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How Dolphins are Trained


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A PowerPoint created by students in the fourth grade

Published in: Education
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How Dolphins are Trained

  1. 1. How dolphins are trained By: Hailey Kochan
  2. 2.  The hand signal is a step of how a dolphin is trained Steps to how a dolphin is trained
  3. 3.  The whistle tells the animal when it has done the behavior correctly  They receive a neutral response when they do the behavior wrong or a time out for at lest five sec. this gives the animal time to think what they did incorrectly so they don’t do that behavior again dolphins
  4. 4.  Targeting is the first behavior dolphins learn targeting
  5. 5.  The hand signal tells the animal which behavior to use The hand signal
  6. 6.  Hand signals are the second behavior dolphins learn Hand signal
  7. 7.  Dolphin make three sounds  Dolphins have there on signature whistle  Tweets  And a other whistle sounds
  8. 8.  Humas can comunitcate with dolphins by listening to the sounds the dolphin makes  Dolphins listen to human signals comunetcanion