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Sports Presentation

  1. 1. Why Herbalife Nutrition <br />for Sports?<br />
  2. 2. Our Commitment to Science<br />Steve Henig, Ph.D.Chief Scientific Officer<br />David Heber, M.D., Ph.D.,F.A.C.P., F.A.C.N.Chairman, Nutrition and <br />Scientific Advisory Boards<br />Louis Ignarro, Ph.D.,Nobel* Laureate in Medicine Nutrition and Scientific Advisory Boards<br />Luigi Gratton, M.D., <br />M.P.H. Vice President,Medical Affairs and Education<br /><ul><li>Herbalife Product and Science Centre in Los Angeles
  3. 3. Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles
  4. 4. Limited botanicals research at the National Centre for Natural Products Research at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy</li></li></ul><li>Lionel Messi <br />“I use Herbalife products on and off the field for energy and focus. That way I can play my best game.”<br />
  5. 5. Some of our Sponsorships<br />
  6. 6. What is the difference between Herbalife Sports Nutrition supplements and other vitamin supplements available?<br />
  7. 7. Herbalife products achieve Cellular Nutrition.<br />One of the main differences between Cellular Nutrition and other nutritional supplements is that supplements are rarely enough.<br />Simply consuming good food and adding nutritional supplements will not make any difference to the way you feel if your body is unable to fully digest and absorb all the nutrition you eat.<br />Cellular Nutrition incorporates health building nutritional herbs with the best modern technology to help our bodies cleanse and detoxify so that the cells - can be as fully nourished as possible.<br />This allows the cells to grow, repair and to perform their functions with the best possible efficiency so that we feel and look better and are more able to prevent and fight disease.<br />Once the body begins to clear itself of toxins it can more efficiently absorb nutrition.<br />
  8. 8. Herbalife is a Pharmaceutical Grade Company<br />This is the standard to which all drugs are made too. The highest standard in the world and guarantees product to product, pill to pill that they are the same, that they are potent, pure, bio-available (which means in a form that your body can absorb it not pass it straight through).<br />Herbalife is made to the highest standard available for anything that can go into your mouth its called "US Pharmacopoeia and British Pharmacopoeia standards".<br />This also means that doctors and physicians can use and recommend this type of supplement as it conforms to the very highest standards they use everyday in their medical practices. In fact many doctors and physicians use and recommend the Herbalife product range. <br />You won’t find too many doctors who actively use and recommend products and the ones that do will only use Pharmaceutical grade products. This is the reason why until recently most doctors have been unanimous that supplements are a waste of time and money, well they were right, most of them are. With the overwhelming exception of a few Pharmaceutical grade products.<br />
  9. 9. 99% of all supplements are food grade standard<br />Without getting too technical, food grade standard is essentially what all foods are made too.<br />For example, chocolate chip cookies. No two are the same. No two have the same size and have the same number of chocolate chips and that’s okay, because it’s a biscuit.<br />It’s not okay for a supplement that you are trusting to help improve health, prevent cancer and other illness!<br />99% of all supplements are made to this food grade standard.<br />No two pills are the same and also because of this standard the manufacturer doesn't have to guarantee that what is on the label is inside each and every tablet.<br />You may get inadequate doses or too much of one element which can even be toxic to your body.<br />
  10. 10. Herbalife Sport Nutrition Research<br /><ul><li> Vice President of Herbalife Nutrition Training
  11. 11. Member of Herbalife Scientific Advisory Board
  12. 12. Expert in Health, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition
  13. 13. Worldwide Public Speaker
  14. 14. Published Author
  15. 15. 17 Years of Sports Nutrition Experience
  16. 16. Nutritionist to NBA, FIBA, ABC, Olympic Team Member</li></ul>Heather Livingstone<br />" active people, we must take a proactive approach toward our nutritional intake."<br /><ul><li>Prior to Herbalife, Heather was the nutrition expert and spokesperson for one of the largest international nutrition companies. She also worked for Johnson & Johnson (J&J) where she managed the health-education programme, “Live for Life.”
  17. 17. Heather participated in the 1984 Olympics and served as the manager of Athletic Services for the 1984 Olympic Committee.
  18. 18. Heather received a Masters of Science degree in Public Health and Exercise Physiology from the University of Michigan and a Bachelors degree in Sports Medicine from the University of California.
  19. 19. Heather is an expert in sports nutrition and stays on the cutting edge of the industry through her continued research.
  20. 20. Heather exercises regularly, participating in swimming, bicycling, golf and numerous other sports.
  21. 21. As a leader in the wellness industry, Herbalife prides itself on the work of our three scientific bodies: the Scientific Advisory Board, Medical Advisory Board and Medical Affairs Group. Together, these teams, comprised of distinguished doctors, award-winning scientists and renowned wellness experts, help advance the field of nutritional science, ensure our products are high quality and educate customers worldwide on every aspect of good health.</li></li></ul><li>Reason For Sports Nutrition<br />FUEL - 30 minutes pre-exercise<br />HYDRATE - throughout exercise<br />REFUEL - immediately after exercise<br />REPAIR - within 1 hour of exercise<br />Please note: all of our products and ingredients have been passed and certified by the International Olympic Committee and conform to International Doping Standards.<br />
  22. 22. FUEL - 30mins pre-exercise<br />Formula 1 Nutritional Food Mix<br />Mix 2x Spoons with diluted fruit juice<br /><ul><li> Complete scientifically nutritionally balanced easily absorbed meal/snack.
  23. 23. Provides a combination of slow –release and quick-release carbohydrates </li></ul> to regulate blood sugar levels.<br /><ul><li> Available in 6 flavours</li></li></ul><li>HYDRATE – throughout exercise<br />H3O Pro – isotonic drink<br /><ul><li> Provides rapid hydration & sustained energy
  24. 24. No Artificial Sugars, Colours or Preservatives
  25. 25. No Caffeine</li></li></ul><li>REFUEL – immediately after exercise<br />Formula 1 Nutritional Food Mix<br />Mix 2x Spoons with Water & Yoghurt (or Milk & Fruit)<br />Personalised Protein Powder<br /><ul><li> Add to Formula 1 to boost your protein intake post-workout
  26. 26. High in Soy and Whey protein to help build lean muscle</li></li></ul><li>REPAIR – within an hour of exercise <br />Protein Bar (1 or 2)<br /><ul><li> Protein and carbohydrates for a sustained energy </li></ul> release<br />
  27. 27. COMING SOON..... Herbalife 24Herbalife24 is the first comprehensive performance nutrition line empowering athletes 24-hours a day. <br />
  28. 28. Testimonials<br />Take a look at the success of Sports men & women from various sporting professions.<br /><br />
  29. 29. Testimonials - Football<br />A welcome boost of energyI started using Herbalife football nutrition products and improving my eating habits during May last year and noticed my energy levels had improved after just one week- I wasn’t expecting such a speedy result. And consistently waking up before the alarm was also a surprise, In less than a month, my waist and chest had reduced eight centimetres and I had shed three kilos.Tom reveals all in the shower!Training kicks of at the beginning of July. I hadn’t seen my football pals for some time-they were in for a shock. I still remember their reaction; they just couldn’t believe their eyes when they say me in the shower with, a new physique! They genuinely thought I had been on some special fitness regime to build up my body. In reality of course the only regime I had embarked on was to change my eating habits and use the Herbalife products on a regular basis. Tried and tested with proof absolute. After two months of following my healthier regime and using the Herbalife products, I took a physical condition test, the results of which were quite something (for those in the know, here are the results: V02 max 68.5 where you start to produce lactate in the muscles = 16.1km/h, fat percentage 6.9%). The test revealed that my blood was in excellent condition and my cholesterol was at a very healthy level. My physical condition, according to this latest test, proved that I was in a lot better shape compared to the tests I underwent when I was a full professional-training twice a day.No more stiffness and aching musclesI think the most helpful and welcome aspect of my new regime is how quickly I recover after hard training or after a game. That stiffness you always expect and aching muscles, well its now completely gone."Tom’s formula for success in football nutrition has been..."Here's the line-up of products I use as part of my nutrition programme:Formula 1 Shake, before and after training. Formula 1 again two hours after a game or heavy training with protein powder Formula 2 with every meal.Rose Ox every morning. I also drink Herbal Aloe Concentrate and Thermojetics Herbal Beverage. Finally I use Herbalifeline on a daily basis. Since I included it in my programme, I've noticed I haven’t had one injury, even though I’m playing tennis and cycling, in addition to football.Its now been 12 months since I first started using Herbalife’s products and I'm totally convinced that these products will help improve the sports performance of anyone who uses them."<br />Tom Verdegem<br />Football player <br />
  30. 30. Testimonials - Football<br />Andy Hill played professional football for Manchester United, Bury, Manchester City, Port Vale and now coaches in the United States PDL League and Nevada’s Olympic Development Programme.“I was introduced to Herbalife products whilst coaching in Nevada in the United States. Several of the players started taking the products the results of which were quite astonishing.After two months of using the Herbalife products, the players took a physical condition test which revealed that their blood was in excellent condition, their cholesterol was at a very healthy level and that all the players taking the products were in a lot better shape compared to previous tests.They recovered far more quickly after exercise. I am totally convinced that these football nutrition products will help improve the sports performance of any one whouses them. Pre Season in Nevada starts in March and all my players will be using them throughout the season.”<br />Andy Hill<br />Professional Footballer<br />
  31. 31. Testimonials - Soccer<br />Herbalife are nutrition sponsors for LA Galaxy soccer team, with David Beckham team player, providing the soccer nutrition for the team.<br />" Helping my team on and off the field takes consistent energy and mental focus. I know I can count on the nutrition I get from the Herbalife products to help me accomplish those goals."Favourite  soccer nutrition products - Formula 1 chocolate shake, Formula 2, H3O isotonic drink and Liftoff energy drink.<br />Alexi Lalas, General Manager, LA Galaxy soccer team<br />"Having been personally involved in every facet of professional soccer, as a player, coach, and now general manager, I can speak to how important soccer sport nutrition is to protecting any sports organization’s most valuable assets – the guys who actually have to go out there on the field and get it done. And when it comes to making sure they have great nutrition supplements for overall health and fitness, as well as game-day performance, we couldn’t be happier about our association with Herbalife.''<br />Chris Klein<br />Major League Soccer<br />National Team Veteran<br />2007 Honda most valuable player<br />LA Galaxy<br />Joe Cannon, Two-time MLS Goalkeeper of the Year, LA Galaxy soccer team<br />"Every time I take the field, my single goal is to stop others from scoring. When you have a ball travelling towards you at up to 85 miles-per-hour, that means you need incredible mind-body reaction time. My solution? Simple... I use Herbalife sports products during every practice and every game. Nothing I've tried before or since has given me a more competitive edge."<br />
  32. 32. Testimonials - Tennis<br />Top Tennis star Rafael Nadal, Wimbledon Champion 2008<br />One of Rafael Nadal’s secret weapons?<br />Rafael Nadal photographed with his tennis nutrition products - Herbalife Formula 1 shakes and Liftoff.<br />For the second year, Herbalife was the official sponsor of the Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament, the largest women’s tennis tournament in Asia. Held January 28 through February 5 in Japan, this event attracted over 50,000 people, with prize money totalling $1,340,000. Featured players included: Elena Dementieva, Martina Hingis, Maria Sharapova, Lisa Raymond, Samantha Stosur and Cara Black.<br />Herbalife was the Presenting Sponsor of the 2005 J.P. Morgan Chase Open WTA tennis tournament, held August 8-14, 2005, at the Home Depot Centre in Carson, California.<br />
  33. 33. Testimonials - Cricket<br />Cronje's Corner – Protea Cricket Team (while on tour)<br />"For breakfast we haveHerbalife Formula 1 shakes and Marmite on toast -we love it", comments on Herbalife supplements used in their cricket nutrition.<br />Hansie Cronje<br />Captain<br />Protea Cricket Team<br />Barry Thurtell - 41 wickets cricket player<br />I play cricket for Wootton Basset 2nd XI as opening bowler. Before I started Herbalife I weighed 196lbs and had to split my bowling spell into 2. I was bowling 8 overs and then 4, because I got out of breath after my initial 8 overs and found that I could not concentrate on the game anymore. <br />This was mid cricket season and I immediately started on the cricket  nutrition products  (Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3 and Thermojetics Beverage). The results were almost immediate. I lost 12lbs in my first 2 weeks on the products!  My concentration and energy levels improved beyond belief and I could complete my bowling spell of 12 overs without a break.  Best of all, by the end of the game I still had lots of energy. <br />I have since lost a total of 23lbs and was awarded the bowling trophy by taking a total of 41 wickets in my first season with the club<br />
  34. 34. Testimonials - Cycling<br />Gal Friedman is a two-time Olympic champion and World Champion at cycling. He is the first Israeli athlete to win two Olympic medals - 2004 Athens Olympics – Gold Medal.“Herbalife® products help me increase and improve my performance results all the time."Favourite cyclists nutrition products - Formula 1 shakes, Formula 2, Protein Powder, protein bars, RoseOx®, NRG, H3O® isotonic energy drink.<br />Gal Friedman<br /> Mountain Biking<br />“I cut 15 minutes off my ‘previous best’ triathlon time and won a gold medal at the World Age Group Championship! After only a few months on Herbalife products I was running lighter, feeling better and my recovery time after competitions was a lot quicker.”<br />Bjarne Riis<br />Winner Tour de France 1996<br />"Using the Herbalife program I was able to lose 6kg of excess weight I was carrying. Rather than being weakened by this, the products amazingly also helped increase my stamina levels!" "Herbalife products have helped me gain that competitive edge" and win the Tour de France 1996. "I cannot recommend Herbalife products enough, all my cycling team are on the cycling nutrition program".<br />Sue Worley<br />Australia<br />World Age Group Cycling Champion<br />
  35. 35. Testimonials - Gymnastics<br />24 year old Haruka Hirota from Japan, got her first gold medal at 17 at the All Japan games. She competed in the Beijing Olympic games 2008.She says " Herbalife Formula 1 shake helps me keep my best weight to fly high on the trampoline. My favourite gym nutrition products are Formula 1 vanilla shakes, Herbal aloe concentrate and Nourifusion skin care."<br />Haruka Hirota<br />Trampoline<br />Sergio Capellino and Gigi Schermoly - Springbok Gymnasts<br />"Participating in a sport where weight maintenance with a high muscle percentage and low body fat content combined, and very high energy output is required, we needed a gym nutrition supplement to add to our diet in order to perform at our maximum. After using other products on the market we were introduced to Herbalife." Now Sergio is "having excellent results maintaining a higher body mass and Gigi has reshaped her body and we both have reduced body fat percentage."<br />The NetFit team have won every major fitness competitions in the UK since they were formed 4 years ago to promote health and fitness. From Ultrafit X-Training Competition - Super teams - Dream Team Challenge. The Daily Telegraph Dream Team Challenge won 4 times by NetFit - an event where teams of 6 compete in a final over 7 different disciplines against the Dream Team."As dedicated athletes, the team knows that good nutrition is essential, that's why we regularly use the Herbalife Gym nutrition program, especially the protein powder as a good source of protein.We are supported by one of the country's leading sports nutrition suppliers, however we are eagerly awaiting the new and exciting Herbalife sports nutrition supplements range to compliment the numerous Herbalife sport nutrition products we use on a regular basis, to maintain optimum performance.Herbalife is part of the team - poor nutrition equals poor performance."<br />NetFit Team<br />
  36. 36. Testimonials - Karate<br />I have won pretty much every major karate title including British, European, Commonwealth and World Heavyweight Titles.I was the first karate athlete to be awarded an MBE for services to karate. I am currently the Performance Director for the British Sport Karate Assoc. and now coach several elite karate champions.I believe that to achieve and maintain competitive edge in any active sporting arena you have to have excellent nutrition. I understand this from both a coaching and competitor’s perspective.The unique balance and convenience of Herbalife sport nutrition program has definitely helped me in recovery after intense activity. That’s why I am recommending this karate nutrition for my elite squad of athletes<br />Vic Charles, MBE<br />British, European & World Karate Champion<br />Mark Bowen - Karate Champion for Western Australia State Heavy Weight"I have tried various nutritional supplements extensively, but only received mediocre results". A friend Dr. Tony Pennells, asked Mark to try sports nutrition supplements program he had just started selling. "I experienced significant results in three major areas. Sustainable stamina lift, professional productivity, and my pre-sport focus, which enhanced my performance. I also noted better post-sport recovery. I felt an improvement in flexibility and increased my muscles mass by 4cm on my chest, 2.5cm on my back and 2cm on my arms." His report on these products was a glowing one. He introduced the same karate nutrition products to his friend Todd Marriott and international Karate competitor, teacher and coach. Todd put his sisters, also Karate competitors on the products as well. All are experiencing fantastic results.<br />"Since taking Herbalife products I really feel a tangible difference in my daily wellness and energy levels. With my sport I need stamina, good recovery and explosive power."His karate nutrition is "The Herbalife formula 1 shake is very easy to use prior to and post strenuous training sessions. I find it easy to digest and the effective absorption allows me full energy to get through my training sessions. Thermojetics works well for added energy. Herbalifeline, RoseOx for increased immune resistance and Tang Kuei for muscle relaxation. "<br />Chris Thompson<br />Karate Shihan<br />7th Dan<br />KSI Joint World Chief Instructor<br />
  37. 37. Testimonials – Motor Sport<br />Townsend Bell’s motorsports travels have taken him to Europe in the FIA, Formula 3000 Championship, 2008 Indianapolis 500 – 10th place."I rely on Herbalife® products for better performance in my training and races. They make me feel strong, healthy and confident. It’s the fuel to my passion!”Favourite motor sport nutrition products - H3O® isotonic Drink , Formula 1 shakes, Liftoff®.<br />Townsend Bell<br />Indy car driver<br />Wayne Park - Australian Champion Porsche Driver<br />"Since I've been using the sports nutrition products," says Wayne Park "I've found it a valuable tool in improving my overall fitness and helping me get a more solid and relaxed nights sleep""I can't speak highly enough of the Herbalife program. I have shed a few unwanted kilos, feel alert and sharp throughout the day, however long it may be.<br />
  38. 38. TESTIMONIALS - Rugby<br />"The Herbalife sport products have allowed me to keep in just as good a shape as I had when I was playing top class rugby. Not bad when you consider that my training regime presently consists of just doing press-ups and sit-ups morning and evening which, as you can imagine, is not quite the schedule I used to maintain!My full time job currently consists of sitting in a cockpit hours on end. It is a very sedentary existence and indeed before I took the products it meant that I was fast turning into your overweight, stereotypical, middle-aged pilot, not to mention ex rugby player. I have now taken control of my nutrition and not only have I stopped middle-aged spread I have also begun to give my body the best protection I can from the damaging environment in which I work.Thankfully I have discovered these products and they have made a huge difference to me. But if only I had discovered them during my playing days, knowing now how important optimum nutrition is for optimal performance. I am positive that whatever your challenges the products can help you too. Don't look back with regret as I do now. You have the gift of good nutrition right now. Take the products, feel the difference and enjoy a new beginning.”<br />Tony UnderwoodEngland Rugby International<br />
  39. 39. TESTIMONIALS - Rugby<br />"Looking after my nutrition in rugby gives me a huge advantage.“<br />He says "I use the Herbalife nutrition products before, during and after practise sessions and games for fuelling, refuelling, hydration and recovery. I can definitely feel a big difference in sustained energy levels during a game as well as the speed of my recovery afterwards as long as I use the products correctly. On the odd occasion I slip up and forget, I feel a big difference. I have been using Herbalife nutrition for 11 years so its now second nature to me.“<br />Favourite Herbalife nutrition products: Formula 1 Shake Mix, Protein Powder, Protein bars, RoseOx, Formula 2 Multi Vitamins, Cell Activator, H3O, Liftoff, NRG, Herbalifeline.<br />Richard Boliter<br />Western Province U18 <br />
  40. 40. Testimonials - Running<br />"My background is 28 years in the Police Force. I have been a Physical Training Instructor for more than 12 years and a Senior Coach with UK Athletics for 14 years.I have been involved in Athletics since I was at school in Yorkshire, and represented the Yorkshire Schools at Cross Country.During my sports career, I have represented Great Britain in the European Police Championships in Munich, Germany, won 2 County Championships at High Jump and 2 at 3000m Steeplechase. I have also run 9 Marathons.In 1994 I returned to my favourite sport of Fell and Mountain running, and compete in races throughout the year, mainly in the Lake District, Pennines and Scotland. Before Herbalife running nutrition I found it difficult to run or even jog the day after a hard or long race. Some races are in excess of 6 hours duration and 24 miles in length or multi-day Mountain Marathons or Adventure Races. Since starting to use Herbalife sport nutrition products in October 2001, I have found that my energy levels have improved dramatically. My recovery, particularly after races, and also hard training, has been greatly enhanced, to the point where I can run two hard fell races in three days and can still run the following day.This year, my race results have shown no loss of form or time, despite a lack of training due to work commitments, (and advancing years!), in fact in June 04, I set a new personal best for a 23 mile fell race, run in poor weather, that I set 8 years ago, in ideal conditions and did not expect to get near that time again. Herbalife has taken my running back to a point it was at 10 years ago. This is great, as I am now 46 and looking forward to the next 40 years of fell running, and feeling fantastic. For running nutrition I use Formula 1 for fuelling before, during and after exercise. I add protein powder for recovery and use Formula 2, Formula 3, Schizandra Plus (Joint Support) and RoseOx every day, as well as all the other products."<br />Martin Wood<br />Endurance Runner<br />
  41. 41. Testimonials - Sailing<br />"Completing a full and active training program is the key to attaining full fitness. As part of every session I take formula one 45 minutes before training. This provides me with the energy I need, without the fullness of having a meal, and in terms of convenience it is ideal. As soon as possible after training I take another serving. This immediately refuels me, when I would not feel like eating, and it never leaves me feeling uncomfortable or bloated. This routine enables me to train several times a day, and has led to a large decrease in muscle soreness afterwards.<br />The Herbalife sport nutrition program is extremely palatable, and I can see no reason why I will not be using it for the duration of my sailing career. I believe it is something which can benefit club sailors and international competitors alike, and I would quite happily recommend it to anyone.<br />For me Liquid nutrition is crucial. After training I never feel like eating solids, and for convenience, Herbalife formula one shake is unbeatable, the best sports nutrition I have tried. I travel extensively through competing and coaching sailing, and I know that I can rely on formula one to meet all my sailing nutritional needs." <br />Jon Emmett<br />International Sailing Team<br />Dan Ince, 22, is a professional windsurfer who is now utilising Herbalife Energy and Fitness products to help him better his performance. Dan uses a range of Herbalife products in his healthy, active lifestyle for his windsurfing nutrition."In July 2006 I tried Liftoff energy drink - I'd been searching for products which would enable me to give 100% every time! That weekend I had a national windsurfing competition, so I purchased a box of Liftoff tablets to test. I had a Liftoff energy drink prior to my races and a  Protein Bar in between races; I noticed a big difference in my performance — furthermore my result at the end of the day was a very respectable 1st place!After just one month of using a range of Herbalife products, I noticed a change in my body shape as well as being able to maintain a high level in my training and quicker recovery times — all vital when training in windsurfing at a high level."<br />Dan Ince<br />Pro Windsurfer<br />
  42. 42. Testimonials - Swimming<br />Thayer Giffen, 15 year old swimmer who has done a remarkable job in his High School Varsity Team swimming competition. He dropped on his times and "Liftoff energy drink"   markedly increased his stamina.Favourite swimming nutrition product - Liftoff.<br />Thayer Giffen<br />Socrates Parparinos - Cyprus Water Polo National Team Captain<br />'My names is Socrates Parparinos from Cyprus, I have been playing water polo for the last 8 years and I am currently the captain of the Cyprus Water Polo National Team. My team is called Nicosia Nautical Club and we play in the 1st league of the Cyprus Water Polo Championship. We have held the championship for the last 4 years.<br />I started using Herbalife products 7 months ago. The first thing I noticed was the increased energy that I had - it was unbelievable. Water polo is a tough sport with hours of training on a daily basis. My energy levels went up and my recovery time was astonishing.<br />Taking Schizandra (Joint Support) after training every night really helped as my muscles were very tense. The Formula 1 together with protein powder is delicious and the effects of taking it with NRG, Herbalifeline and the Cell Activator is magic!'Favourite swimming nutrition product - Formula 1, Schizandra (Joint Support), NRG, Herbalifeline, Cell Activator.<br />
  43. 43. Testimonials – Triathlon<br />Ollie, 21 years old, moved from Junior triathlons to adult racing in 2007. Won  national and international titles as both Junior and Senior Triathlete.  "Herbalife has helped me revolutionize my nutritional strategy for performance."Favourite triathlon nutrition products are Formula 1 shake, Protein powder, Protein bars, Liftoff and H3O Pro isotonic drink.<br />Ollie Freeman<br />UK<br />In 2008 Deniz was 4th in European ranking.She says " I'm having the best results in my sporting career now that I am using Herbalife products."Her favourite triathlon nutrition products are Formula 1 shakes, Protein powder, protein bars and Liftoff.<br />Deniz Dimaki<br />Greece<br />Lee has been a triathlon professional for 10 years and the leading triathete in Hong Kong, ranked 1st for 7 years."While using Herbalife products, I feel strong, fresh, healthier and more confident."Favourite Herbalife triathlon nutrition products are RoseOx, Herbalifeline, NRG and many of the Herbalife skin care products.<br />Lee Chi Wo<br />Hong Kong<br />
  44. 44. Sport & Herbalife<br />Herbalife International, sponsor numerous sporting personalities and events.<br />Herbalife are the leaders in sports nutrition and will continue with research and development to ensure continued improvement in the very best nutrition.<br />For further information on Herbalife Sports Nutrition, Please Contact Becky Reeve<br />t: 01422 823414 m: 07976 044590 <br />e: w:<br />