Our film opening presentation


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Our film opening presentation

  1. 1. Our Film OpeningSibel Aydogan, Mollie Bonsor, Laura Clark, Sky Croxford
  2. 2. Film Title Her Name is Alice Font – Gabriola We have decided on ‘Her Name is Alice’ as our film title. Itadds a mystery to the film as the audience may wonder who Alice is.
  3. 3. Setting nameOur film opening is going to be set in a village which we have researched into and decided on the name “Darkton”
  4. 4. SynopsisThe film opening will begin by Rosie biking through fields,roads etc. The camera will follow her journey to the fieldusing different camera angles and shots to do this. She willthen meet Alice at a field where the two will have a picnic.Over the top of the journey the song we have chosen will beplayed, where it will fade to the voice of Rosie narratingover the top.
  5. 5. GenreThe genre of our film opening is ThrillerFantasy.We will portray this genre by the effect thatwe will obtain through the editing and theway we introduce characters into the clip.
  6. 6. CharactersWe will have two characters that will bepresented in our film opening;Alice and Rosie.Alice believes that Rosie is dead, but actuallyAlice is dead but is unaware of this.Both girls will be about 13 years old.
  7. 7. Music We have decided to use ‘Blackbirds – The Beatles’ At 38 seconds of the clip we will fade out the music for the narration to come in. Once narration has stopped or if it has any pauses the song will then be brought back into the video. Meaning for song choice The song is from that era The Beatles released their first film in 1966 which is the year we are basing on film opening in, and this is what is being said in the dialogue over the topThere’s are part in the chorus which can be repeated and faded out to link with our eary genre.
  8. 8. Titles• As she begins her journey a title will come up saying the date e.g. “1966” The titles will slowly appear over the whole film opening. The font we will be using is Gabriola “1966”• We have decided to use this type of font throughout the whole film opening.
  9. 9. 1950 and 60’s and the fashionWe have chosen to set the scene in the year of1966For this we have looked into the type offashion that was around this time, which willhelp us with the characters images in theopening film.
  10. 10. Fashion and setting• In the film opening, we must remain under the era of the 50 and 60’s making sure we continue with this fashion and area of buildings.• We will make sure there are no cars around to show it was filmed in modern time.• To do this we will be filming in quite abandoned areas, so cars aren’t usually around anyway.• The girls will wear skirts / dresses with a petticoat to add to the theme of the 50’s, and the whole fashion will add to the girls being innocent and sweet.
  11. 11. Company LogoAs a group we have put together a company logo for our film.We have used the word “fantasy” as our company logo nameas the genre of our film will be Fantasy / Thriller, therefore it links.We have used the image of a blackbird that we have drawn as our company logo image as our film will be opening with a blackbird flying. It also links with our music choice of ‘Blackbirds’ by The Beatles.
  12. 12. Camera and Editing• PoV shot of Rosie’s view• Short takes – adds expectancy to the opening• Sharp shots – quick, jumpy
  13. 13. The catch• Alice’s narration will end with the ending line having a twist which will create the hook of the film.• The film will go into a bright light which is a flashback of what have got them to this point, this is the hook as the audience will want to know what’s happened.