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The Value of Uncovering the Invisible Web


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The Value of Uncovering the Invisible Web

  1. The value of revealingthe invisible web
  2. 20% more traffic.7% more conversions.48% more likely to purchase.What do they have in common?
  3. They’re all the result ofrevealing the invisible web.
  4. There tohelp youdo businessmoreeffectively.
  5. But when does “adding one more pixel”become a double-edged sword? When you don’t know every tracker that’s there…
  6. A one-second delaycan cause a7% declinein conversion …and they slow downSource: Walmart, Page Performance & Site Conversion – Feb 2012 your site…
  7. But when does “adding one more pixel”become a double-edged sword? spawns spawns Or you don’t Not Authorized! know how they got there…
  8. …andNot Authorized! your data becomes vulnerable.
  9. But when does “adding one more pixel”become a double-edged sword? Broken Opt- Out Function And when it compromises consumers’ privacy.
  10. Reveal the invisible web.
  11. • 16 million active monthly users• 7 million active monthly panel• 1,100+ trackers on over 26 million domains worldwide
  12. • Secure your site data • Improve site speed, SEO • Drive engagement, conversionsRevenue Protection and revenue
  13. Ghostery Panel + Scan + LibraryMake the Difference 7 million people a month encounter tracking code as they browse web pages Find matches in Complete and accurate detection, tracker library so you can protect your business Lab scans web pages automatically
  14. See Everything 48% higher propensity to purchase from …and transparent companies know what you have to disclose to consumers. Source: Toluna survey, June 2012
  15. Reveal the Redirect Chain spawns spawns Not Authorized! …and protect your data...
  16. Reveal the Redirect Chain A one-second faster page-load can lead to 7% more …and improve conversions performance, SEO, and Source: Walmart, Page Performance & Site Conversion – Feb 2012 conversion.
  17. What’s on John’s Site? Social Widgets Ad Tags Analytics / Other Disqus Accuen Media Federated Media Brandscreen Facebook Connect Acerno Google Adsense Crowd Science Facebook Social Plugins Lijit DoubleVerify Google+ AdBrite Media6Degrees Dynamic Logic FeedBurner Adify MediaMath Evidon Notice ShareThis AdMeld NextAction Google Analytics Twitter Button Amazon Associates OpenX ScoreCardResearch Beacon AppNexus Quantcast Statcounter BlueKai Right Media Tynt Insight Casale Media Rocket Fuel Chango Rubicon ContextWeb DataXu SpotXchange Demdex TargusInfo DoubleClick Turn Experian Marketing Services
  18. How Did That Get On My Site? Federated Media DoubleClick Federated Remnant Inventory Lijit Turn Casale Media
  19. One Tag Leads To Crowd Science Quantcast Chango Federated Media DoubleVerifySocial Amazon Google [DoubleClick]Widgets Associates Adsense Federated Remnant Inventory Google Analytics Acerno AdMeld AppNexus Lijit Evidon Blue Kai Notice Dynamic Logic Brandscreen DataXu DoubleClick DoubleClick Chango Media6Degrees MediaMath NextAction Turn Rocket Fuel Accuen AdBrite Adify AdMeld AppNexus Casale Media ContextWeb Demdex Experian NextAction OpenX Right Rubicon SpotXchange Marketing Media Services TargusInfo
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  21. Reveal the invisible web.
  22. Thank You.Scott