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British museum presentation

Presentation for a trip to The British Museum

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British museum presentation

  1. 1. A trip to The British Museum! By Firdausi, Ellen, Natalie and Marie
  2. 2. A year 5 class will go on a trip to the British Museum. They would have been learning about Ancient Greece – a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world. The topic would have been covered over History, English and Art. The class will go on a trip to the British Museum to be able to learn about the past from sources - focusing on learning about life in Ancient Greece and the Ancient Greek Olympic games.
  3. 3. Arriving at the British Museum
  4. 4. School workshop There are many different workshops relating to Ancient Greece that are on offer at the British Museum. On this trip, the pupils will take part in a 60 minute workshop called ‘How to find out about Greek life.’ Pupil’s will develop enquiry skills as they study the ‘painting on pots, handle replica Greek objects and learn how to use them to find out about different aspects of life in Ancient Greece.
  5. 5. Lunch time When visiting the British Museum you would have to book a lunch slot in the Ford Centre for Young Visitors (the school lunch room) which also has lockers for storing coats, bags and lunch boxes and has access toilets. We would be given our own table. So, the children will have to bring a packed lunch to the Museum.
  6. 6. Then pupils will discuss what they can learn about Ancient Greece from the various artifacts and sources in the ‘Ancient Greece and Rome’ gallery on the ground floor. We will specifically discuss the artifacts from; Life in Ancient Egypt, Myths and legends and Olympic games. The class will be split into three groups, taking turns to view artifacts from each section.
  7. 7. Some artifacts from Ancient Greece
  8. 8. Some more artifacts showing life in Ancient Greece…
  9. 9. Last few pictures just before leaving…

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Presentation for a trip to The British Museum


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