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The Thought Pump Model for Meditation


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This is a 5' Flash Talk I gave at the Automattic Grand Meetup 2014. Since I've seen this model at the Mind and Life Europeans Symposium 2013 I found it was a great way to explain the meditation basics to beginners. Works quite well.

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The Thought Pump Model for Meditation

  1. MEDITATION & THOUGHT PUMP Davide ‘Folletto’ Casali Photo by Keoni Cabral
  2. When we meditate we start focusing
  3. FOCUS Until we reach that ideal state of mind
  4. FOCUS …that slowly…
  5. FOCUS …slowly…
  6. FOCUS …slowly…
  7. …fades away
  8. Our thoughts start rushing in.
  9. And our mind jumps from one to the other.
  10. hey! Until at one point: “Hey! I was meditating!”
  11. So we go back to our meditation
  12. FOCUS And reach again our focus point
  13. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS Meditation Thought Pump hey!
  14. This process is absolutely natural.
  15. YOU CAN THINK OF MEDITATION AS A TRAINING TO EXERCISE TWO THINGS: Breaking the Thought Pump The meditation focus itself
  16. “I often joke that I’m going to build a meditating computer” INSPIRED BY A TALK OF Marieke van Vugt Artificial Intelligence Professor Ballet Dancer Buddhist
  17. SEEN AT Mind and Life Europe Symposium for Contemplative Studies 2013
  18. Thanks. @folletto