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The Consequences of Living and Breathing with Hyperconnectedness


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Katina Michael's (University of Wollongong, Australia) Keynote presentation from the FoCAS Summer School 2014, Crete, Greece

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The Consequences of Living and Breathing with Hyperconnectedness

  1. 1. The Consequences of Living and Breathing with Hyperconnectedness Associate Professor Katina Michael Associate Dean – International Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences University of Wollongong, Australia FoCAS Summer Camp – Crete, Greece – 24 June 2014
  2. 2. Utopia • Automatic ID – Who • Location Tracking – Where • Condition Monitoring – What • Points of View – How • Evidence-on-demand • Validation • Risk minimisation • Control Applications – Security-related • Care Applications – Wander-alerts • Convenience Applications – Key-less access • Efficiencies • Effectiveness • Resource optimisation
  3. 3. Dystopia
  4. 4. Different Points of View (POV) • Vector View • Satellite View • Street View • Building View • Light-post/tree View • What about Person View? – Sousveillance
  5. 5. What’s this? Anyone like to guess?
  6. 6. First Picture from Explorer VI Satellite • This is the first crude picture obtained from Explorer VI Earth satellite launched August 7, 1959. It shows a sun-lighted area of the Central Pacific ocean and its cloud cover. The picture was made when the satellite was about 17,000 miles above the surface of the earth on August 14, 1959. At the time, the satellite was crossing Mexico. The signals were received at the South Point, Hawaii, tracking station. Source: NASA
  7. 7. To Google Earth
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Yes…
  10. 10. StreetView
  11. 11. Person View?
  12. 12. Google Glass View via YouTube Source:
  13. 13. “Sent Through Glass” Message • “Let's start there, shall we? Before today, the only way to take a photo with a wink was by way of a third-party app. But now, Google's baked that functionality directly into the Explorer Edition of Glass, making those sly creepster shots even easier. • Glassware's also getting a major boost with the addition of Hangouts, for those of you that want to send SMS, chats or even video calls from your head, and YouTube for simple Glass video uploads.” – Joseph Volpe, Engadget
  14. 14. From Satellite to Drone View to ‘Person as Sensor’ View Original diagram Michael, Michael & Abbas, 2009; adapted with Perakslis 2013
  15. 15. From the AWACS Airborne Warning And Control System
  16. 16. DashCams Source: CHOICE
  17. 17. Google Patents: Glass-on-a-Lens
  18. 18. Time Capsule. Courtesy of Eduardo Kac, 11 November 1997.
  19. 19. From the “Black Box” Flight Recorder
  20. 20. I Cyborg. Courtesy of Kevin Warwick, 14th of March 2002.
  21. 21. Uberveillance. Fifth Edition of the Macquarie Dictionary, 2009, p. 1094.
  22. 22. Uber Surveillance
  23. 23. Uberveillance “Big Brother on the inside looking out”
  24. 24. To the Black Box in the Car
  25. 25. To the Black Box in “You” Source:
  26. 26. NTT DOCOMO • i-mode • i-appli • i-area • i-motion • i-shot • i-channel • iD APPLE INC. • iTunes • iPod • iLife • iSight • iWork • iPhone • iPad The Rise of the iPlant An RFID Implantee X-Ray. Courtesy of Mr Amal Graafstra, 2007.
  27. 27. The Veillances Hayes, 2010
  28. 28. Water, Energy & Climate Change Limited Resources - Population Pressures
  29. 29. The Open Data Movement • Internet of Everything • Nothing should be private • Look at the great things big data will herald • The end of starving children in Africa • The end of criminal activity by underground networks • No more corruption, only transparency • Nowhere to hide • Sensors everywhere
  30. 30. The Collective Awareness Movement • Equitable access to energy • Sharing energy toward sustainability • Smart grids, smart homes, smart meters, smart cars, smart phones, smart people – What’s wrong with this model? • I know who you are, where you live, what condition you are in because of the energy you draw • If you have something your neighbour does not, why not share it? Redistribution is great!
  31. 31. Where Have We Come From?
  32. 32. Emerging Technologies • Fingerprint, DNA • Facial recognition (e.g. Facebook) • Location- geographic/ time of day • Automatic Number Plate Recognition • Condition monitoring – Accelerometers, temperature sensors • Gait and behavioural biometrics • Point of view technologies – Cameras, AV recorders • Data is being stored in the Cloud – Web-scraping techniques
  33. 33. Mass Surveillance vs Uberveillance • Who? Where? When? What? • If I know: – who you are – where you are – what condition you are in then I can denote what you are doing Identity Location Condition • “Human activity monitoring” of all people has consequences for human rights
  34. 34. Where Are We Going?
  35. 35. Proactive Criminalisation • The underlying premise: – If I can use “big data” to – (a) bring islands of information together – (b) analyse both structured and unstructured data in real-time or near-real time – then there is a good chance that certain patterns and trends will be revealed that may help me to foil a plot to commit a crime, or even prevent a crime.
  36. 36. Situational Awareness is about… • Level 1 – Perception of elements in current situation – We can call this the “cognition” phase • Level 2 – Comprehension of current situation – We can call this the “comprehension” phase • Level 3 – Projection of future status – We can call this the “perception” phase
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Steve Mann © 1995-2009
  39. 39.
  40. 40. Human Activity Monitoring
  41. 41. My Location-Based Chronicles (2009-)
  42. 42. No Limits to Watching? • Major implications for privacy + security • The sheep mentality • Who are these #explorers? • Pareto principle
  43. 43. Drone View (Nov. 2012)
  44. 44. Drone View (Nov. 2012)
  45. 45. Street View (Nov. 2012) Credit: Mahmud Hams/Getty Images
  46. 46. 21 November 2012
  47. 47. Where Science Fiction Meets NOW Image Sensor Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer GPS Altimeter
  48. 48. What is the Vision?
  49. 49. Interdisciplinary Research and Complexity
  50. 50. System vs Lifeworld Rationality Source:
  51. 51. Source:
  52. 52. Rossiter’s C-OAR-SE: Bipolar Attributes
  53. 53. Technology LifeCycle Curve
  55. 55. Rogers Diffusion of Innovation
  56. 56. Trajectory to the Next Curve: Lessons from the Auto-ID Industry
  57. 57. The Coming Age of Uberveillance • An implantable chip (an i-plant) that acts like a blackbox recorder – Identity, location, condition, and even stores photographs – Big Brother on the inside looking out – No longer can mistakes be made in private • In a contactless manner the i-plant is able to record and connect touch points between the individual and the world around them (dubbed person view, Internet of Everything) • It is an all-hazards approach to security – It contains various forms of securitization • Economic, political, social, environmental • An attempt at omniscience but at best achieves omnipresence- the ubiquity is not fool proof – The “New Visibility” is prone to misinformation, misrepresentation, information manipulation
  58. 58. The “Zoe Implant” • IMDb writes of the The Final Cut directed by Omar Naim: – "Set in a world with memory implants, Robin Williams plays a cutter, someone with the power of final edit over people's recorded histories. His latest assignment is one that puts him in danger.“ – The issue at hand is incredibly relevant to point of view technologies- he who has the power to delete has the ultimate power.”
  59. 59. The Final Cut
  60. 60. Disappearing People from a Scene
  61. 61. Conclusion
  63. 63. The Predator and the Prey • What we build will come back to bite us. – The panacea of the Internet of Everything – The packbots with the claws and payloads – The aerial drones that will deliver books + beer – The police with the wearable technologies – The glass that will soon see through walls – The throwaway printers and mobile phones – The 3D printers which will just exacerbate • So I ask you- what is your lifeworld again? • Who are you? Bring that person to the table each day – Don’t leave your ethics at the door • The danger is that we exert too much control only to one day wake up and realise the nightmare scenario that we have exerted all that effort and the one we’ve been trying to catch and contain is our very own selves