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Video app by focus app is created by the assistance of medical professionals.It is useful & beneficial for medical students as well as those who are keen to know about different diseases in a simple and interactive format.

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Editors quotes

  1. 1. The CD allows the viewer to have a dynamic understandingof the pathogenesis, and course and treatment of psoriasis Reviewsthat conventional books can not attain. Noah Schienfeld"The effective animations of this CDROM direct the viewer with greater specificity than any other mediato the complexities and processes of upper respiratory tract infections and assist in a greaterappreciation of the means available of diagnosing and managing this common condition." Itzak Brook "This CD clearly presents the physiological changes that occur at menopause which underpin the major symptoms experienced by women. It enables clinicians to understand the experiences women have at this time and provides a sound basis for patient management." Susan Davis "the compelling animations in the CDROM on`this is a fabulous resource..its so easy to psoriatic arthritis engage the viewer in anaccess the information and thegraphics interactive way that leads to greaterhelp to explain things really well....` understanding of the processes and manifestations of psoriatic arthitis " Robert Read Philip Mease The two major ways to treat dyslipidemia in "This CD brings the topic of breast order to prevent atherosclerosis and its cancer to life. Understand how breast sequela- by life style improvement or cancer develops, spreads and is cholesterol modifying drugs- are delt with in treated in a few minutes". a quite simple and straightforward way J. Michael Dixon understandable for everybody Lars A. Carlson The cd allows the viewer to have a dynamic understanding of the pathophysiology,definition and sequelae of the metabolic syndrome that conventional methods of communication cannot attain Anthony H. BarnettThis CD deals with Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and its diagnosis and medical and surgicaltreatment. The often complex clinical problems are clearly and graphically presented, forming auseful reference facility for the clinician faced with clinical decisions in the management of thesedemanding conditions. J.J. Misiewicz"The animated CDROM for ADHDprovides an excellent introduction to this “The CD combines essential information onimportant clinical topic, and is particularly diabetic neuropathies with excellentdesigned to meet the needs of students, illustrations / images.”patients, and families." James J. McGough Solomon TesfayeThe animated CDROM provides an integrated and useful tool for the understanding of diabeticretinopathy, giving an excellent understanding of current concepts of the pathogenesis of thevarious subtypes, the clinical presentation, and the available approaches to treatment. Zachary T. Bloomgarden 118, Lorong 23 Geylang (off Sims Lane) # 06-03 SCN Industrial Building, Singapore-388402 Website : www.focusmedica.com Tel: +65 6336 1365, Fax: +65 6336 1476 E-mail : contact@focusmedica.com
  2. 2. "Vivid animations in this CDROM on COPD brings to life the mechanisms and pathophysiology of thecondition, identifies its diagnostic approaches and describes its management in a way that is quick,accessible and accurate" Peter J. Barnes Rates of stable angina pectoris are increasing worldwide as ageing populations have increased lifespan. Educating individuals about the causes, treatments and prevention of ischaemic heart disease is vitally important. This Multimedia CD Rom, fits the bill in providing angina patients and their families with an uncomplicated and visually attractive educational programme. I hope that it will be widely adopted and made available to all those who may benefit Henry PurcellThis interactive CD provides an overview of the causes, consequences, investigation andmanagement of osteoporosis. The use of animated sequences and accompanying commentary andtext illustrates how bone is a dynamic living tissue and highlights how the reduction in bone densityleads to an increased risk of fractures after minor injury. The CD provides practical advice on theprevention of osteoporosis, as well as details of how the condition is investigated and treated. R.M. Francis This CD fuses the neuroanatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of Parkinsons disease with the clinical appearances, and provides an explanation for the various treatments available. The integrated approach provides the viewer with an up to date review of this common neurodegenerative disorder, and will allow the clinician to approach patients with confidence in both diagnosis and management. Richard J. Davenport The use of an electronic medium on this CD for reviewing the clinical manifestations of the commonest benign neoplasm in the male (benign prostatic hyperplasia) is an innovative way of tackling this important subject in a user friendly format." C.R. Chapple The animations in the CDROM on rheumatoid arthritis enable visualisation of the mechanisms of the pathophysiology of this disabling condition. Should help individuals get a better understanding of the destructive process involved in rheumatoid arthritis. Paul Emery The CD-ROM on Epilepsy beautifully I am sure that this highly informative CD integrates oustanding graphics with will help physicians to understand concise descriptions of major features of better the challenge of atherosclerosis epilepsy. and its prevention" Gregory L. Holmes D.J. Betteridge "Clever use of animation dramatically brings to life the essentials of neuropathic pain in this CDROM, which describes the role of nociceptors , the pathology of pain transmission , the different types of neuropathy and the means to identify and manage this often persistent condition." Mark S. Wallace “Osteoarthritis is sometimes thought of as a very common, but boring (degenerative) condition of older people; but as this CD shows, boring is far from the truth – it is a fascinating and hugely important clinical and public health challenge for the future, which all health care professionals need to understand better” Paul A. Dieppe I v 33, First Main, Koramangala First Block, Bangalore-560 034, Website : www.focusmedica.com Tel.: +91-80-42673400 Fax: +91-80-42673413 E-mail : contact@focusmedica.com