Michael Price Interior Design Portfolio


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A collection of interior design studio projects. Includes my MA Interior Design thesis completed May 2011.

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Michael Price Interior Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Great design is like a conversation vocalized through creative thought, a desireMichael A. Price for fulfillment and an impassioned execution. The interpersonal relationships I have developedFine Art | Interior Design throughout my life have taught me that the3201 Landover St, Apt. 719 most fruitful conversationalists are those whoAlexandria, VA 22305 have learned how to listen. Once a person has mastered the ability to hear whatP | 443 . 298 . 0053 another needs, it is easier to redefineE | map.fad @ gmail.com an initially misguided resolution and consequently devise a more cohesive action. As a designer I would hope to have the opportunity to help others express their visions and personal style while exercising my belief that a person’s living and workspace should be enhanced to inspire their lives and impact their mood.
  2. 2. SchematicsAlois House An Equestrian Student-Housing Complex Campus Relocation Main Stable Boarder Barn Indoor Riding Arena Proposed Site 1st Floor Groom’s Residence Public & (Original Building Learning Relocated) Spaces 2nd Floor : Private Dorm Spaces Concept Image Goucher College 1021 Dulaney Valley RD Conceptual sketch that Baltimore, MD 21204 led to the introduction and development of Thesis Statement: the main stable’s The grid concept informed curvilinear layout. This thesis explores the functional needs and much of the layout and constraints of integrated living, classroom, and design of Alois House. competition training spaces merging both the Additionally, it was utilized dorm and stable typologies into a singular as both reference and equestrian student-housing complex for the Inspirational grid configuration shown over the inspiration for the selection of Goucher College campus. original 1956 architectural blueprints for the main barn. fixtures, furnishings, casework, and textiles. MAP AP M
  3. 3. ED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT PRODUCT PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT In keeping with the concept of student-friendly customizable spaces, the swivel benches offer a variety of configurations that are suitable to various gatherings of Horseman’s Entrances to Entrance into Classroom students and activities. Lounge Stables Indoor Riding Arena Riding Simulators Copy (5) of Site Plan 1 1/64" = 1-0" Cemac Precision Two Step Lockers Table to accompany UP UP UP swivel benchesPRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT PRODUCT PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT PRODUCT Mensi Washbasin W RRLevel 1- Floor Finish Plan Common Area Trophy Wall M RR Main Entrance Common Room Janitor’s Closet Kitchen & Bar Seating Faculty Office Mechanical Benches Plan 1 Level 1- Furniture Plan Common Area 2 3/16" = 1-0" 3/16" = 1-0" with Swivel Benches Commons Room window with a view of the stables beyond Hide-away kitchen with sliding barn doors PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT PRODUCT Axonometric view of basic bench assembly Perspective view of swivel benches in the common room MAP AP M PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT PRODUCT
  4. 4. PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT Double Occupancy Dorm Room MicroFridge/Secondary Storage Private Bathroom Nook ECORE Corporate Offices, Lancaster, PA ECOsilence DN If sound is an issue, commercial spaces can be dampened with ECOsilence underlayment. ECOsilence resilient underlayment can be installed directly beneath ECOsurfaces, Copy (5) of Site Plan 1 tile, vinyl, ceramic1/64"hardwood, or any other = 1-0" variety of hard surface flooring material. The recycled rubber material exceeds the building code standards of IIC 50 and STC 50, with or without a suspended ceiling. It does not require a concrete coating or UP costly floor transitions, and can be applied directly beneath flooring surfaces. UP Applications EcoSurface recycled rubber DN flooring with the•EcoSilence • Condominiums Office Buildings PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT PRODUCT PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT PRODUCT • Apartments • Hotels underlayment is installed in • Exercise Facilities • Schools circulation spaces to provide • Libraries comfort and absorb sound. Level 1- Furniture Plan Common Area 2 Panel & Shelving System 3/16"Level 2- Floor Finish Plan 1 = 1-0" Study Den 3/16" = 1-0" Assembly ECOsilence STC Rating IIC Rating PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT PRODUCT With Ceiling 5/32” 70 70Main stairs are inspired by equestrian With Ceiling 3/8” 70 71 No Suspended 3/8” 52 51 Ceilingshow jumps. Half glass treads allow forlight from the window wall to illuminate Specifications Custom Flooring Patternfrom around the elevator shaft. ROLLS Please visit www.ecosurfaces.com for • 48” x 5/32” Standard 50’ rolls more information on laminating other • 48” x 3/8” nominal, Standard 25’ rolls products to ECOsilence. 25 The Ridemaster Riding Simulator The segmented structure of Disassembled storage bins are re purposed to provide Shock Tamer™ shoeing pads was the The dorm room features customizeable elements such as a sliding panel closet system, fold-down work desks, the perfect place to hang pictures, papers and more. inspiration source for the modular Freedom Saddle Seat self-healing wall covering and magnetic display finishes. Space is saved by providing students with captain’s Students may further personalize this design element table system in the classroom. and Task Chairs beds instead of traditional dressers or wardrobes. with their choice of clips, hooks and magnets.MAP AP M PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT PRODUCT
  5. 5. 1 Site Plan. Main and Boarder Barns 1/64" = 1-0" Tack-Nook Feed Room Utility/Laundry PRODUCED BY AN AUTODESK STUDENT PRODUCT Stable windows and doors reference the square grid pattern Horses can view each other and their surroundings easily with european-style stall fronts. View down the main barn’s central aisle to the entrance of the indoor riding arena Hinged Stall Wall (for temporary medical care) Built in Blanket-Rack System Student Facilities Entrance Level 1 - Floor Finish Plan Barns Rubber pavers for the Preliminary sketch of stall 2 1/8" = 1-0" aisles of the stables and tack-nook configuration Feed Room Tack Room Wash Stall Tack Room Indoor Riding ArenaMAP AP M
  6. 6. PlanAlys Retreat Exterior Perspective Inspirational Images Alys Beach Community, FL. A vacation home designed for a couple with a passion for both dinner parties and classic cars. Influenced by community aesthetics and limited to 300 interior square feet. Rooftop Patio MAP
  7. 7. Water-Wall feature offers a unique view into the showroom style garage. Bed and Built-in Shelving Feature Outdoor Kitchen Flooring and Surface Materials Flooring and Bathroom and Seating Area Surface MaterialsSection MAP
  8. 8. Ping Pong Challenge Through Development A C Stairs n u i l m t e u r Pathways Forms e Fantastical Sequence Combat/ Conflict/Competition The Kreeger Museum 2401 Foxhall Road Northwest Washington, DC 20007. A conceptual installation based on a film focusing on the theme of personal growth through friendship and competition. Film Analysis MAP
  9. 9. Plan Individuals may choose their own path. Traversing the maze of youthful inexperience. Perspective Conceptual ModelMAP
  10. 10. Steps represent the milestones and challenges of personal growth. The clear and focused path of experience. Flight Path MAP
  11. 11. PlansDog House Dog and People-Friendly Stairs: Combined stair & canine ramp Development Sketches paths are kept separate and safe by a custom railing design. Basement 1st Floor 2nd Floor Washington, DC. A custom renovation project for a retired couple who love dogs, remain active and enjoy entertaining. MAP
  12. 12. Section views with alternative finish schemes SectionMAP
  13. 13. MASTER PLAN MAPBeach Home Lamps are hung in the glass roof structure. View of covered rooftop dining and seating area. = Site Location I.I.MMiX Inspirational Images and Courtyards are a common feature in Development Sketches many Aly’s Beach homes. For this project, a multifunctional indoor/outdoor space was created by combining the stairs, window wall and the below-ground living space. Alys Beach Community, FL. A vacation home designed for the retired dog enthusiasts. Influenced by community aesthetics and The glass roof was inspired by limited to 300 interior square feet. moroccan style lamps. MAP
  14. 14. Northwest Elevation Southwest Elevation South Elevation Northwest Elevation Southwest Elevation South Elevation Northwest Elevation Southwest Elevation South Elevation Furniture and Fixtures SectionDog shelter built intocourtyard stairs with a Plan of lower-levelwater bowl fountain feature. interior living space MAP
  15. 15. Muser M St. : Georgetown Washington, DC. A retail space created to sell men’s bags, luggage and business accessories. A This design incorporates luxury styling with a simple and “matter-of-fact” plan that appeals to the male consumerist. Interior Perspectives B C CStorefront Plan SectionsMAP AP M
  16. 16. Onyx Hotel Jury’s: Original Plan Process Sketches Inspiration and Concept The relationship between power and grace... This is the design concept explored through the development of the Onyx Hotel. Inspired by Rosa 1500 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Bonheur’s The Horse Fair, the architectural gestures and organic lines of this renovation mimic the strength and Washington, DC 20036. fluidity of horses. These often conflicting traits, which have for centuries challenged and inspired artists to focus on equine subjects, are the key elements with which this design is infused. Renovation of existing lobby, bar, and guest rooms in Jury’s Hotel. MAP AP M
  17. 17. Reception Desk Lobby & Bar Main Lobby Waiting Area + = Amazone Bar Stools: Custom creation for Onyx BarMAP AP M
  18. 18. The interior architecture and selected pieces further reference Bonheur’s painting through form and context.Suite Plan Views of the suite interior MAP