Sunday School Lesson 2009 10 18 Handout


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Sunday School Lesson 2009 10 18 Handout

  1. 1. DISCIPLESHIP – AN EPIC ADVENTURE: FIGHT OR FLIGHT Mark 14:27-51 1. Read Mark 14:27 – 31. How would you characterize the attitude of the disciples in this passage? 2. How did the disciples’ plan to respond to adversity? 3. Read Mark 14:43. What does verse tell us about the kind of response Jesus’ captures were expecting? 4. Read Mark 14:46-50. How did the disciples actually respond when faced with adversity? 5. Why do you think that the disciples’ words did not match their actions? Homework: 1. In what areas are you spiritually overconfident and at risk for being led astray? 2. How can you avoid spiritual overconfidence? Sunday School Lesson – October 18th, 2009