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We Are Community & We Are Community Foundation with the mission of bringing the community feel back to the internet. "We Are" mission is to build stronger communities and neighborhoods by helping connect businesses, charities, non profits to reach out, connect with, and find the 81% of consumers that search online but purchase and donate locally. "We Are" unique searching system will help online consumers to find what they are search for faster, easier, and with greater accuracy & information to make informed decisions.

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We Are Community & We Are Community Foundation

  1. 1. “We Are Community” &<br /> “We Are Community Foundation <br />--powered by Viral Marketing Services <br />Geographically Positioned & <br />Specialization Web Sites<br />Helping Build Stronger Communities & Neighborhoods <br />
  2. 2. Reaching out to…<br />Find…<br />And stay connected with…<br />Local charities and social groups, events, special interests, businesses and…one another! <br />We Are Community<br />Powered by:<br />
  3. 3. We Are Community<br />Unique nationwide and local geographically positioned web sites:<br /><ul><li>Enables powerful SEO optimization strategies to create online/offline awareness and help build lasting relationships with consumers, increasing revenues by up to 35%.
  4. 4. 81% of local searches lead to a sale, call, or visit, consumers are looking for accurate information that’s easy to use, and fun.
  5. 5. “ We Are” Nationally provides powerful nationwide linking to 1000’s of local informative sites.
  6. 6. Turnkey directory listing for businesses include video, podcasts, testimonials and more.</li></li></ul><li>We Are Community uses local Geographically Positioned Web Sites<br /><ul><li>WeAreLasVegas.net
  7. 7. WeAreLosAngeles.net
  8. 8. WeAreNewJersey.net
  9. 9. WeAreArizona.net
  10. 10. WeAreSanDiego.net
  11. 11. WeAreChicago.net</li></li></ul><li>We Are Community Industry Specific Categories…<br /><ul><li>WeAreLawyers.com
  12. 12. WeAreHealth.com
  13. 13. WeAreDentists.com
  14. 14. WeAreCarParts.com
  15. 15. WeAreHomes.com
  16. 16. WeAreColleges.com
  17. 17. + 800 other industries</li></li></ul><li>Changing Lives by Helping those that help others…<br /><ul><li>Schools & Education
  18. 18. Non-Profits
  19. 19. Park & Recreation
  20. 20. Social & Political Services
  21. 21. Community Programs
  22. 22. And more..</li></li></ul><li>Niche Web Site Positioning <br />Fund Raising <br /><ul><li>Increase traffic and expose your websites to potential customers on the internet
  23. 23. Support Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Back linking strategies
  24. 24. Support brand awareness and recognition campaigns
  25. 25. Anchor and build good will to your companies products and or services (think of Sears on the Home Make Over show)</li></li></ul><li>Your Unique Site Here<br />“We Are” Specialized Positioned Sites<br /><ul><li>Drive traffic and lead generation opportunities
  26. 26. Create contests that draw a specific audience while helping your community
  27. 27. Supports viral /word of mouth marketing techniques to increase brand awareness for local and national companies </li></li></ul><li>“We Are” Specialized Positioned Sites<br />Who Benefits? <br /><ul><li>You and Your Family: For some it’s a second chance: Winning money, scholarships, rent, trips, and other amazing prizes . Helping your family and local charities.
  28. 28. Local Businesses: Promote your business to local and national members while building goad will in your community.
  29. 29. The Community: after covering associated expenses, remaining profits are distributed to recognized local charities. </li></li></ul><li>To Explore the Opportunity of Increasing Awareness and Traffic for your marketing campaigns, reach me at:<br />(877) 4949-VMS<br />Francisco.navarro@vmsmarketingservice.com<br />www.VMSMarketingServices.com<br />Francisco Navarro,<br />Director of Business Development <br />Powered by:<br />