BUSI 342 Final Exam 3 from Liberty University                      PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREBUSI 342 Final Exam 3 from Liberty ...
12) Of the types of employees listed below, the management by objectiveprocess would work best for13) At High Flyer Airlin...
25) Job evaluation provides a formal, systematic basis for determining themarket value of jobs and establishing external p...
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Busi 342 final exam 3 from liberty university


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Busi 342 final exam 3 from liberty university

  1. 1. BUSI 342 Final Exam 3 from Liberty University PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREBUSI 342 Final Exam 3 from Liberty University1) A/an ____ is a sequence of work-related positions a person occupiesthroughout life.2) Turnover of nursing staff is a major concern at Briar Mountain RegionalMedical Center. Many experienced nurses resist moving into management, butexit interviews indicate that many of the best nurses leave Briar Mountainbecause they feel they cannot advance in the organization. As director of HR, yousuggest3) Which of the following statements about psychological tests is FALSE?Psychological tests4) Because of the rapidly changing economic and technological environment,the traditional career progression models no longer apply. It is difficult to discernany general patterns in the pattern of workers’ careers.5) A career plateau occurs when a/an6) Typically, it is more difficult to relocate an employee whose spouse is aprofessional than it is to relocate an employee who is single.7) Infusion Enterprises suffered a shock when its president and its CEO, wereboth killed by an avalanche while skiing in Chile. But because of the ____ theorganization was able to continue operations smoothly.8) The vice president of marketing at BamaWonder Products has left to createher own company. She is taking with her some key managers in the areas ofproduct development, finance and sales. The BamaWonder Products’ continuedsmooth functioning after these departures will largely depend on9) In over ____ percent of couples, both partners have a career.10) What is the purpose of developmental feedback?11) The two roles of appraisal, administrative decision making and developmentoften conflict, so the developmental role is gradually being absorbed into the HRfunction of training and employee development and removed from thesupervisor’s responsibility.
  2. 2. 12) Of the types of employees listed below, the management by objectiveprocess would work best for13) At High Flyer Airlines, managers rate their subordinates on a continuum from1 to 7. A score of 1 indicates unsatisfactory performance, and a score of 7indicates superior performance. High Flyer uses a ____ as its performanceappraisal method.14) All of the following are common reasons why performance appraisalsystems are ineffective EXCEPT15) In which of the following situations would peer ratings be most appropriate?16) The use of self-appraisal is a good counterpoint to supervisor appraisalbecause the subordinate’s leniency in self-appraisal offsets the rater bias of thesupervisor.17) Since the data pertinent to the employee’s performance has been collectedand evaluated before the performance appraisal interview is held, it is too late atthat point to correct misunderstandings and mistakes.18) Alvin, a sales representative for a company making industrial solvents, lost amajor customer last month. Until then, Alvin’s year has been about average in thedollar amount of sales. Early in the year, Alvin brought in two new customers ofabout the size of the customer he lost last month. Alvin’s supervisor gives Alvinan unsatisfactory rating in his annual performance appraisal. It is likely that Alvin’ssupervisor has committed the ____ error19) A____ is a group of jobs having common organizational characteristics.20) Collette received a $2,500 lump-sum increase for her performance last year.This increased her base pay by $2,500.21) Typically, clerical and professional jobs are classified in the same job familybecause they are both white-collar, office occupations.22) As HR director, you are discussing the implementation of a competency-based compensation system with the company’s CEO. You point out that in orderfor the competency system to be effective23) Which of the following is a major drawback to the point method of jobevaluation?24) If the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Labor Department investigates anemployer’s files looking for violations of the FLSA, it will focus on
  3. 3. 25) Job evaluation provides a formal, systematic basis for determining themarket value of jobs and establishing external pay equity in the organization’scompensation system.26) Paul is a single parent. He received consistently high performanceappraisals from his employer, until the company went bankrupt. Now, Paul islooking for a new job. As the recruiter at MilqueMaid Chocolate, you are veryinterested in Paul. But, your firm has a lag-the-market compensation strategy.You know that Paul has had an offer from a firm that has a meet-the-marketstrategy. You are not authorized to offer Paul a market-level salary. Your bestway to lure Paul to MilqueMaid is to27) A third-quartile approach is a compensation strategy28) In a true pay-for-performance system, which of the following employeeswould qualify for incentive reward?29) OnionDome Manufacturing has suffered major losses in the last few years.Last year the board of directors fired the CEO and hired Simon Simple from oneof its major competitors. Simple has laid off 20 percent of the hourly employeesand 15 percent of the managers and professional staff in the company. He hassold off two unprofitable subsidiaries, and for the first time in five years thecompany has posted a small profit. This year the board of directors has givenSimple a multi-million dollar bonus. Which of the following statements is TRUE?30) Beverly is a member of a five-person work team. Beverly is conscientiousand reliable, but she works the most slowly of the team members. The team ispaid a monthly bonus based on its production numbers. If all team members arepaid the same size bonus, Beverly will be subject to social pressure to workfaster.31) Performance incentives include all the following EXCEPT32) All of the following are potential outcomes of a successful pay-for-performance plan EXCEPT33) The U.S. is relatively unusual in tying significant proportions of executive payto organizational profitability and value.34) An effect of variable pay plans is that ____ incentives increase thecompetition among individual employees.35) ____ is an example of an organizational-level variable pay system.