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Entrepreneurship empowerment-program


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Entrepreneurship empowerment-program

  1. 1.     PRESS RELEASE February 24, 2011 Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program At EDI, Ahmedabad. 11‐12 and 18‐19 Dec. 2010  At MEFGI, we like to keep up with trends in Management Educations. In an attempt to give more exposure and learning PGDM 1st year students had a workshop on Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program. In total 30 students had participated in the workshop. It was 4 days workshop with a perfect blend of Industry interaction and theoretical understanding. Workshop was conducted at Ahmadabad by EDI and Yuvak Vikas Trust. Full Workshop was divided in 2 parts. First day of the part I of the program was on 11th Dec 2010 and the program was inaugurated the chief manager of State Bank of India. Day 1 had introductory sessions on Entrepreneurship and profile of a successful entrepreneur. It also had included interaction with very young and dynamic entrepreneur. Second day of the part I of the program also saw many experts on Entrepreneurship. Pre- lunch session emphasized on how to look for business opportunities. And post- lunch session gave a detailed understanding of how to prepare project report. It also gave tools and techniques like technical analysis and feasibility analysis for the aspiring entrepreneurs. At the end of part – I all the participants were divided in 4 groups and were given real life case study. 2 groups had to play a role of banker and two groups as entrepreneurs. This exercise gave a real life experience to the participants. A week time was given to all to prepare them and on 18th Dec 2010, the case was enacted. Part – II of the program also saw lot of interaction with successful entrepreneurs and technical aspects of empowering entrepreneur. Financial analysis and investment appraisal techniques very explained to the participants. And on the final day there was an interactive session with Bankers. Dr. S. Chinnam Reddy Dean, Faculty of Business Management