How to Survive a Social media Crisis


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How to Survive a Social media Crisis

  1. 1. How to survive aSocial Media Crisis Folke Lemaitre Founder & CEO
  2. 2. What is Engagor?All-in-one social media monitoring, Enterpriseanalytics and management tool B2C Monitor your brand across the web Talk with your customers on any social network Measure your results Create detailed Social Media reports Powerful, yet easy to use
  3. 3. Billions of conversations each day Consumers use social media every day. Do You?
  4. 4. The Social Consumer is king
  5. 5. How do you talk to a king?• Do your homework  learn, learn, learn! 1. Build your personal Social Identity 2. Prepare for war 3. Survive a war 4. Adapt your strategy
  6. 6. Get started with Social Media• Create a personal Twitter account – Follow influential people – Gather a following – Talk – Tweet often, but don’t overdo it• Understand Social Media dynamicsNow you’re ready to get started on that social media crisis plan
  7. 7. How do you talk to a king? • As a Guru?
  8. 8. How do you talk to a king?• Vanity metrics are fun, but not a goal• Treat others as your equal• Remember that you are not the King
  9. 9. How do you talk to a king? SOCIAL MEDIA… OM NOM NOM * BEEEEEP TWEEEEEET
  10. 10. How do you talk to a king? SOCIAL MEDIA… OM NOM NOM * BEEEEEP TWEEEEEET• Automation is great! But keep the human touch• Never send automatic messages• Answer to people
  11. 11. How do you talk to a king?Be HumanBe PersonalBe Professional
  12. 12. Prepare for War
  13. 13. Be Prepared• Crisis can strike any time – During the day if you’re lucky – During the night, weekend if you’re not so lucky• When crisis strikes you better be prepared – This is not the time to start thinking about a social media crisis plan
  14. 14. Start Listening• Monitor your brand, competitors, industry• Monitor key people in your company, including yourself• Monitor generic list of negative keywords – For example: mentions of “health claim” in Belgium (for Consumer Goods)
  15. 15. Get to know your audience
  16. 16. Get to know your audience
  17. 17. Get to know your audience
  18. 18. Get to know your audience
  19. 19. Get to know your audience
  20. 20. Get to know your audience
  21. 21. Detect early: negative mentions from influencers on Twitter
  22. 22. Detect early: Surge in negativity
  23. 23. Detect early: surge in mentions
  24. 24. Prepare when you know a crisis will hit • Setup very broad keyword topics – For example, if you expect a mass layoff • Use saved searches for further filtering
  25. 25. Prepare for quick response• Setup Quick Searches – List of influencers – Sort incoming mentions by authority – Filter on most pending issues first –…• Setup a crisis response team for afterhours
  26. 26. Surviving a War
  27. 27. Admit there is a problem• Admit there’s an issue (don’t wait too long)  on your website or blog  on your social channels
  28. 28. • Keep your calm at all times• Answer correctly• Don’t be harsh BUT: don’t feed the trolls
  29. 29. Update regularly, even when there are no updates No news  Bad news Bad news  Good news Good news  No news • Don’t leave your customers in the dark • Be as transparent as possible
  30. 30. Be Responsive• Answer as much and as fast as possible• Prioritize on influencers, key issues, …• DON’T delete/hide posts on Facebook• Communicate beyond Facebook & Twitter
  31. 31. Adapt your Strategy
  32. 32. Analyze Your Data
  33. 33. Learn and Adapt• Adapt your strategy• Be even better prepared• How can we do better next time?
  34. 34. • Consumer is KingTL;DR • • Understand Social Media dynamics Start listening and be prepared • Be transparent and responsive • Learn from your mistakes • Start your free Engagor trial today! ;-)folke@engagor.com
  35. 35. Why 200+ customers worldwide choose Engagor 200+ customers worldwide