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Gary Chan

  1. 1. NOKIA WEB RUN-TIME EVOLUTION Gary Chan Developer Relations Manager, APAC Forum Nokia / +65 9073 2251
  2. 2. World’s most popular smartphone platform Smartphone shipments by platform Q4 2009 (Source: Canalys)
  3. 3. The developer is at the centre of Nokia’s strategy
  4. 4. The developer engagement strategy Services Level Apps Level Qt (native apps) WRT (web apps) Maemo / Symbian Others Platform Level MeeGo
  5. 5. Web Run-Time overview A software development environment that lets Web developers use standard web technology to create Run-time standalone applications (widgets). Key attributes • Develop using only standard Web technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX), but without browser UI • It’s an application: discover, install, launch, uninstall • Context aware with JavaScript access to platform services • Handling media content natively or with the help of scriptable plug- ins + Nokia APIs, tools + documentation
  6. 6. What are widgets? Symbian WRT Architecture • Lightweight web applications that provide easy access to content on the Native Internet C/C++ WRT Web • No need to launch a browser “Web Widgets Browser Capable” • Offer mobile optimized user interface accessible by a single click Web Run-Time (Open source WebKit engine) • Install and run on Nokia smartphones like any native application Platform Libraries and Middleware Symbian OS Hardware
  7. 7. Why widgets? • High developer productivity • Completely open standards based on the Web • Anyone who can create web pages can develop WRT widgets • No application signing required • Distribute widgets like regular applications =
  8. 8. N97 brings “Live” content to the homescreen • N97 and N97 mini introduced a miniview extension for WRT widgets on homescreen. • Miniview is used to enable “live” information updates to the user without accessing or refreshing the widget. • Users can customize their N97 or N97 mini to have 5 different homescreen widgets. • Persistent application presence on the homescreen increases visibility and use of the services. • Exposes data-driven web content to consumers in an easy and intuitive way.
  9. 9. Symbian^3 introduces multiple homescreens • Symbian^3 refreshes the Nokia Smartphone user experience to be simple, fast and beautiful while increasing the always-on Internet connectivity. • Introduces multiple homescreen support – starting with 3 homescreens. • Customize and organize individual homescreens with different aspects of your life – work, social networking, entertainment, etc.
  10. 10. Nokia widgets get superpowers! • Web Runtime widgets add context to Web Content by accessing Platform Messaging Services (including Messaging, PIM, Audio and etc) through JavaScript PIM extensions • Combine Web-based data with Platform Audio Services to deliver personalized and relevant services System • Use web-based contacts and events locally to create easy-to-access Imaging reminders • Use device location to provide location Location aware updates (e.g. auto weather updates based on your location) • Available on S60 5th Edition and selected S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 devices
  11. 11. Demo: I-S+ entertainment & event guide
  12. 12. Big news for consumers everywhere! Free on-board global maps with drive and walk navigation for all current and future customers of Nokia’s range of compatible GPS Symbian smartphones
  13. 13. New Ovi Maps World-class value proposition for consumers Ovi Maps now comes with free: • Global on-board map data • Global drive navigation • Global pedestrian navigation • Global premium content >1000’s of travel guides and content from Lonely Planet, Michelin, WCities • Share your location with Facebook Ready out of the box, free of • Traffic and safety services in charge on every compatible numerous countries Nokia GPS handset plus the installed base of compatible devices
  14. 14. Bigger news for developers! Ovi APIs and Maps Ecosystem Integrate with Ovi Maps with the new Show on Map APIs. More Ovi APIs to be available soon! Developers & Publishers can now: • Experience the power of new mobile platform with global navigation as an integral part of the offering. • Delight consumers around the world with compelling and locally relevant solutions that will be possible with this change. • Bring new location-based innovations to mobile due to growing adoption of global navigation as a standard feature on mobile platform.
  15. 15. Flash me baby! Multimedia support through Flash in widgets Enhance widgets with exciting graphics, video & multimedia! • Flash integration delivers the desktop Flash experience to mobile devices • Flash Lite 3 on existing Symbian devices supports Flash 8 code (AS2) and Flash Video (FLV) • Symbian^3 introduces Flash Lite 4 support with future devices to introduce full Flash 10 support.
  16. 16. Symbian^3 is optimised for WebTV New WebTV SDK now available! • Widget framework & Mobile WebTV SDK for fast and easy development • Widgets can present dynamic miniview in home Screen. Miniview can be frequently updated to show latest content • Codecs: Support for popular Internet video codecs, nämä luvut olisi including H264 Main Profile and High Profile hyvä päivittää • Flash Lite 4 & Flash 10 mobile support for switching between streams (e.g. advertising) • Geo-locking & Windows Media DRM support • Always online with 3.5G HSDPA and WLAN • HDMI TV-output
  17. 17. Case Study: BBC iPlayer for mobile BBC iPlayer allows audiences to catch up with full BBC programmes from the past week on the PC or the mobile via the Internet “The BBC's iPlayer… came out as the most desired mobile service in research… with almost a third (28 per cent) of users saying they would most like to get access to the Beeb's TV and radio programmes on their phone”
  18. 18. Demo: Makansutra food guide
  19. 19. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Sign-in into AppWizard Accept terms and add your contact Add RSS content feed information (only happens once) Step 6. Download your finished app to PC Step 5. Step 4. and publish it to Ovi Store Add optional advertisments Add your brand
  20. 20. The mobile comes to life! • Build your first widget today and test ideas Acceleration Package with Ovi App Wizard • Publish to Ovi Store for mass distribution and establish your brand presence on the mobile • Learn about WRT development and plan your next innovative widget • Tell us about your idea by 31 March 2010 and get a free 1-year acceleration package worth more than €300 for approved projects Email your contact information and big idea to • Build your winning widget using the latest APIs • Submit your ideas to Calling All Innovators and Optus Challenge before 18 May 2010 • Get more visibility with promotional opportunities with Nokia and our operator partners to maximize your
  21. 21. Thank you! Gary Chan Developer Relations Manager, APAC Forum Nokia / +65 9073 2251