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Centre infrastructure guide

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Centre infrastructure guide

  2. 2. INDEX1. Introduction 5. Lighting in the center 1.1 Introduction to the manual 5.1 Entrance Area2. Walkthroughs 5.2 Classroom 5.3 Lounge 2.1 Reception Area 2.2 Counseling Area 5.4 Library 2.3 Classrooms 5.5 Computer Room 2.4 Lounge 5.6 Faculty Room 2.5 Faculty Room 5.7 Material Room 2.6 Library 6. Signage 2.7 Computer Room 6.1 Classroom3. Specifications of elements and their placement 6.2 Template for classroom signage 3.1 Focus Edu Care Logo 6.3 Flat Signboards 3.2 Detailed drawing of Focus Edu Care Logo 6.4 Template for soft boards 3.3 Focus signage & Welcome Wall– Internal design 6.5 Template for counseling table 3.4 Entrance Door with Focus Logo 6.6 Exterior Space 3.5 Counselor‘s workstation 1(1 table) 3.6 Counselor‘s Workstation 2(2 tables) 7. Annexure 3.7 Detailed drawing of workstation 2 7.1 Items list 3.8 Visitor‘s Chair 7.2 Chair vs Bench chart 3.9 Sofa at the reception area & counseling area 7.3 List of Essential elements in a center 3.10 Classroom Chair 7.4 Area Charts for the Center 3.11 Water Dispenser 7.5 Standard Classroom sizes4. Colour Scheme 4.1 Entrance 4.2 Counseling 4.3 Classroom 4.4 Lounge 4.5 Faculty Room 4.6 Computer Room 4.7 Library
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONThis infrastructure manual has been designed for Focus Edu Care as a guideline that needs to be kept in mind while renovating an existing centre or setting up a new centre. Itincorporates a detailed list of all design elements that will be a part of any Focus Edu Care centre. An exhaustive list of all elements, processes including wood work, paint workand even lighting have been specified for all types of centre sites.As we understand that no two sites will be identical, therefore alternate layouts have been provided for which application of the design can takeplace depending on the size of the site available for the centre. One of the charts in this manual specifies the amount of area that needs to bededicated to different activities in the centre like teaching, counseling, back end, circulation etc.
  5. 5. Reception AreaThe entrance corridor space is well lit with equally spaced, ceiling-mounted white lights. Focus Edu Care logo is strategically located at the wall just opposite to theentrance door, and lit by spotlights from the ceiling above, creating a congenial atmosphere so that even from a distance students are drawn towards the entrance of the Focuscentre. The wall at the entrance is painted in the brand colour of Focus (specifications provided in colour scheme)and adds character to the space and brings cheerfulness andvibrancy to a mundane space of basic functionality. All the elements in the entrance area and even the use of the brand colour on the wall are meant to give visitors of FocusEdu care a flavour of what lies beyond that entrance door. Reception area should also consist of a Open rack or stand which displays all marketing collaterals. Notice Boardshould be 4ft (width) x 2 ft (height).
  6. 6. Reception AreaAs the visitors walk through reception of the centre they see the soft boards (Notice Board) with information on Focus Edu Care, ongoing activities and important updates(Placements, Class schedules, Affiliations). Focus logo is seen prominently placed just opposite to the entrance door, helping to identify the location of the Centre. Focus logo atthe entrance adds a grand value to the Focus brand and helps to create a great impact on visitors, students and people who happen to pass by the entrance of Focus centre.An internal design is also displayed on the wall adjacent to the entrance door which consists of information on all our products, its highlights and affiliations. A stand is also putjust beside the reception table displaying all our marketing collaterals.
  7. 7. Counseling AreaAs a visitor walks through the reception, they reach the counseling area, which is the heart of any Focus centre. The counseling area feels spacious as the elements are wellspaced out and gives enough room for students, visitors, faculty and counselors to move around without any inconvenience. The counseling workstationshave been designed to maintain the privacy of the counseling session without physically closing off the space. The waiting area is a part of the counseling space itself whichbrings in a level of transparency to the whole counseling process and keeps the counselors easily approachable to the visitors. The lighting in the counseling area is functional,and yet there are pools of warm light in the adjoining passageways/corridors that brings warmth to the space creating a comfortable environment for interaction.
  8. 8. Counseling AreaSoft boards are provided to put up notices in the counseling area for the visitors as well as the students, which keeps them informed about the latest updates at Focus. Focus―brand-wall‖ above the sofa in the waiting area communicates about the various verticals of Focus Edu Care, while highlighting the core values of Focus to visitors.The counselors are well equipped with necessary accessories at their workstations including soft boards, which they could use to put up notices for their own reference. Thecounseling workstations have been aligned on a simple square grid which creates niches for the workstations while freeing up enough circulation space for visitors, students andcounselors to move through the space. There is enough task and ambient lighting provided in the counseling area so that no counselor faces difficulty in carrying out their rou-tine tasks of paper work , computer work and counseling. The design of the workstations has been done keeping in mind the daily tasks of the counselor and their requirementsfor accessibility to equipment like phones, desktop and space for efficient work flow i.e enough space for storage and movement.Internal design is also displayed at the counseling area.
  9. 9. ClassroomsThe classrooms use combination of sunrise yellow and orange as the colour scheme as it helps in keeping the mind calm, concentrated and focused which is needed for thestudents and the faculty during the teaching sessions. The environment thus created inside the classroom is calm and helps the students to concentrate during the classes. Thebenches provide comfortable seating and working surfaces for the students along with the storage space underneath to keep their bags during a class.White Board is mounted in each and every class. Video-conferencing facility is also provided in the classrooms. Window frames should be painted in ivory. Windows will becovered with off white vertical blinds. There will be two projectors and two projector screens.
  10. 10. ClassroomsThe lighting plan of the classrooms uses linear light fittings rather than square or circular to create a more dynamic space. The lights will have a luminous intensity close todaylight, which works best for educational environments and especially classrooms. A uniform lighting level free of dark patches needs to be maintained for maximumefficiency in such a space. The lighting plan ensures that all parts of the classroom are well lit, and especially the whiteboard area should not have reflections created on thesurface which may hinder readability for the students. The chairs with inbuilt writing board have been kept to accommodate more chairs in the classroom thus avoiding theadditional space occupied by tables. The configuration depends on the size of classrooms available at any given centre.The classrooms are the core functional spaces of the centre and need to be inspiring and lively to keep the students attentive even at the end of the day. The classrooms arepainted in shades of orange and yellow and the inside of the windows are painted with the ivory colour. The hue of orange adds an element of peace to the classroom, withoutdistracting the students, and thus helping them to be attentive.
  11. 11. LoungeA ‗time-out‘ zone to sit back and relax for students in between their classes or a place to bring out their doubts and discuss amongst themselves. An LCD television can be usedto play educational films for the students. The layout of the tables provides the flexibility of seating for small as well as large groups of students. The lighting in the space pro-vides cool light for reading and viewing the LCD, though more focus has been given to the reading and working areas.Through this lounge a relaxed environment is created for the students, unlike the other spaces in the centre where a degree of seriousness and concentration needs to bemaintained. This space promotes one-to-one interaction or discussion amongst the students in an environment outside of their classrooms, which provides possibilities forthem to grow as individuals personally as well as academically by creating a supportive, nurturing, competitive and an inspiring environment.
  12. 12. Faculty RoomFaculty room can be used by the counselors at times. The space has been designed keeping in mind the requirements for a space of common use by all faculty members.All requirements from workstations to storage of files as well as that of personal belongings and even comfortable seating have been taken care of. The number of workstationsor the storage units will depend on the space available for the faculty room. Three being the minimum number of workstations in a faculty room in any Focus centre. TheFaculty room is intended to be a neat and clutter free space with minimal touch of colour, though the touch of brand colour on the work surface and the softboard adds morelife to the entire space. The room mainly is single neutral ivory colour which helps in keeping the space looking clean and clutter free.
  13. 13. LibraryA separate library shall be provided with the sole purpose of academic reading, writing and comparing notes by the students if there is enough space in the center to segregatelibrary and lounge. The size of the library will depend on the amount of space available but there should be enough seating arrangement available for students with enough freespace for circulation and accessing the bookshelf. As this library will mainly function as a reading room, the lighting will be sufficiently bright and will lit up all work surfaces.The space is designed to instill calm in the minds of the students. The library space reverberates with peace and silence with no element of distraction and disturbance.
  14. 14. Computer RoomThe computer room will be well equipped with all possible requirements for the workstations. This room offers the possibility of being converted into a classroom, which is whya whiteboard has been placed permanently on a side wall. The monitors can be unplugged and removed if required, freeing up the table workspace for a classroom scenario.Other than the workstations , the computer room will also have softboards that will display relevant news and information provided for the benefit of the students. Thecomputer room will be in light colour and the lighting plan for the room keeps in mind the location of the computers so that no light falling on to the work surface creates astark glare on the screens of these computers, thereby keeping the entire room uniformly lit.
  15. 15. 2. Specifications of Elements and their Placement
  16. 16. Focus LogoIn the Focus Edu Care signage at the 1 inchReception wall, the Focus logo is cut out from SS 5 feetplate and fixed on to a white painted woodenboard. This signage communicates about thebrand to the visitors and students comingto Focus Edu Care. 2 feetSpecificationsWooden board, Ecotec, 19mmpaint on back panelWhite Board (C-0, M-0, Y-0, K-0) FRONT VIEW SIDE VIEWFocus logo will be positioned on the reception wall just opposite to entrance door. This wall being the welcome wall will be painted in the brand colour ( a combiation of Orangeand Violet) and Focus logo will be pasted on the wooden block and mounted onto this wall. The bottom of the board that holds Focus logo will be at a height of 5.5 feet off theground. The logo unit will be spot lit by the ceiling lights. CEILING SPOT LIGHT SIGNAGE RECEPTION WALL 5.5 feet above the floor 3 feet above the floor– Purple colour
  17. 17. Focus Logo at the Center RECEPTION OR WELCOME WALLThe placement of the signage and the welcome wall are important as they help in promoting the brand Focus and also creating a recall value in the minds of the students andthe visitors who are the potential customers. The brand wall should be prominent from a distance, so that anyone approaching Focus Edu Care centre can identify the entranceto the centre easily.
  18. 18. Detail Drawing of Focus Edu Care logoColorValue Font : Impact (Main Head) Font Size of Main Head = Punch line font size X 3Purple : Century Gothic (Punch line) eg: if Punch Line F size = 35 Main Heading F size = 105 (35X3)R 108G 29 Punch line: Center alignedB 101C 57M 97Y 16K1OrangeR 231G 120B 23C2M 64Y 95K0
  19. 19. Elements—Main entrance doorEntrance door 4.5 feetAll dimensions in inches.The main entrance door that leads into the Focus centre will be in clear glass.The door handle is made in stainless steel.Product specification:Toughened glass - 12mm clear glass, modiguardDoor handle - bent ss sheet, 250mmx250mm,18gz thicknessDoor fittings—Closma patch fittings and floor spring 7 feet 1 inch 10 inch 158.34 deg 1 inch 4.5 inch DOOR HANDLE DETAILS 4.5 feet
  20. 20. Furniture in the Counseling areaCounseling areaThe counseling workstation is shaped toprovide enough working surface for thecounselor to work on computer andinteract with the visitors and students. Thereis also provision for storage under the table.The partition cum softboard fixed onto the 30table succeeds in giving the counselor andthe visitor privacy from the surroundingwhile the counseling is in process.Product Specificationafor table top:block board- Ecotec, 19mm thicklaminate - Greenlam, Sugar maple 5011 and Greenlam, Mango 208( for the edges)partition cum soft board:block board- Ecotec, 19mm thick, painted(C- 12, M-15, Y-31, K-0)Soft board covered with cloth fixed on partition(C-2, M-64, Y-95, K-0)Table legs:ms pipes powder coatedpowder coat-(C- 12, M-15, Y-31, K-0) All dimensions in inches
  21. 21. Furniture in the Counseling areaCounseling Workstation PartitionThe partition at the counseling workstations ismultipurpose as it provide a degree of privacy forthe counseling at the counseling workstation andthe softboard fixed onto its inner side is used for 48 inchputting up relevant information for the benefit ofthe counselor as well as the visitor at thecounseling station.Product Specification:Partition cum softboard: 30 inchBlock board- Ecotec, 19mm 1in thick, painted(C- 12, M-15, Y-31, K-0)Softboard covered with cloth fixed on partition(C-2, M-64, Y-95, K-0)Filing CabinetThe filing cabinet at the counseling workstation ismainly for keeping files and documents needed bythe counsellor. The cabinet has castors so it can be 3 inch 6 inchmoved around as and when required.Product Specification 18 inchGodrej Interio Office range, Vertical Filing Cabinet (2 13 inchdrawers)Colour: Prince Grey 26 inch 29 inchNote:- The maximum height of the cabinet should 21 inchnot be more than 29in. as it needs to fit under the 24 inchcounseling workstation 13 inch
  22. 22. ChairsCounselor chair/ Faculty Chair/ Computer Room ChairsProduct Specification:Featherlite - Gallado Series: Medium back with fixed arms NS 932Visitor Chair/ Lounge Chair 30 inch 17.5 inch
  23. 23. Tables in Library and LoungeTable for 4-6 peopleA table that can accommodate from fourto six people, as required. It can be usedfor reading, working or for discussions bystudents and faculty, depending on therequirement of the specific centre.Product Specification:Table Top- block boardlaminate- Greenlam , Sugar Maple 5011Legs of the table- Jindal GI pipes, 3/4in dia 36powder coating on pipes-( C-5, M-7, Y-16, K-0) All dimensions in inches
  24. 24. Tables in Library and LoungeSmall TableA small square table for two to four peo-ple for discussions before or after classes.A square table with a wooden table top.The legs of the table intersect each otherat the centre of the table top, in tune withthe diagonal grid used in other elementsin the space.Product Specification:Table Top - block board, Ecotec,19mm thicklaminate for table top- Greenlam, Sugar Maple-5011Table legs- GI pipes, 1/2in dia,powder coating on pipes - ( C-5, M- 7, Y-16, K-0) All dimensions in inches
  25. 25. Sofa in the Lounge/Reception area/Counseling area (2 & 3 seater)SofaThe sofa in the students‘ lounge is mainlymeant for students to relax and sit around andmaybe even have an enriching talk or discus-sion with classmates.Product Specification:upholstery for sofa- (C-3, M-4, Y-3, K-92)sofa legs- (C-3, M-4, Y-3, K-92)
  26. 26. Classroom ChairClassroom ChairA chair with a wooden backrest and hand rest/tablet. This hand rest gets lifted and moves to theside of the chair freeing up space for movementaround the chair also creating an option for sittingonly without using the hand rest surface.Product Specification:Classroom Chair- wooden backrest, cushioned seatand padded handrests. A wooden tablet as a work-ing surface which is fixed on a hinge and can bemoved out of the way when not in use.Featherlite - Education Series : Wood Back
  27. 27. White BoardsWhiteboardsThe white board will be installed on to the front wallof the classroom and used as a writing surface bythe faculty members.Product Specification:white board- commercially available in the market 72 All dimensions in inches
  28. 28. Projection ScreenProjection screenThe projection screen will be installed / fixed abovethe white board on the front wall in the classroom.The screen can be pulled down for presentationsand rolled back when not in use or when the whiteboard is in use.Product Specification:Projection screen- commercially available in themarket All dimensions in inches
  29. 29. Water cansWater cans near the water coolerOn a daily basis, there is a collection of these empty watercans that need to be kept till they are sent back. Thisstructure has been created to add an interesting elementnear the dinking water area at the water cooler. This waythe cans become integral to the space rather than an eyesore.Product Specification:Water cans - standard ones in the marketwater cooler - commercially available locallycan holder - ms sheet 18 gz
  30. 30. Colour Scheme at the center