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Gog ama-program

  1. 1.   Faculty of Management MARWADI EDUCATION FOUNDATION’S GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS RAJKOT 360 003.                                          February 24, 2011 Day‐long Workshop on  “BUILDING WORLD CLASS ORGANIZATIONS”  Jointly organized by   Govt. of Gujarat & AMA Centre for International Trade.  A day-long workshop on “Building World Class Organizations”, being jointly organized by Government of Gujarat and AMA Centre for International Trade, Ahmedabad, in the Campus premises of Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institutions, on Rajkot-Morbi Road, at Gauridad, from 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM on February 24, 2011. The workshop aims at discussing the practices of world-class organizations and ways and means. It also aims at discussing the case studies of successful organizations, which had made them what they are now. It addresses the What, How and Why of the Best Practices. The contents of the workshop include : • Building world-class attitudes among people • Habits define people and practices define organizations • Visioning – Create a compelling vision • Passion – loving the job • Let the customer drive the organization • Don’t follow, lead- create the next best practice • Deliver world class quality – Doing small things greatly • Live Speed, Simplicity and Self-Confidence • Align your performance drivers • Involvement of everyone. Use the brains of every employee • Live values – Building personal credibility • Throw the incrementalist mindset away • Right people are the best assets, CRM and PRM • Use the Organization as a Learning University • How to be a purposeful action taker • Ensure that the Organization remains in the productive zone • Knowledge sharing • Building organization not built to last but built to change
  2. 2. • Developing world class leaders • Managing careers in a world class organization • Using Innovation to fuel growth – Thinking outside the box • Creating a great ambience • Developing the Entrepreneurial talent INSIGHT TO MINDS (Psychometric Tests) : Different tests at different levels of the workshop. • Identification of maladaptive behaviors • Understanding moods and drives : feel the way you want to feel • Types of people (toward and away) and dealing with them effectively • Mind-Maps : Identifying cognitive distortions • Dysfunctional Attitudinal Syndrome (DAS) and test yourself on 7 dimensions of attitudes. The Workshop will be conducted by Mr. Vijay Batra, author and motivational trainer. Dr. S. Chinnam Reddy Dean, Faculty of Management