Case Study, Speaker — Mihir Shah (Tapjoy)


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CM Summit (May 15, 2012)

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  • Tapjoy was recognized by Fast Company as #27 World’s Most Innovative Company. More importantly, Tapjoy is a leader in the mobile and gaming space, coming in #1 in Gaming and #2 in Mobile.
  • Challenge 1: Marketing at scale.No scale in a single app approach. Scale lies within networks, but lacks engagement. Challenge 2: Driving meaningful engagement with consumers.300x50 Banners are clicked on ½ of the time by accident. This is not the most effective way for brands to try and connect with consumers.
  • Once you have decided to Earn…you end up in the Tapjoy MarketplaceOnce in the marketplace, the user can choose any number of branded ads to engage with. The most important pieces to note about the marketplace are that use can choose between hundreds of different types of offers, which makes them a really qualified user for whatever brand they end up choosing, the Brands are defining the activity they want you to take, and the brand is only paying when the action is completed by the user. This is really powerful for the brand because they are sponsoring the content for the user which is building brand affinity, and because the user has a lot of choice, there is a lot of decision that goes into selecting which brand is going to sponsor the content – this adds another really amazing level of targeting for the brand and is going to deliver the brand a highly relevant user. Here are some examples on how big brands have utilized the Tapjoy Marketplace to achieve their goals:Ford wanted to drive awareness of the new 2013 Taurus and selected Tapjoy as a partner to efficiently drive video views. Kellogg’s wanted to drive engagement with consumers through a coupon for Special K cereal.Samsung wanted to build awareness of the U.S. Olympic Genome Project by driving traffic to their facebook page. P&G wanted to engage with their target consumer by promoting a sweepstakes. All of these examples are big brands leveraging the Tapjoy Marketplace to drive engagement at scale.
  • Ford wanted to support the launch of the 2013 Taurus through video distribution. They chose to partner with Tapjoy to drive guaranteed views against a A35+ audience. Users who clicked on the Ford video offer, were automatically shown the Ford video. Upon video completion, they would receive their in-app reward. They also have the option to continue engaging with Ford Taurus through secondary actions such as replay the video, learn more about Taurus and like on Facebook.
  • The Value Exchange model: Users who engage with incentivized brand advertising are more likely to consider the brand during the purchase process and there is a 32% increase in likelihood to purchase the product.
  • And here is proof that the mobile value exchange works.
  • Case Study, Speaker — Mihir Shah (Tapjoy)

    1. 1. Recent Recognition Tapjoy recognized among the world’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company World’s Most Innovative #27 Company #1 Most Innovative in Gaming #2 Most Innovative in Mobile See full Fast Company article here
    2. 2. Apps are the Dominant MobileMedia 117 mins 85% Time spent in apps Users spend on average nearly two hoursper day consuming media on their mobile devices.Source: Zokem, inMobi
    3. 3. Mobile Media ChallengesChallenge 1: Marketing at ScaleChallenge 2: Driving Meaningful Engagement with Consumers
    4. 4. Value Exchange at Tapjoy – Ex: Triple Town How it Works: Annie needs more coins to build on her land in Triple Town. 1. She can buy coins with OR 2. She can earn coins by engaging with real money. ads in Tapjoy’s Marketplace.
    5. 5. The Tapjoy MarketplaceExperience CPA • Consumers choose which branded ad they want to engage with CPV • Brand defines the desired activity CPA • Brand only pays for completed engagements CPE CPI • No media waste
    6. 6. Drive Post View Secondary Actions Pre-cached Video Plays In-app Fandango Movie Tix Fandango Movie Tix Earn59 Buoys Earn59 BuoysAdditional Tapjoy Solutions – Video Views Groupon Deals Groupon Deals Earn74 Buoys Earn74 Buoys Sign Up For Netflix Sign Up For Netflix Earn3018 Buoys Earn3018 Buoys Tapjoy Marketplace
    7. 7. The Value Exchange Model Drives Brand Affinity Source: “Incentivized Advertising,” Social Vibe, 2011, Archetype Media, Inc 6, Oct. 2011
    8. 8. Case Study: PepsiCo’s Lipton Brisk®Objective: Drive downloads of the Brisksaber app • PepsiCo defined engagement as a download and launch of the Brisksaber app. • Campaign targeted males 18-34 across Tapjoy’s US network. • Consumers received premium content experiences as a result of downloading the Brisksaber app. • PepsiCo only paid for app installs where users both opened and tried the app, creating zero media waste.
    9. 9. Case Study: PepsiCo’s Lipton Brisk®The Results:
    10. 10. Key Takeaways1. Consumers Choose to Interact with Brands while immersed in their passion which creates affinity and no media waste1. Brands Define the Activity Desired – Watch HD Video – Download a Coupon – Sign-up for a Loyalty Program – Download an App – Sweepstakes Entry2. Brands only Pay when the Desired Engagement is Completed3. The Value Exchange Model Drives Brand Affinity