Not An Easy Balance: Shale Oil & Gas in NWT Communities


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Presentation by Shauna Morgan of the Pembina Institute in Fort Nelson.

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  • Experience with sustainable development policies, challenges and opportunities within the extraction industries
  • Shauna -13 Shale oil leases near Norman Wells (seismic/exploration activity ramping up – applications for exploration wells to be drilled in 2012/13 season) Other shale gas potential in southern NWT (from known deposits in Alberta/BC) ~165 Tcf in Horn River Basin Recent news that Liard Basin, which extends from NE B.C. into NWT and Yukon, could be one of the most prolific shale gas reservoirs in the world – more testing needed Cordova is less explored than Horn River so far – 325 exploratory wells drilled so far on BC side 29 Trillions of cubic feet (Tcf) of gas is risked technically recoverable Nexen has acquired a 38,000-acre lease position in the Cordova Embayment. Penn West Energy Trust and Mitsubishi have formed a joint venture to develop the estimated 5 to 7 Tcf of recoverable shale gas resources on their 120,000-acre (gross) lease area, planning to drill 5 wells in 2010. Several others have about 130,000 acres each
  • Different political regions Different rights holders Different geologies (Mackenzie Plain surrounding river; Franklin Mountains NE of river; Mackenzie Mountains SW of river; Peel Plain and Plateau to NW) – lowlying wetlands, karst with underground streams and sinkholes Compounded with climate change – megaslumping, ground shifting
  • Shauna- Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today. I’d be happy to take questions.
  • Not An Easy Balance: Shale Oil & Gas in NWT Communities

    1. 1. Not an Easy Balance:Shale Oil & Gas in NWTCommunitiesPresentation to Keepers of the Water ConferenceShauna Morgan, The Pembina InstituteSeptember 27, 2012 , Fort Nelson
    2. 2. The Pembina InstituteThe Pembina Institute isan environmentalnonprofit think tankwith 50+ staff in sevenoffices. We work toadvance clean energysolutions throughinnovative research,education, consultingand advocacy. 2
    3. 3. Recent Pembina Research + four reports for the Shale Gas Thought Leader’s Forum in September 2012
    4. 4. Shale potential in NWTGas Source: June-Warren Nickles group.Oil Source: USGS
    5. 5. Overview of Sahtu Exploration Parcels And Development Proposals
    6. 6. Exploration PlansWinter 2011-2012•Husky- 3D Seismic, drilled 2 wells•Explor-2D SeismicSummer 2012•Husky- research (water quality/quantity, wildlife, vegetation, permafrost)•Conoco- research (similar to Husky)•MGM- scouting for proposed winter workWinter 2012-2013•MGM- will drill 1 well under permit S12A-001, licence S12L1-001•Husky- proposes to re-enter 2 wells, construct all season road•Conoco- proposes to drill 2 wells, possibly 3Years After•Potentially all 5 companies will be operating at the same time
    7. 7. “Balance” “Capacity” “Consultation”“(Traditional Knowledge?)”
    8. 8. Empower Collaborate Involve ConsultInform Modified from IAP2 Spectrium
    9. 9. Decision Points /Opportunities forInfluence Before Before Leases Leases ABA Negotiation ABA Negotiation Exploration Licenses Exploration Licenses Exploration Exploration Issued Issued FFConsultation Consultation aa w/ w/ Land Corps Land Corps ll FFcommunities communities ll aa Monitoring Monitoring (others too?) (others too?) EA EA ll Screening Screening ll (regional (regional Board) Board) Hearings 22 Hearings 11 22 00 Cumulativ Cumulativ 00 Letter: Letter: 33 eeImpacts Impacts 11 ‘Public ‘Public 22 Concern’ Concern’ 9
    10. 10. For more information•• Shauna Morgan at