misspellings and/or grammatical errors. grammatical errors. Graphic elements Appropriate graphic sometimes, but not always, elements contribute to the contribute to the understanding of concepts, Graphics understanding of concepts, ideas and relationships. (bonus points) ideas and relationships. Differences in type size There is some variation in and/or color are used well type size, color, and layout. and consistently. Score: /8 (include bonus points) Introduction Low (0 points) Medium (2 points) High (4 points) No attempt made to appeal The introduction relates The introduction draws the to learners. somewhat to the learner's reader into the lesson by interests and/or describes a relating to the learner's Motivation compelling question or interests and/or engagingly problem. describing a compelling question or problem. Score: /4
  2. 2. Task Low (0 points) Medium (2 points) High (5 points) Required outcome is unclear The task targets higher order The task clearly states what or unstated. thinking, but is not clearly students must know and be connected to what students able to do by the end of the Clarity must know and be able to WebQuest. do to achieve proficiency of those standards. Task requires simply Task is doable but is limited Task is doable and comprehending or retelling in its significance to students' engaging, and elicits of information found on web lives. thinking that goes beyond Deeper pages and answering factual rote comprehension. Thinking questions. Tied to the The task is not tied to the The task is related to the The task is referenced to core curriculum core curriculum but is not curriculum standards and is core clearly connected to what clearly connected to what students must know and be students must know and be able to do to achieve able to do to achieve proficiency of those proficiency of those standards. standards. Appropriate The task is inappropriate for The task is relevant to student The task is readable by the the grade-level (either too interests, but doesn’t match intended grade level and for grade hard or too easy) student abilities (too hard or shows a deep understanding level too easy). of student abilities and interests Score: /20 Process Low (0 points) Medium (2 points) High (4 points) Process is not clearly stated. Some directions are given, Every step is clearly stated. Students would not know but there is missing Most students would know Clarity exactly what they were information. Students might exactly where they are at supposed to do just from be confused. each step of the process and reading this. know what to do next. Activities are of little Some of the activities do not Activities are clearly related significance to one another relate specifically to the and designed to take the Scaffolding and/or to the accomplishment of the task. students from basic accomplishment of the task. knowledge to higher level thinking. Roles & Roles are clear and realistic. Roles match the issues and They may be limited in resources. The roles provide Expertise scope but do evoke conflict. multiple perspectives from (bonus points) which to view the topic. Score: /8 (include bonus points)
  3. 3. Evaluation Low (0 points) Medium (2 points) High (4 points) Criteria for success are not Criteria for success are at The evaluation instrument described. least partially described. clearly measures what Clear and students must know and be Purposeful able to do to accomplish the task. Score: /4 Conclusion Low (0 points) Medium (2 points) High (4 points) Minimal conclusion. No Returns to the intro ideas. Clear tie-in to the intro. mention of student thinking May sum up the Makes the students' Clear and or symmetry to intro. experiences and learning cognitive tasks overt and Purposeful that was undertaken. suggests how this learning could transfer to other domains/issues. Score: /4 Credits Low (0 points) Medium (2 points) High (4 points) Choice of This activity could probably Some resources reflect Uses the Web to access be done better without the features of the Web that sites that build deeper Resources Web. make it particularly useful. understanding of the topic. Resources are insufficient There is some connection There is a clear and or there are too many between the resources and meaningful connection resources for learners to the information needed for between all the resources Quantity look at in a reasonable students to accomplish the and the information needed time. task. Some resources don't for students to accomplish add anything new. the task. Every resource carries its weight. Links are mundane. They Some links carry Varied resources provide lead to information that information not ordinarily enough meaningful Quality could be found in a found in a classroom. information for students to classroom encyclopedia. think deeply. Score: /12 Total score: /60 Evaluator Notes: