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Durch die Brille der Geförderten


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loodse GmbH als Erfolgsbeispiel für InnoRampup

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Durch die Brille der Geförderten

  1. 1. Team Passionate about the opportunities of cloud native - not afraid to play in the big leagues Sebastian Scheele Co-founder and CEO Julian Hansert Co-founder and COO Kristin Wittig Marketing & Communications A dynamic team to enable growth  5 Engineers  5 Freelance engineers  2 Marketing  2 Senior Advisors
  2. 2. Basic Idea Make Infrastructure Invisible Businesses spend too much time and resources on configuring and operating IT infrastructure Loodse enables companies to forget about infrastructure and focus on their applications
  3. 3.  Kubermatic Container Engine includes everything businesses need to run containerized services in production  Kubermatic enables businesses to set-up, deploy and run multiple container clusters (Kubernetes) in cloud and on premise
  4. 4. Business Opportunity „Containers are emerging as the most disruptive technology of this decade.“ $ 390 B predicted global cloud spending by 2020 60% of all enterprise workloads projected to run in cloud by mid-2018
  5. 5. April 2016: Foundation of Loodse July 2016: First Pitch at InnoRampUp August 2016: Preparation of written application September 2016: Second Pitch (Vergabeausschuss): € 150k funding granted November 2016: Start of InnoRampUp programme
  6. 6. Customers Enterprise Internet Service Provider SME with high data volume >200 register ed users
  7. 7. Milestones
  8. 8. Questions?