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Browse our catalog of over 180 medical animation apps for mobile devices -- iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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Focus Apps Catalog 2012

  1. 1. TMfocus apps Catalog 2012
  2. 2. TM contentsu Understanding Disease Series u Cardiovascular Medicine u Dermatology u Diabetes & Endocrinology u Gastroenterology & Urology u Gynecology u Infectious Diseases u Neurology u Oncology u Ophthalmology u Orthopedics u Psychiatry u Respiratory Diseasesu Animated Pocket Dictionary Seriesu Junior Animated Atlas Seriesu Flip Through Diseases and Disorders For more info, go to
  3. 3. TM Understanding disease seriesUnderstanding Disease is a comprehensive collection of animated medical videos. Each animation exploresa disease or disorder and brings to life the changes a disease causes inside the human body. This informativeresource, in which colorful graphics help explain each topic, is edited and certified 100%-accurate by leadingphysicians and medical experts. Each video explains how a disease is diagnosed, describes major symptoms, and lays out options for managing the disease. Explore causes, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments/therapies (including lifestyle changes and self-care options):APP Features: • Medical conditions clearly explained• Medically accurate animated videos • Visual demonstration of complex medical subjects• Written transcripts with medical terms • Tour of the cellular world, metabolism, and body systems linked to additional resources • A simple breakdown of complex medical themes• Notes section for every major subject • Accuracy confirmed by medical experts covered in videos• Download once, view any time (without Internet connection)• Pay once, download to unlimited Available Platforms: Apple devices • Apple iOS • Android• Screenshot capabilities • DVD • OnlineApp Includes:Transcripts, resource links, highlights,& note-taking features
  4. 4. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Advanced Lipid Atherosclerosis Cholesterol Complications of Testing Video demonstrates the Learn about cholesterol, Hypertension Explore lipids, their function, physiology of this disorder its metabolism, and Discover how persistent and risk factors of abnormal that affects millions. Explore hypercholesterolemia. Also high blood pressure causes lipid levels. Understand the the causes, physiology, view an outline of how both irreparable damage to role of advanced lipid testing diagnoses, treatment, good and bad lipoproteins major organs. Explore ways in clinical assessment and in and consequences of affect health. to control hypertension identifying cardiovascular atherosclerosis. through lifestyle changes and Run Time: 6 minutes 21 medication. risk. seconds Run Time: 8 minutes 01 Run Time: 18 minutes 36 seconds Run Time: 7 minutes 40 seconds seconds Edited and Certified by: D. J. Betteridge MD, FRCP, Edited and Certified by: Professor of Endocrinology Lars A. Carlson, MD, FRCP, and Metabolism, University Emeritus Research Professor, College London; Honorary Karolinska Institutet; Director, Consultant Physician, Lipid and Hypertension University College London Clinic, Sophiahemmet, Hospitals NHS Trust; Stockholm; Ex-President, Corresponding Fellow, European Society for Clinical American Heart Association Investigation and European Council on Arteriosclerosis. Atherosclerosis Society. For more info, go to
  5. 5. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Coronary Artery Dyslipidemia Hypertension Myocardial Bypass Graft See how the elevation of Hypertension is one of Infarction (CABG) plasma, cholesterol, and the main risk factors for Animated video triglyceride levels (or low HDL stroke, kidney failure, and demonstrates myocardial Learn about CABG, a surgical levels) results in dyslipidemia. cardiovascular disorders. infarction and atherosclerosis. procedure used to treat Explore related lifestyle Explore its symptoms, Explore the anatomy of the angina and to reduce the risk changes and treatments. measurement, and treatment. heart, disease symptoms, first of coronary artery disease. Explore angina management Run Time: 11 minutes 22 Run Time: 8 minutes 05 aid, and diagnosis, including and postsurgical procedures. seconds seconds coronary angiography and Edited and Certified by: blood tests. Edited and Certified by: Run Time: 3 minutes 53 Gregory Y. H. Lip, MD, Lars A. Carlson, MD, FRCP, Run Time: 10 minutes 06 seconds MRCP, Professor of seconds Emeritus Research Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine, Karolinska Institutet; Director, University of Birmingham; Lipid and Hypertension Consultant, Cardiologist, Clinic, Sophiahemmet, and Director, Haemostasis Stockholm; Ex-President, Thrombosis and Vascular European Society for Clinical Biology Unit, University Investigation and European Department of Medicine at Atherosclerosis Society. City Hospital, Birmingham, UK. For more info, go to
  6. 6. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Percutaneous Regulation of Stable Angina Stroke Transluminal Blood Pressure Understand the heart, Discover how blood clots Coronary (BP) coronary arteries, angina, and ruptured blood vessels Angioplasty Explore blood pressure and graphic elucidation of lead to stroke. Understand (PTCA) (BP) changes and how the atherosclerosis. Understand variations, risk factors, risk factors, symptoms, symptoms, diagnoses, Video demonstrates body regulates BP using the diagnoses, and treatments. endovascular surgery, and angioplasty, its advantages, sympathetic nervous system other treatments. coronary arteries, and and the renin-angiotensin- Run Time: 14 minutes 22 aldosterone system. seconds atherosclerosis risk factors. Run Time: 8 minutes 11 Explore diagnosis, risks, and Edited and Certified by: seconds Run Time: 12 minutes 28 post-op recovery. seconds Henry Purcell, MB, PhD, Edited and Certified by: Run Time: 8 minutes 05 Senior Fellow in Cardiology William Whiteley, BM, BCh, seconds and Director of the MRCP, Cardiovascular Pathology Specialist Registrar, Medical of Obesity Research Group, Neurology Division of Clinical Royal Brompton Hospital, Neurosciences, University of London. Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK. For more info, go to
  7. 7. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Acne Dandruff Psoriasis Animated video describes Explore dandruff and An opportunity to look at acne, its contributing factors, its causes. Learn about psoriasis, its pathophysiology, and various forms. Learn risk factors and various and skin anatomy. Explore preventive measures and treatments aimed at reducing various types of psoriasis, treatments. cell turnover. treatments, and self-care options. Run Time: 12 minutes 40 Run Time: 9 minutes 30 seconds seconds Run Time: 16 minutes 01 seconds Edited and Certified by: Noah S. Scheinfeld, MD, JD, Director, Ethnic Skin Care; Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Columbia University, New York. For more info, go to
  8. 8. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Diabetes Diabetic Diabetic Role of DPP-IV Understand diabetes mellitus, Neuropathy Retinopathy Inhibitors in the a condition in which the Understand damage to Animated video Management of body fails to produce or use nerves due to progressive loss demonstrates the Type 2 Diabetes enough insulin to absorb of nerve fibers, associated epidemiology and Animated video glucose. Explore causes complications, variations, and pathophysiology of diabetic demonstrates how DPP-IV of this metabolic disorder, treatments. retinopathy. Explore phases, inhibitors help regain control symptoms, treatments, and risk factors, diagnostics, Run Time: 15 minutes 47 of natural metabolism in type complications. treatments, and preventive seconds 2 diabetes. guidelines. Run Time: 7 minutes 34 Edited and Certified by: Run Time: 15 minutes 05 seconds Solomon Tesfaye, MD, FRCP, Run Time: 17 minutes 23 seconds Consultant Physician seconds Edited and Certified by: and Honorary Professor Edited and Certified by: Anthony H. Barnett, MD, of Diabetic Medicine, Zachary T. Bloomgarden, FRCP, University of Sheffield, MD, Professor of Medicine, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Clinical Professor, University of Birmingham, Sheffield, UK. Department of Pediatrics, UK; Consultant Physician Mount Sinai School of and Clinical Director of Medicine, New York; Diabetes and Endocrinology, Board Member, American Birmingham Heartlands Association of Clinical Hospital. Endocrinologists. For more info, go to
  9. 9. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Insulin Metabolic Type 2 Diabetes Understanding Resistance Syndrome Watch how high glucose Obesity Understand how insulin Animated video levels in blood from Video looks into the secretion failure causes type demonstrates how certain insufficient insulin causes, risk factors, and 2 diabetes and metabolic diseases and metabolic production (or failure of cells measurements of obesity. syndrome. Explore causes, abnormalities can lead to to respond) lead to type 2 Also described are symptoms, diagnosis, atherosclerotic cardiovascular diabetes. Explore causes, complications, treatment treatment, and self-care disease. Explore symptoms, symptoms, complications, options, and corrective options. risk factors, and treatments. diagnosis, and treatments. measures. Run Time: 9 minutes 22 Run Time: 21 minutes 32 Run Time: 12 minutes 43 Run Time: 8 minutes 16 seconds seconds seconds seconds Edited and Certified by: Edited and Certified by: Edited and Certified by: Anthony H. Barnett, MD, Anthony H. Barnett, MD, Anthony H. Barnett, MD, FRCP, FRCP, FRCP, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Medicine, Professor of Medicine, University of Birmingham, University of Birmingham, University of Birmingham, UK; Consultant Physician UK; Consultant Physician UK; Consultant Physician and Clinical Director of and Clinical Director of and Clinical Director of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Birmingham Heartlands Birmingham Heartlands Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. Hospital. Hospital. For more info, go to
  10. 10. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Alcoholic Liver Benign Prostatic Gastro- Inflammatory Disease Hyperplasia Esophageal Bowel Disease Animated video (BPH) Reflux Disease (IBD) demonstrates acute/ Explore BPH or enlargement (GERD) Animated video chronic inflammation of of the prostatee. Understand demonstrates inflammation Explore the causes of GERD liver from excessive alcohol its causes, symptoms, of the intestines. Explore with this 100%-accurate intake. Explore 3 stages of consequences, diagnoses, and causes of IBD, symptoms, animated video. Explore liver damage: symptoms, treatments. diagnosis, treatments, symptoms, diagnostic complications, and complications, and self-care Run Time: 11 minutes 08 procedures, treatments, management. options. seconds complications, and self-care Edited and Certified by: options. Run Time: 15 minutes 05 Run Time: 9 minutes 25 seconds C. R. Chapple, MD, FRCP, seconds Run Time: 12 minutes 02 Edited and Certified by: Professor of Urology, seconds Edited and Certified by: M. Mazen Jamal, MD, MPH, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Edited and Certified by: J. J. Misiewicz, MD, FRCP, Clinical Professor of Medicine, NHS Foundation Trust; J. J. Misiewicz, MD, FRCP, Consultant Physician University of California, Irvine, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Consultant Physician and Honorary Joint CA; Chief, Gastrointestinal Sheffield University, Sheffield, and Honorary Joint Director, Department of Endoscopy and Outpatient UK; Consultant Urological Director, Department of Gastroenterology and Services, Medical Center, Surgeon, Royal Hallamshire Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Central Middlesex Long Beach, VA. Hospital. Nutrition, Central Middlesex Hospital, London, UK. Hospital, London, UK. For more info, go to
  11. 11. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Learn about the various hypotheses related to IBS development, including how probiotics may affect gut mucosal cytokines. Run Time: 17 minutes 17 seconds Edited and Certified by: Mark Pimentel, MD, FRCPC, Director, GI Motility Program and Laboratory, Cedars- Sinai Medical Center; Assistant Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), CA. For more info, go to
  12. 12. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Menopause Polycystic Watch an animated video Ovarian that describes menopause, Syndrome (PCOS) the normal aging process in Animated video which ovaries run out of eggs demonstrates PCOS, a (ova) and menstrual periods reproductive disorder caused stop. Explore symptoms and by a hormonal imbalance. etiology of menopause. Explore risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment of the Run Time: 12 minutes 52 seconds condition. Edited and Certified by: Run Time: 6 minutes 39 Susan R. Davis, MBBS, seconds FRACP, PhD, Professor of Women’s Health, Monash University; Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Australia. For more info, go to
  13. 13. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents HIV and AIDS Otitis Media Pneumococcal Upper Discover the relationship Video demonstration of otitis Meningitis Respiratory Tract between HIV and AIDS, a media, inflammation of the Learn about a life- Infections (URTIs) condition in which progressive middle ear. Understand its threatening infection called Video animation failure of the immune system causes, symptoms, diagnosis, pneumococcal meningitis, demonstrates infections of allows life-threatening and treatment. the structure and function of sinuses, rhinitis, pharyngitis, opportunistic infections and meninges, causes, symptoms, Run Time: 8 minutes 28 laryngitis, epiglottitis, and cancers to thrive. Explore the seconds diagnosis, and treatment. tracheitis. Understand causes, structure of these viruses, their symptoms, diagnosis, and Run Time: 11 minutes 51 pathogenesis, and the body’s treatment. seconds immune response. Edited and Certified by: Run Time: 23 minutes 01 Run Time: 41 minutes 22 seconds Robert C. Read, MBChB, seconds Edited and Certified by: BMedSci, MRCP, MD, FRCP, Edited and Certified by: Itzhak Brook, MD, MSc, Professor of Infectious Jay A. Levy, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Diseases, University of Professor of Medicine, Division Medicine, Georgetown Sheffield Medical School, of Hematology/Oncology, University School of Medicine, UK; Honorary Consultant University of California, San Washington, DC; Fellow, Physician, Sheffield University Francisco (UCSF), CA; Research Infectious Diseases Society Hospitals. Associate, Cancer Research of America, the Society for Institute, UCSF; Director, Pediatric Research, and the Laboratory for Tumor and Pediatric Infectious Diseases AIDS Virus Research, UCSF; Society; Member, more than Fellow of the American 20 professional organizations. Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Academy of Microbiology. For more info, go to
  14. 14. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Alzheimer’s Diabetic Epilepsy Migraine Disease Neuropathy Animated video explores View types, phases, and Unique video animation Understand damage to brain seizures, causes, associated symptoms of demonstrates the anatomy nerves due to progressive loss diagnoses, and treatments. migraine. Understand core and function of the brain. It of nerve fibers, associated Understand surgery options, biochemical events that lead also describes in detail the complications, variations, and counseling, and first aid. to its onset. various forms of Alzheimer’s treatments. Run Time: 9 minutes 42 Run Time: 9 minutes 43 disease, diagnostic seconds seconds Run Time: 15 minutes 47 procedures, and treatment seconds Edited and Certified by: Edited and Certified by: options. Also reviews Edited and Certified by: Gregory L. Holmes, MD, Stephen D. Silberstein, MD, guidelines for patient care, Solomon Tesfaye, MD, FRCP, Section Chief of Neurology, FACP, Consultant Physician Dartmouth Medical School, Professor of Neurology, Run Time: 16 minutes 11 New Hampshire; President, Jefferson Medical College, seconds and Honorary Professor of Diabetic Medicine, American Epilepsy Society. Thomas Jefferson University, University of Sheffield, Philadelphia, PA; Director, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Jefferson Headache Center; Sheffield, UK. President, American Headache Society. For more info, go to
  15. 15. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Neuropathic Pain Parkinson’s Spasticity Stroke Learn about nociceptors Disease Explore spasticity along with Learn how blood clots and (nerves that respond to Explore Parkinson’s disease the etiology of spasticity, ruptured blood vessels injury and tissue damage) through video animation. its pathophysiology, lead to stroke. Understand with this 100%-accurate Discover causes, classical clinical assessment, and variations, risk factors, animated video. Explore symptoms, pathophysiology, management options, symptoms, diagnoses, causes, variations, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. including managing endovascular procedure, and and treatment options, both spasticity in children. other treatments. Run Time: 14 minutes 32 invasive and prescription. seconds Run Time: 26 minutes 16 Run Time: 8 minutes 11 seconds seconds Run Time: 6 minutes 40 Edited and Certified by: seconds Richard Davenport, DM, Edited and Certified by: Edited and Certified by: FRCP, William Whiteley, BM, BCh, Mark S. Wallace, MD, Consultant Neurologist, MRCP, Professor of Anesthesiology, Department of Clinical Specialist Registrar, Medical University of California, San Neurosciences, Western Neurology Division of Clinical Diego (UCSD), CA; Medical General Hospital, Edinburgh, Neurosciences, University of Director, Cancer Pain Relief UK. Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK. Unit, Cancer Center; Director, Clinical Research Pain Management Medical Group. For more info, go to
  16. 16. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Breast Cancer Prostate Cancer Explore the anatomy and Review the anatomy of the functioning of breasts. prostate gland. Understand Learn about cancer stages, the causes of prostate cancer development, diagnoses, and its symptoms, risk factors, variations, symptoms, and staging and prognosis, and treatments. treatment options. Run Time: 33 minutes 59 Run Time: 17 minutes 58 seconds seconds Edited and Certified by: Edited and Certified by: Gerald L. Andriole, Jr., MD, J. Michael Dixon, MD, Professor and Chief of Consultant Surgeon and Urologic Surgery, Washington Senior Lecturer in Surgery, University School of Edinburgh Breast Unit; Fellow Medicine, Barnes-Jewish Member, Royal College of Hospital, and Siteman Cancer Surgeons of Edinburgh and Center, St. Louis, MO. England; Panel Member, UK National Breast Cancer Coalition. For more info, go to
  17. 17. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Diabetic Glaucoma LASIK & Cataract Retinopathy This glaucoma video The LASIK & Cataract Animated video demonstrates a group of animated video demonstrates the eye diseases caused by demonstrates laser-assisted epidemiology and the buildup of intra-ocular in situ keratomileusis pathophysiology of diabetic pressure. Explore the optical (LASIK)—a procedure used to retinopathy. Explore phases, system and the causes of correct myopia, astigmatism, risk factors, diagnostics, glaucoma, diagnosis, and and hyperopia. Explore eye treatments, and preventive treatments anatomy and cataracts—its guidelines. classification, symptoms, Run Time: 16 minutes 26 diagnosis, complications, Run Time: 17 minutes 23 seconds surgery, and recovery. seconds Edited and Certified by: Edited and Certified by: Norbert Pfeiffer, MD, Run Time: 13 minutes 36 seconds Zachary T. Bloomgarden, Department of MD, Ophthalmology, Mainz Clinical Professor, Department University Eye Hospital, of Pediatrics, Mount Sinai Mainz, Germany; President, School of Medicine, New York; German Society of Board Member, American Ophthalmology. Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Hagen Thieme, MD, Institute for Clinical Physiology, Benjamin Franklin University Clinic, Berlin. For more info, go to
  18. 18. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Postmenopausal Psoriatic Arthritis Understand the degradation Explore bone anatomy and Osteoporosis Explore types of psoriatic of joint cartilage surfaces the silent disease that causes Animated video arthritis (PsA). Explore through this video animation. bone thinning, weakness, and demonstrates bone the epidemiology, clinical Explore causes, symptoms, fractures. Understand causes, formation and structural diagnosis, traditional systemic complications, risk factors, symptoms, and treatments. changes due to age and therapies, and biological screening, diagnosis, hormone levels, particularly agents for PsA. Run Time: 14 minutes 55 treatment, and management. seconds at menopause. Explore Run Time: bone density measurement, 23 minutes 14 seconds Run Time: 12 minutes 57 treatment, and self-care Edited and Certified by: seconds options. Philip Mease, MD, Edited and Certified by: Run Time: 10 minutes Clinical Professor, University Paul A. Dieppe, MD, FRCP, 51 seconds of Washington School of Professor, Senior Research Medicine, Seattle, WA; Chief, Edited and Certified by: Fellow, St. Peter’s College, Rheumatology Clinical R. M. Francis, MBChB, FRCP, University of Oxford, Research, Swedish Medical Professor of Geriatric UK; Director, MRC HSRC, Center, Seattle, WA. Medicine, University of University of Bristol, UK. Newcastle, Newcastle, UK; Consultant Physician, Freeman Hospital; Committee Member, Falls Prevention and Bone Health Section, British Geriatrics Society. For more info, go to
  19. 19. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Rheumatoid Arthritis Understand Rheumatoid Arthritis, its causes, risk factors, signs, symptoms, screening, and diagnosis. Learn about medications, treatments, and potential complications. Run Time: 8 minutes 36 seconds Edited and Certified by: Paul Emery, MD, FRCP, Professor of Rheumatology, Head of Academic Unit, Musculoskeletal Medicine, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK; Clinical Director (Rheumatology), Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, UK. For more info, go to
  20. 20. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Attention Deficit Bipolar Disorder Depression Schizophrenia Hyperactivity Video animation Explore the physiology Explore disabling brain Disorder (ADHD) demonstrates the alternating of depression that disease, schizophrenia, in Children episodes of mania and affects millions. Explore through this animated depression that occur with its causes, physiology, video presentation. It is This animated video explores bipolar disorder. Explore facts, diagnoses, treatment, and characterized by delusions, structural and functional symptoms, pathophysiology, consequences. hallucinations, and brain differences observed diagnoses, treatment, and disorganized speech and in children with ADHD. Run Time: 11 minutes 23 tips for coping. seconds behavior. Explore causes, Explore diagnosis, testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Run Time: 13 minutes 05 Edited and Certified by: psychotherapy, medications, seconds Stuart A. Montgomery, MD, Run Time: 9 minutes 04 and management. Edited and Certified by: FRCP, seconds Run Time: 14 minutes 09 Stuart A. Montgomery, MD, Emeritus Professor of Edited and Certified by: seconds FRCP, Psychiatry, Imperial College Stuart A. Montgomery, MD, Edited and Certified by: Emeritus Professor of School of Science and FRCP, James J. McGough, MD, Psychiatry, Imperial College Medicine, University of Emeritus Professor of Professor of Clinical School of Science and London, UK. Psychiatry, Imperial College Psychiatry, Semel Institute Medicine, University of School of Science and for Neuroscience and Human London, UK. Medicine, University of Behavior, David Geffen School London, UK. of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), CA. For more info, go to
  21. 21. Understanding disease Back to Table of Contents Allergic Rhinitis Chronic Asthma Chronic Sinusitis Animated video Video explores inflammation Obstructive View an animated demonstrates inflammation of nasal membranes, Pulmonary video demonstration of nasal membranes, sneezing, nasal congestion, Disease (COPD) of inflammation and sneezing, nasal congestion, and itching in chronic infection of sinuses. asthma. Explore its causes, View animated video Explore the anatomy of 4 and itching. Explore the signs, symptoms, and demonstration of COPD— types of sinuses (maxillary, immune system’s role in the treatment procedures. chronic bronchitis or frontal, sphenoidal, and disease, treatment options, emphysema. Explore causes, ethmoidal), pathophysiology, and guidelines for prevention Run Time: 16 minutes 20 diagnosis, complications, and management. seconds symptoms, treatments, and treatment, and self-care management. Edited and Certified by: options. Run Time: 12 minutes 26 seconds Stephen T. Holgate, MD, Run Time: 16 minutes 49 DSc, FRCP, Run Time: 13 minutes 37 seconds seconds Professor of Medicine, Edited and Certified by: University of Southampton, Edited and Certified by: Robert C. Read, MBChB, Southampton, UK; Honorary Peter J. Barnes, FMedSci, BMedSci, MRCP, MD, FRCP, Consultant Physician, Professor of Thoracic Professor of Infectious Southampton University Medicine, National Heart Diseases, University of Hospital Trust. and Lung Institute, Head Sheffield Medical School, of Respiratory Medicine, Sheffield, UK; Honorary Imperial College, London, Consultant Physician for UK; Honorary Consultant Sheffield University Hospitals. Physician, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK. For more info, go to
  22. 22. TM Animated Pocket dictionary Series Each Animated Pocket Dictionary defines and illustrates categorized medical terms using true-to-life 3D animation. Easily understand complex medical terms through simple animated videos, audio commentaries, and written definitions.App Includes: The Animated Pocket Dictionary is an essential resource• Animated videos defining 90+ to be referred to time and again, and it is perfect for health medical terms professionals, students, and laypeople alike.• Clear audio commentary• Written definitions of categorized medical terms Average Video Run Time: 45 secondsAdditional features on ipad:• Choose written definitions to appear on top of the video or when the video Available Platforms: is closed. • Apple iOS • DVD• Animations can be viewed using a full- or half-screen display.
  23. 23. animated Pocket Dictionary Back to Table of Contents Allergy Cardiology Cholesterol Dermatology Allergen extract to β2 agonists, Acute coronary syndrome to Adipose tissue to xanthoma, Acne to whiteheads, 80-plus 80-plus allergy-related medical ventricular fibrillation, 100-plus 80-plus cholesterol-related dermatology-related medical terms defined. cardiology-related medical medical terms defined. terms defined. terms defined. Diabetes Endocrinology Gastroenterology Hematology Adipose tissue to unstable Acromegaly to vasopressin or Abdomen to virtual colonoscopy, Acute lymphoblastic leukemia diabetes, 70-plus diabetes- antidiuretic hormone, 90- 90-plus gastroenterology-related to white blood cells, 90-plus related medical terms defined. plus endocrinology-related medical terms defined. hematology-related medical medical terms defined. terms defined. For more info, go to
  24. 24. animated Pocket Dictionary Back to Table of Contents Hepatology HIV & AIDS Hypertension Infectious Diseases Alagille syndrome to yellow Accessory genes to window ACE inhibitors to Wigger’s jack, 90-plus hepatology- period, 100-plus HIV & AIDS- diagram, 80-plus hypertension- Abscess to zoonosis, 100-plus related medical terms related medical terms defined. related medical terms defined. infectious disease-related defined. medical terms defined. Nephrology Neurology & Oncology Ophthalmology Psychology Astigmatism to walleye, 100- Adenocarcinoma to tumor, Adrenal glands to 80-plus oncology-related plus ophthalmology-related vasopressin, 90-plus Adrenal glands to zygon, medical terms defined. medical terms defined. nephrology-related medical 80-plus neurology and terms defined. psychology-related medical terms defined. For more info, go to
  25. 25. animated Pocket Dictionary Back to Table of Contents Orthopedics Respiratory Urology Diseases Albuminuria to Wilms’ tumor, Ankylosing spondylitis to vertebra, 90-plus Accuhalers to windpipe, 90-plus urology-related medical orthopedic-related medical 80-plus respiratory disease- terms defined. terms defined. related medical terms defined. For more info, go to
  26. 26. TM Junior animated atlas seriesExperience a visual exploration of 6 systems ofthe human body with Junior Animated Atlasof Anatomy and Physiology, our bestsellinganimated series. True-to-life video animationsexplore the inner workings of the humanbody while mapping vital organs and theirfunctions along the way. Available Platforms: • Apple iOS • Android • DVDApp Includes:• Medically accurate animated videos Available languages:• Written transcripts with medical • English terms linked to additional • Spanish resources • Chinese• Note-taking features
  27. 27. Junior animated Atlas Back to Table of Contents Circulatory System Digestive & Excretory Nervous System Examines the heart, blood, circulation, System Examines the human brain, its nerves, blood pressure, blood groups, blood Examines the physical processes and and the five senses. cells, and their functions. organs involved in digestion. Learn about Video Run Time: 17 minutes Video Run Time: 12 minutes the kidneys and how they function. 40 seconds Video Run Time: 12 minutes 20 seconds Reproductive System Respiratory System Skeletal & Muscular Examines the changes that take place Examines the action of breathing, the System throughout the human lifespan from exchange of gases, and how voice is Examines the skeleton, the number of conception, to birth, all the way to produced. bones, how bones are formed, joints, adulthood. muscles, their types, and how they Video Run Time: 6 minutes Video Run Time: 8 minutes 45 seconds contribute to physical movement. 35 seconds Video Run Time: 12 minutes For more info, go to
  28. 28. TM flip through Diseases & disorders Flip Through Diseases & Disorders is a series of colorful, informative virtual flip charts that provide clear, comprehensive facts on a variety of medical conditions. Each illustrated flip chart explores a specific health condition and organizes facts into a single comprehensive collection of information. All flip charts are conveniently stored in a single virtual bookshelf where titles are instantly available on demand. This unique, one-of-a-kind reference is more comprehensive than any other found online. It is ideal for healthcare professionals, students, and laypeople alike.App Includes:• Video animation (average length: 1 minute)• Illustration and written explanation of the condition• Notes and images section for topics covered• Facts on: m Causes m Symptoms Available Platforms: m Diagnoses • Apple iOS m Complications m Treatments m Prevention/Self-Care
  29. 29. Flip Through • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Back to Table of Contents • Insomnia • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Kidney Post-transplantation • Menopause • Metabolic Syndrome • Migraine • Neuropathic Pain • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Osteoarthritis • Acne • Diabetic Foot Care • Osteoporosis • Acute Coronary Syndrome • Diabetic Nephropathy • Otitis Media • Alzheimer’s Disease • Diabetic Neuropathy • Parkinson’s Disease • Atherosclerosis • Diabetic Retinopathy • Pediatric Asthma • Atopic Dermatitis • Dry Eyes • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia • Endometriosis • Psoriasis • Bipolar Disorder • Epilepsy • Respiratory Tract Infections • Chronic Asthma • Erectile Dysfunction • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Chronic Constipation • Fatty Liver Disease • Schizophrenia • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary • Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease • Sinusitis Disease • Genital Warts • Spasticity • Complications of Diabetes • Glaucoma • Stages of Pregnancy • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft • Heart Attack • Stroke • Dandruff • Heart Failure • The Prostate • Deep Vein Thrombosis • HIV • Thrombosis • Dementia • Hypertension • Typhoid Fever • Depression • Hypothyroidism • Urinary Incontinence • Diabetes For more info, go to
  30. 30. TM Scientifically Accurate Info at Your Fingertips! We can craft custom programs for professional training, patient education, medical conferences, and charitable donations. For more information on US bulk app sales, contact Beth Werner, VP of Business Development, at 570-686-1214 or at all other inquiries, please email us at or call 818-446-0500.