Camco 45704 rv 36' ultra shield class a cover, 120 h x 110w


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Camco 45704 rv 36' ultra shield class a cover, 120 h x 110w

  1. 1. Download this document if link is not clickableCamco 45704 RV 36 ULTRAShield Class A Cover,120"H x 110"W List Price : $536.08 Price : $290.35 Average Customer Rating 2.0 out of 5 Product Feature q Designed to provide ultimate protection for stored RVs q Made from woven material q Resists mold as well as mildew growth q Features vented flaps q Measures 120 inch height and 110 inch in width q Read moreProduct DescriptionProvide ultimate protection for your stored RV with Camcos ULTRAShield RV Cover, the lightest weight cover inthe industry. Woven material allows the cover to slide on easily. Fully breathable design resists mold andmildew growth. Vented flaps reduce wind lofting and inside moisture. Tear resistant. Integrated self-adjustinghold down system. Designed for use with toy haulers. Storage bag included. Read moreProduct DescriptionUltimate Lightweight ProtectionCamco Ultrashield Class A RV Covers are designed to provide maximum vehicle coverage, that equals ultimateprotection for your stored RV. Ultrashield Class A RV Covers also utilize the lightest weight cover material in theindustry. This unique woven material allows for a variety of valuable benefits. 20% lighter than competingcovers, each is easy to install, sliding easily across your vehicle, minimizing the chance of snags and tears.They also feature vented flaps that reduce wind lofting and inside moisture, that working together with a fullybreathable design resists mold and mildew growth. Lastly Ultrashield Class A RV Covers utilize an integratedself-adjusting hold down system that is guaranteed to keep your cover in place during winterization periods.
  2. 2. The ultimate lightweight protection for Class Atrailers measuring from 28 to 42 feet.View larger.A woven polyester blend that is 20% lighterthan competing models, but durable enough tokeep out the elements.View larger.SpecificationsThe Camco line of Ultrashield Class A RV Covers is designed to provide a perfect fit for most any size of class Amodel RV currently available. See the full list of offerings available in this product line, including: productnumber, vehicle length and cover dimensions. Camco Model # RV Length Cover Dimensions45700 28 114"H x 110"W45701 30 114"H x 110"W 45702 32 114"H x 110"W45703 34 120"H x 110"W 45704 36 120"H x 110"W 45705 38 120"H x 110"W 45706 40 120"H x 110"W 45707 42 120"H x 110"WKey Featuresq The lightest weight cover in the industryq Woven polyester cover material protects against: dust and dirt, water damage and harmful UV raysq Woven polyester cover material also allows the cover to slide on easilyq Fully breathable design resists mold and mildew growthq Vented flaps reduce wind lofting and inside moistureq Contains an integrated self-adjusting hold down systemq Tear resistantq Storage bag included
  3. 3. Three-Year Limited WarrantyCamco Ultrashield Class A RV Covers carry a three-year limited warranty, applicable to the original purchaserwhen used under normal operating conditions. Proof of purchase is required.About Camco ManufacturingLocated in Greensboro, North Carolina, Camco started in 1966 with one employee and one product. Today over40 years later, they employ more than 350 employees and produce over 3,000 products in five manufacturingfacilities. Competitive pricing, superior service, quality products and customer satisfaction are the foundationsupon which Camco operates, while their friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff stands ready to assistour customers with any questions.Read more