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Newsletter1 text draft 3

  1. 1. Battling Diabetes with Accurate KnowledgeThe World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 1998 that the number of peopleworldwide who would be affected by diabetes would reach 300 million by 2025. Today,it is alarming that the WHO’s current estimate of diabetes cases already exceeds itsprevious estimate. It reports that, presently, over 346 million people are diabetic andpredicts that deaths caused by the disease are likely to double from 2005 to 2030.Increasingly gaining status as a global epidemic, diabetes is everyone’s concern and thedisease should receive an intensified national and international pro-active response.Better access to updated and useful information for prevention and treatment isnecessary.With an active information drive and lifestyle changes, cases of diabetes, along with itscomplications (affecting nerves, blood vessels, kidneys, and the heart), can be prevented.This means a commitment to promoting physical activity and a healthy diet to reduceobesity and overweight problems, conditions strongly associated with increased incidenceof diabetes.In terms of treatment, there is some positive news. A new drug that combines diabetesand cholesterol therapy has recently been approved by the U.S. Food and DrugAdministration.Such information on diabetes is crucial, and to complement one’s access to stats andfacts, it is vital to be armed with accurate knowledge about the disease itself. Focus Appsunderstands this need, and its goal is to make the path to medical information much easierto navigate. All Focus Apps are 100% scientifically accurate and aimed at completelytransforming the way knowledge is delivered.Featured in this newsletter are three apps that can help you learn more about diabetes andbetter equip you to fight the disease.
  2. 2. App 1:Understanding Disease: Diabetes(Part of the Understanding Disease: Diabetes & Endocrinology series)This video will equip you with accurate information on diabetes. Know what diabetes is, theimportance of glucose absorption, and the role of insulin in the development of the disease. Learnwhat causes diabetes, its symptoms and complications, and how it can be prevented or treated.For more information on this app, visit 2:Understanding Disease: Understanding Obesity(Part of the Understanding Disease: Diabetes & Endocrinology series)Obesity is a well-known risk factor for diabetes. This animated video explains how excessive fataccumulation leads to several health problems. Prevent the onset of diabetes and other diseases bybattling obesity. Study its causes and complications as well as the treatment options and correctivemeasures available to you.For more information, you may visit 3:Animated Pocket Dictionary: DiabetesIncreasing your knowledge about diabetes will be easier if you understand the medical terms relatedto the disease and the body systems it affects. Look up the words and phrases and their meaningusing the Animated Pocket Dictionary for Diabetes. Take advantage of this great reference, with itsvideo, audio commentary, and written definitions.For further details, see for the main article:WHO 1998 Report ( 2011 Fact Sheet ( Perrone, “Merck wins US approval for drug combining diabetes and cholesterol treatments,”The Washington Post, Associated Press, October 7, 2011(