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Nicholas Foo

  1. 1. DEVELOPER PLATFORM EVOLUTION – Qt AND SYMBIAN^3 & MAEMO Nicholas Foo Hamish Willee Technical Manager Consultant Forum Nokia, APAC Symbian Foundation
  2. 2. Agenda Qt Opportunities Maemo Possibilities Symbian Evolves 2 2
  3. 3. Our developer offering: elegantly connected services Services Level Apps Level Qt (native) WRT (web) Maemo / Platform Level Symbian Others Meego 3
  4. 4. Qt Opportunities 4 4
  5. 5. Qt is used everywhere From embedded devices By companies from many to desktop applications industries
  6. 6. Qt expands its cross platform offering to mobile for millions of Symbian smart phones for Maemo mobile computers for Ovi Services 6 6
  7. 7. Qt: a cross platform application and UI development framework Qt SDK Qt modular class library Qt development tools Core XML GUI Multimedia Qt Creator WebKit Database Cross-platform IDE Graphics View Network Scripting Unit Tests OpenGL Qt Designer Qt Assistant Benchmarking Help reader GUI designer Contacts Messaging Location Bearer Mgmt Qt Linguist qmake Cross-Platform I18N Toolset Build Tool Cross-platform support Desktop Embedded Mobile Chipsets * Planned future functionality
  8. 8. Why Qt? Cross-platform applications and services – Hybrid development: convergence of web and native applications – Cross-platform software across desktops and devices High application performance – High performance regardless of underlying platform – Apps must exploit platform resources to deliver cutting-edge UI Shorter time to market – Delivering functionality faster, without increasing cost – Targeting multiple languages and screen sizes 8
  9. 9. Why Symbian – for Qt developers? Growing marketplace for applications • Active users in over 180 countries • Over 100 device models • With 25+ Operator Billing integration Large addressable market • Approx 65M S60 devices 3.2 and 5.0 • Approx 160M S60 devices 3.0 and above • Qt Supported on S60 version 3.1, 3.2 5.0 and beyond 9
  10. 10. ! The mobility project • What is it? – New Qt APIs enabling cross-platform mobile application development and service access. • What is the value? – Significant advantage for developers targeting mobile platforms, such as Windows CE, S60, and Maemo in 2010. • Significant advantage for carriers and their 3rd party content developers • Easier to create to applications targeting many platforms – Reuse of code between the mobile platforms – Bring existing Qt developers and new ideas to Nokia platforms. – Bring Nokia developers to non-Nokia platforms.
  11. 11. The mobility project • Service Framework – Launch, discover, and communicate with services – Use services natively or through a run-time language such as Javascript – Control access to services • Context Framework – Share context information between applications • Contacts API – Access stored contacts – Create new contacts • Location API – Query current location – API hides underlying Location source (GPS, Cell ID, etc)
  12. 12. ! The mobility project • System Information API – Access to platform and/or device information – Determine status of available resources • Bearer Management – Manage available network connections – Use the best available connection • Messaging API – Send and receive a variety of message types • Multi-Media API – Play and record audio/video
  13. 13. Maemo Possibilities 13
  14. 14. N900 developer offer
  15. 15. N900: feature-rich devices Maemo Linux 600Mhz OMAP 3 processor Ovi Maps 32GB of storage Nokia 3.5” 800 X 480 touch Messaging screen 5 MP Camera New UI with panoramic Quad-band GSM homescreen Tri-band WCDMA
  16. 16. N900: market potential “Significant step for Nokia and a bold strike against the new Overview entrants that have arrived in the high end.'' “Represents a leap forward in Nokia mobile handset software “Positioning around its capabilities. N900 Linux-based openness is software has rich creating a clear potential.” differentiation from most others.” “N900 proves Nokia’s “A major attempt to regain ability to develop a UI mindshare with a powerful at the high-end.” multipurpose, multitasking handset.”
  17. 17. Development environment Cross platform compiler Madde - Maemo Platform SDK – Scratchbox-based environment – Code, compile, and package – Emulator access for testing and debugging – APIs and code examples for desktop widgets Qt Application Development Framework (v4.6) – Qt Creator IDE • An advanced C/C++ code editor • Integrated with Qt UI Designer – Efficient GUI and business logic coding – Full integration of Qt with Maemo underway
  18. 18. Marketing opportunities • Apps are playing a prominent role in N900 marketing campaigns • Nokia online properties are providing millions of click-throughs for highlighted apps – – Maemo Select – OVI Store 18 © 2009 Nokia
  19. 19. Demos 19
  20. 20. Thank you!