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The Spoils System (andrew jackson)


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The Spoils System (andrew jackson)

  1. 1. The Spoils System Du!ng An"ew Jacksons Presidency
  2. 2. Andrew Jackson $e Spoils Sy%em
  3. 3. Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson wasborn on March 15th ofthe year 1767. In theNorth / South Carolinaborder. He was the 7thpresident of the UnitedStates . He waspresident during theyears 1829-1837 and ledthe democratic party.
  4. 4. The Election of 1824During the elections of 1824the running candidateswere Henry Clay, John QAdams, AndrewJackson,and WilliamH.Crawford. The winner ofthe elections was supposedto be Andrew Jackson butCongress as well as HenryClay supported John QAdams to win.
  5. 5. The Spoils SystemWhen Jackson was president, he fired 20% offederal officials and put in his supporters thathelped him during the election of 1828. Thiswas known as the Spoils System. This was well known for the saying,"To thevictor belongs the spoil."The meaning of the spoil system was to giveappointive jobs to loyal members of the partyin power
  6. 6. Jacksons ThoughtsHe thought that many took their job forgrantedHe wanted to get rid of them becausehe thought that some of the federalofficials were corrupt before Jacksonwas elected.Thought that changing the system ofoffice would be able to reducecorruption.Thought this was good for thedemocracyThought it was a great way to reward hissupporters of the 1828 elections.
  7. 7. The Spoils System Political Ca&oons
  8. 8. Disadvantages and Advantages of the Spoils SystemDisadvantages ; Did not care about the workersability in doing their jobHe fired many experiencedworkersAdvantages ; Helped the democratic partybecome powerful Made sure everything stood inplace.
  9. 9. Andrew Jackson - The Spoils System.By- Cindylee, Dei, Emily, Sherry, Nick, and Mat(ew.